06 November 2013

Humpday Happenings...
If those of you in Hoosierland like RAIN...well, today will be YOUR day to shine, because it looks like the sun WON'T.
It's gonna be a "soft" day here with mild temps into the low to mid-60s. Slight breezes will make it feel a lot more like SPRING than Fall.
And with leaves falling all over, those wet streets and roads might be slicker than a president trying to sell a FUBAR healthcare law to the masses
(LOL - I'm sorry...did I say that out loud?)
At least I got our leaves blown to the curb (or berm) yesterday...even if it did drizzle a bit.
I did what I said I would do...
Looking good, Bob!
And THAT is the way we do things where WE live.
Damn shame it's not the way everyone else thinks.
In any event, even if everything ELSE becomes soaked today, let's not allow the weather to dampen our SPIRITS...or RESOLVE.
*** First off the pond today is our motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"There is one way you can fail, and that's to quit."
Let this be a guidepost for us in troubling times, hmm?
Meanwhile, back at the seminar...
*** Yes, another update regarding the person shot to death at Black Bear Creek Apartments earlier this week.
Here's the story link:
Yep, the perp, one Sylvanus Tarpley WIlliams, 36,  was "from" Indy...but he ONCE lived here in Ft. Wayne at 1816 Chartwell Ave.
And during his former residency had a slew of arrests from 1992-2003, when he disappeared from Ft. Wayne.
(great mug shot, too)
He was busted HERE for such nice things as obliterating the serial numbers of firearms, receiving stolen property, possession of cocaine and various traffic violations, as well as resisting and having a handgun w/o a license.
I still think there's more to this story...
That "particular" apartment (of all the rest) was targeted, so probably the suspect that got away "knew" something about either the contents or persons IN that apartment. Both Wifey and I think this Williams character was "hired muscle" to back up the perp that ran...we may never know unless the people in the apartment are forthcoming with more information...and we know how often that occurs with such people.
Stay tuned for any more updates.
Moving on...
*** On the Op-Ed page of the J-G, there was a great opinion piece by none other than councilman-at-large John Crawford, , who wrote an article about much of what he spoke on last Tuesday evening at the 5th Tuesday meeting of council.
Here's the link:
I love the headline: "Unstable Family Best Indicator of Violence"
Ain't THAT the truth...!
Again, Crawford presents us with the FACTS (ma'am...just the facts) that can be found in ANY inner urban area around the USA.
-- How things HAVE changed (for the worse) in just a few decades (or even less).
--  How a single parent family faces challenges in the socioeconomic realm.
All this and more SHOULD be proof enough that major problems still (and will continue to) exist for mostly minorities in the foreseeable future UNLESS this pattern of behavior changes.
Crawford cites THREE things that ANYONE can do to avoid poverty here:
1) complete high school
2) work full time at any job
3) wait until 21 to marry and have a child
The stats PROVE that a mere TWO PERCENT of those that follow ALL THREE wind up in poverty, and have a 72% chance of making it into the middle class, while a whopping SEVENTY SEVEN PERCENT wind up in poverty if they violate all THREE, with a lousy 4% making it into the middle class.
I dunno...sounds like GOOD reasoning to ME.
I commend and applaud Councilman Crawford for his bringing the truth to light...at least SOMEONE at City hall is.
Light at the end of the tunnel time?
We're getting there, people.
*** Next up, some more of the same down in the "hood"...
Here's the link:
I'd like to know when it became commonplace to punch FWPD officers (in this case a damn SERGEANT) in the face?
Short answer - IT"S NOT!
Well, Will Harris, 30 of the 4400 block of Lillie St (in the ghettoland) did just that, and got arrested for it.
Can you charge a person with acute stupidity?
Makes me wonder.
Harris was stopped because he fit the description of someone accused of breaking into cars.
Harris punched Sgt. Joe Hontz, breaking his nose and then shoved him to the ground. Other responding officers found Harris hiding in some shrubs. In his pocket, police found a phone charger that had been stolen from a vehicle.
Bail for Harris was set at only $2500, so we can expect him to be back on the streets soon enough.
*** Lastly today...it sure would be nice to have a lot more GOOD stories to post about (down here), but that's not going to happen any time soon...I can feel it.
It's that "Broken Window Theory" at work HERE.
I've seen this part of town get worse over the years...not better.
And to think we've had a DEMOCRAT in charge downtown...and a DEMOCRAT city council rep for this area for 12+ years.
"The more things change, the more they stay the same" is the saying...and this part of town demonstrates it every day.
Be nice to get out of this rut down here, and make some POSITIVE moves for the better.
But, as long as this part of town operates under a double standard when it comes to behaviors, as well as embraces the whole "entitlement-victimology" gig, things will not get better, unfortunately.
Like I say...we CAN do better...all of us. But it does take motivation...and hard work.
(something many down here seem adverse to)
Those would be great starting points for many.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"He was busted HERE for such nice things as obliterating the serial numbers of firearms..."

I've never understood the motivation for this particular offense. In most jurisdictions, possession of a firearm with an OSN is at least as serious as whatever offense they're trying to cover up. Makes no sense to me.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I never got that either...no matter how well these thugs "think" (and I use THAT word very loosely) they can remove serial numbers, there have been ways to retrieve those numbers available to law enforcemnt for DECADES.

These mooks aren't fooling anyone but themselves.

Not to mention, such practices raise the eyebrows at the ATF real fast, making it a FEDERAL situation.
All it does is "up the ante" when it comes to prosecutorial charges.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commentinmg.

Stay safe (and dry) out there.

CWMartin said...

Oh, let's see- great mug shot, has "dumbass" written all over it... Thanks to you and Crawford for bringing THOSE statistics to light. That is a pretty strong indictment... I think you missed some leaves, but I have Mexicans to do that for me...and apparently the old saw about bringing a knife to a gun fight was lost on the room-temp mugshot and his in-the-wind buddy.

ms nk rey said...

Holy $h!t another murder in the hood. Just heard it on the news. How many is that now 41 or 42? Scared for you and Mrs Bobby G. Seems like they are all armed and dangerous, and have NO respect for life.

And they seem to be inching south into Ossian and Bluffton. A couple of robberies last week of convenience stores. Not sure if they were armed or not, but that is alarming to all of us small town folk.

Bob G. said...

With the breeze and rain today...it looks like I never EVEN raked and blew all the former leaves that HAD fallen...LOL!

(job security...yeah, just what I need...LOL)

Nice to see Crawford and I reading te same stuff...even if I didn't agree on his smoking "ban" gig...we can agree to disagree from time to time, but I have to admire ANYONE that is willing to say what NEEDS to be said.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

We're up to 41 now...and counting.
Just blew out MY prediction,...we're already THERE...lol.
They DID add another homicide to 1997 - some person died years afterward...so the "record" is now 44.

I'm not scared really...just CONCERNED...and CAUTIOUS for Wifey and myself.

Yeah, robberies are the beginning of the "small stuff"...and that LEADS to what WE have here...homicides.

We'll be keeping our powder DRY, that's for sure.

Thanks for your concern and for taking time to comment.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe down there.