20 December 2013

Friday Follies...
Here we are...the last Friday before Christmas.
The Hoosierland weather sees us with a nice warm-up, with temps today rising into the 40s...even hear there's some fog about.
Not down where WE live, unless you count the fog of life these idiots stumble around in...lol.
And with that said, let's say the cards are sent, the gifts are purchased (because Santa has his helpers), and all that remains are cookies to be made and presents to be wrapped...then, we wait...
Some of Santa's REAL helpers
In the meantime, let's pour another cup of java (or whatever strikes YOUR fancy), and let's get busy seeing what else is going on.
*** First out of the gate today, is yet ANOTHER plan to reduce truancy in our schools.
And here's the story link
They do it RIGHT in England!
What I'd like to know is...WHY did we abandon the OLD program for truancy, which USUALLY involved a school official (truant officer) going to the truant kid's house with a POLICE OFFICER?
That's the way it USED to be done...and THAT worked, although I never took part in THAT program.
But now, we're playing some sort of "matching game"...where's game show host Gene Rayburn when you need him?
Most of these kids COULD use something like what we HAD...as in matching the "board" of education to their "seat" of knowledge.
One Allen County councilman thinks mentors could make all the difference in the life of a child.
Funny, when I was growing up, my closest mentors could be found under MY OWN ROOF...as in PARENTS.
How far we've devolved when it comes to FAMILY these days, hmm?
Gee, I guess that MUST be true then...that traditional FAMILIES have fallen by the wayside in too many instances.
And what is a MAJOR contributor to criminal behavior???
Answer: A broken or otherwise dysfunctional family life...well, there 'ya go then.
Amazing how many times people try and REINVENT the damn WHEEL in our society.
NOT the best way...
When, all that's needed is a RETURN to tradition in America...who'da thunk?
So now, we're going to match at risk kids with these trained mentors, who are total strangers.
How cool is that?
More government intrusion...designed to program your kids...when all YOU had to do was parent them properly.
Orwell must have been some sort of prophet.
Moving on...
*** Next up, is a comedic piece (at least I thought it was) in today's J-G editorial page.
And here's the link:
What immediately caught MY eye was ONE word used in the tagline - PROGRESSIVE.
So, Garry Hamilton will be a "progressive" (and proper) Police Chief?
Woodrow Wilson was a progressive (person)...as was FDR, and BOTH men took this nation for a social and fiscal "ride"
Both of them "fundamentally transformed" this nation, instituting much larger government and programs "designed" to help...which at first they did, but later became an albatross around this nation's neck, remaining there ever since.
We really mean it this time.
But Garry is an honorable man (so would say Shakespeare), and has, as the article states "walked the walk", but just putting on the shield and putting in the time does NOT make anyone a GOOD and EFFECTIVE officer...
For example, where are any commendations Hamilton has received for being "such a GOOD asset:" to the department???
Where are all the GREAT decisions HE has made when in a command position...and has he really EVER BEEN IN a command position?
Did he ever draw any REPRIMANDS, and what for?
And we get MORE broken windows
Like I said, he's been a fantastic "bump on the log", but I'm not seeing ANY evidence of true command ability, or leadership skills...OTHER than the ranks he so quickly received.
So, you'll forgive me when I see the word "progressive" in reference to Hamilton, because to me, all that means is that he's in lockstep with the admins and former chief York...so no rocking any boats or stirring any pots in the future.
*** Next, I watched Scrooge: A Christmas Carol on TCM last night, and it was the 1951 Alistair Sim version, made in the U.K., which many feel is perhaps the best portrayal of  Dickens character.
And that means getting into the Christmas Spirit with BOTH feet (and every other appendage).
Now, you know there is always that last minute gift idea for the hard to buy for person in everyone's life...
Well, I've uncovered a few that I believe will make your presence (or is that "presents"?) known to ANY recipient
-- Now who doesn't REALLY need something like a shiny .50 caliber bullet BOTTLE OPENER, hmm?
(not too many, I can tell you)
And, it's solid polished brass (naturally).guaranteed to "break the ice" (but not the bottle) at ANY anti-gun rallies, right?
-- Then, there's the 2014 Comically Incorrect calendar...just for that special LIBERAL friend of yours.
Imagine THAT on the wall of your favorite PROGRESSIVE...or police chief.
-- We also have the officially licensed (by the Diane Feinstein Center for Firearm Control and Seizure) GUN CLEANING HAT.
Imagine your(soon-to-be ex) buddies proudly wearing this while swabbing out that bore on a fully loaded semi-auto, right?
And, it makes a great gift for that idiot family member you'd love to see NOT drop by during the holidays...like Cousin Eddie.
-- Then, we have the silicone GUN ICE MOLD...for when you just HAVE to chill out with a firearm in your favorite beverage.
Perfectly legal and allowed by the TSA and FAA, too.
Kinda puts Dillinger's shoe polish covered "soap gun" to shame, doesn't it?
-- And last, we have a mouse-pad that EVERY gun lover wants...
You KNOW you need this in YOUR house, right alongside the computer of yours.
Now, if only they had a gun-shaped camera, they could call THAT "the original point and SHOOT device"
Just a thought.
*** Lastly today, it's fun to make light around Christmas...this time of year SHOULD be one of JOY, and that usually entails some level of merry-making, doesn't it?
But, sad to say, it's not like that for everyone, and that's where another aspect of this time of year comes more into focus - that of CHARITY.
And, the act of being charitable to others, with no thought of recompense, WILL leave us with a lighter heart, even if it lightens our wallet or purse.
Acts of random kindness DO make the season bright, for BOTH parties involved...that's a fact.
When we give from the heart, the appreciation is not only well-founded, but serves to allow others to follow suit.
Choose your charities wisely, as well. They say that charity begins in the home, and if that's all you can afford, even that will not go unnoticed, or under-appreciated.
We all can't peel off Franklins like there's no tomorrow, but we can do what we can, to whoever is in the greatest or most immediate need.
And what we, as givers of such can come away with, is a better sense of helping others, as well as finding out a bit more about OURSELVES.
We ARE a nation of giving people, when it's pursued in the proper light for the proper reason, and we can thank our Creator for making that possible.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

We're supposed to be above freezing here too. In fact, it's supposed to top out at 57(!) on Sunday. With rain, no less. I guess all that snow will be melted by Christmas. No skin off my nose.

I have to agree with you on that 1951 version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Great flick with a great cast.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Wow, you got US beat on the temps!
(Christmas SHORTS in NY state?)
I'd still like it to snow like hell on Christmas eve night into the next day.
(I'm such a traditionalist)
The 1951 Scrooge is very good, and if you get the deluve DVD, they include a COLORIZED version...that is even BETTER than B&W.

A very enjoyable flick...and not too long, either.
(love to know what neighborhood Marley's/Scrooge's house was..looks like an old warehouse district.)

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

stay safe (don't sweat) out there.

Slamdunk said...

Yes, the article introducing the new chief does not seem to offer much substance. I did see that he had a reprimand for a vehicle accident (nothing--we always lost a vacation day and got the reprimand which really sucked), while he has accumulated five letters of commendation and one meritorious service citation (good, but would want to know more about what they involved).

With the focus on the local homicide rate, I did find this interesting: "After the announcement, he said he has been gone from the homicide division for seven years so he will be looking into its current protocol for investigations to determine what, if anything, needs to be changed. As a starting point he would like to give the homicide victim's family more accessibility to the detectives working the case..."

I would think an administrator who had been away for so long would focus more on understanding the processes and hearing from personnel in the trenches before speculating on what should be changed.

I wish him the best though.

Enjoy your weekend.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, it makes you wonder WHY his focus would be he vic's family having more access with detectives.
How much is "more"?

A good detective (division) always keeps the family in the loop...least they USED to.

Hamilton's REAL focus should be what York's should have been these past 14 years,...eradicating the GANG problem in this city, instead of doing the politically-correct "two-steps".
Take the HANDS that holds these guns OFF the street, and the gun "problem" all but solves itself.

I remember wishing Obama luck when HE took office...one MAJOR regret, so you'll forgive me if I refrain from doing the same to Hamilton.
let's say this is where we'll see if "the rubber meets the road".

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.