07 November 2013

Tales from the SOUTH Side...
As poorly as yesterday's weather was, today has done a "180"...got ourselves a very nice sunrise here in Hoosierland, with no precip to speak of, a mild breeze, and although it's not far above freezing NOW, the high today will climb into the mid-to-upper 50s.
So, you might want to add a wee dram of whiskey to that coffee this morning...just to take the "chill" out...AND purely for medicinal purposes only...lol.
Meanwhile, let's get started with more of what's happening now, shall we?
*** First out of the barn today is the answer to yesterday's Motto of the Week, aka WHO SAID THAT?
"There is one way you can fail, and that's to quit."
This was spoken by one BRIAN HAYS, and since there are so many of them out there, I have NO bloody idea which one it is...and no, there is no (proper) WIKI on him, but since he's quotable, he must be someone of importance.
Maybe he's the musician who played with a band called PODUNK?
Or a Hollywood producer?
MY thought is that he's some sort of self-help guy, so let's run with THAT one, okay?
In any event, let's state that this quote is great when it comes to something we call PERSEVERANCE.
Moving on...
*** Yes, boys and girls...we had (yet) ANOTHER shooting on Fort Wayne's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE yesterday.
Here's the story link:
This happened around 1530 hrs yesterday afternoon on the sidewalk in front of Premium Cuts Barber Shop, located at 3530 S. Calhoun St., right ACROSS the street from Wifey's alma mater, South Side High School.
The victim was found by Off. Mike Joyner, FWPD PIO, who was not far from the scene and responded to the call.
Soon after, medics showed up and pronounced the victim dead on scene.
And I'd wager he's black (no "close shave" here).
This will mark the FORTY-FIRST HOMICIDE (that's 41) for the year, closing in on that (elusive?) record of 44 set in 1997.
Interesting thing, both yesterday and today, the FWCS is holding the parent-teacher meetings, which occur AFTER school both evenings, so SSHS DID have people coming and going from the building. Wifey doesn't get in until after 2000 hrs on these days, and I cautioned her to keep her head on a swivel when driving back down here to the "Fortress"...
One onlooker who stopped to see what was going on (rubbernecker) spoke to reporters on scene.
She is concerned for her children and grandchildren...as well she SHOULD be.
But whenever you "get what you want" from allowing people to act in such a manner...it gets REAL hard to get THIS genie back in that damn bottle.
When you tell police to stop targeting black males when conducting traffic stops "because they're black" (and acting suspicious), things like THIS is often the result.
When you force the police department to walk on eggshells when it comes to policing minority communities, THIS is what you get.
When the city doesn't invest the resources needed to HALT crime...THIS is what you get.
Police are saying they have no credible suspects or other information at this time, but I can tell you there was a male (most likely black) wearing a red hoodie that was noticed running from the scene along Darrow St right after shots were heard
*** In a story you probably might not hear about, there was a shooting in DETROIT (again?)...and this time it rings of a similarity to this recent homicide HERE in the Summit City.
Here's the story link (brief as it is):
Three are dead and SEVEN wounded outside of a Detroit "barbershop" that was also a front for gambling activity (betcha I can cut his hair faster than you, dawg)...no, not THAT kind of gambling.
Around 30-40+ shots rang out, according to one witness.
This barbershop is located in a strip mall on the city's EAST side, and is a KNOWN gambling spot (so why wasn't it shut down?)
Police there are looking for two vehicles - a white Impala (with bullet holes in it), and a black Impala, both 2004 models.
Helluva coincidence with the barbershops, don'cha think?
*** The ID of the person shot and wounded at Black Bear Creek Apartments Monday is now known.
Here's this story link:
Demarcus.A. Thomas, age 29 is still in serious condition.
And HE also has an interesting "history" with the judicial system.
Public records show that Thomas was convicted for cocaine possession both in 2006 and 2007.
(when he lived at 11219 St. Ives Dr - 46816)
They also state that Thomas was cited numerous times for traffic violations, carrying a handgun WITHOUT a license (???), resisting, no operator's license, possession of pot, false registration, and DEALING in cocaine.
(yeah, he's a good father AND role model...and I'm really the POPE)
Wonder if he's part of the MARIO THOMAS (he's dead too) contingent...they were a crapload of bad folks.
*** Frank Gray's article today mentions a wig shop about a block from Zesto's Ice Cream, that was the target of some vandals, who shot at the display window, putting a couple holes in it.
Here's the story link:
The owner of Penthouse Wigs, Vicki Densmore doesn't have the money for new glass, so I'm hoping someone would step up and just GIVE her a new window (and make it break-resistant).
I think there are more than a few folks in this city that DO have the money, time, and supplies to make this happen, and if I was one of them, that window would be fixed ASAP...it's called doing the right thing, just as the store owner does for cancer patients, when she GIVES them a wig when they can't afford it.
It's a good read about someone who definitely gives a damn about people.
*** Lastly today...so far, all these rallys, prayer meetings, and skull sessions designed to stop the violence aren't adding up to all that much, are they?
Sure not looking that way, kids.
And why don't I see MORE police in OUR area...as a PROACTIVE measure?
Back in Philly, we didn't have 1/10th the crime in our neighborhood (there) that you have HERE (in THIS neighborhood), and yet, we ALWAYS had at least ONE PPD cruiser come through the area every shift.
Could it be we simply don't have ENOUGH officers assigned to the bad parts of Ft. Wayne?
(that's part of it)
And with Public Safety being the BIGGEST chunk of the city's budgetary pie, one would THINK that means MORE protection...not less
I think if we had enough officers to meet the demand of the levels of crime, we'd probably see LESS of it, right?
And community-oriented police is the wrong route to take down here...said that for years, because you simply do NOT have what is meant by communities...they're all loose gaggles of dubious people, entrenched in their own sub-culture...no interest in the area they live, except what they can TAKE FROM IT. We have more chaos than order, and the crime rate bears that out.
Time to change some minds, and perhaps crack a few coconuts to make things settle down.
We used to call such things CRIMINAL PROFILING...time to bring THAT back with some GUSTO!
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

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