19 December 2013

Some Thoughts For Thursday...
Yes, it's a mere SIX shopping days left before Christmas, and there comes with the season a plethora of emotions.
And we'll be seeing some of them, along with other stuff in a minute.
But before we venture further, let's see what the Hoosierland weather is going to be.
Well, it's already WARMER then we've seen in the last few days, with a high reaching up to around FORTY degrees today...but there will be increasing clouds and DRIZZLE, and maybe some low-lying FOG to go with that. And tonight...rain (yes, rain).
So, expect the streets to be slushy, sloppy, and the car wash joints to be BUSY.
And now, let's fill up that morning beverage and see what else is going on.
*** First out of the thaw today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The main reason Santa is jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live."
This was spoken by the late, great George Carlin, and here is his WIKI:
And HERE is his website:
All I will say about George is that he was a THINKING man's comedian, because of the myriad of topics he covered in his professional life.
Sure, he could swear with the best of them...BUT, he could produce a comedy routine, that would not contain ONE curse word, and STILL have you on the floor in stitches...THAT is how good he was.
We still miss your pungent social comedic commentary, George.
Moving on...
*** Kevin Leininger had another great article in the News-Sentinel Tuesday...
Here's the link to his column:
Kevin IS right...we need to replace excuses (that we've had for the last 14 years) with action...which will be the test as to whether this FWPD command staff "shakeup" will shake out.
But, Kevin ALSO asks questions that I mentioned HERE, as well.
Like...if Hamilton has these great "ideas", WHY hasn't he taken them to the streets...or at least to chief York?
You have to read BETWEEN the lines here...because THAT is where the truth lies.
(and the real lies can be found out)
Time will most certainly tell here.
*** Next up, it seems our house is attracting everyone and his brother...the city WATER DEPT. was doing some work on the vacant (and raccoon-infested) house NEXT door, and they chose OUR property to look for the water access...
Yes, this is another "WTF???" moment.
(we have so many these days)
I honestly cannot fathom what the "allure" is with OUR "Fortress"...we have driveway trespassers, city workers looking for stuff, and sundry other invasive intrusions upon Wifey and I...who don't much bother with ANYONE around here (we never hang with human flotsam...it's just our way...lol)
Amazing when you have to TELL the city workers the REAL address they parked at...instead of the address they SHOULD be at.
(who says the city doesn't hire EXPERIENCED and KNOWLEDGEABLE people?)
Why is water access for ANOTHER house on MY property?
BTW, the access for the house next door IS located ON our property...now WHO the hell thought that was a GOOD idea? I learn something new about this area every damn day.
But I got a plan if anyone moves next door...and is a problem...heh,heh,heh.
*** And then, there was another visit from our friendly neighborhood HAWK...
A new "skyline restaurant" in the making?
Perched atop the utility pole, we has chowing down on some unfortunate creature (looked to be a recently-deceased squirrel) and he wasn't going to budge until he was finished.
Only problem with this, is that the carrion left behind will no doubt attract CROWS...and I hate those birds with a passion.
(they remind me too much of the entitlement-driven "neighbors".)
Patrons literally FLY in for the food.
Not to mention, it makes feeding OUR birds a lot more problematic, as they are potential targets for Mr. Hawk (and his kin).
I could see having a hawk out in the boonies, but HERE in the CITY?
We haven't encroached on THEIR habitat, so why encroach on OUR property to feed off of the little birds we enjoy?
Another riddle of nature, I suppose.
*** Anyone who believes we are past the age of miracles hasn't been paying attention (imho).
He's a GOOD boy!
Take the case of a guide dog named Orlando, who lives with his blind handler in NYC.
Here's the story of a remarkable set of circumstances:
Cecil Williams was at the 125th St. Station waiting for the A Train, when he passed out and fell onto the subway tracks. His seeing-eye dog, Oralndo barked and then jumped onto the tracks and licked Williams's face until he regained consciousness.
Cecil and Orlando - Best friends.
As a train approached, both man and dog hunkered down, and survived the train passing over them both.
Now, Orlando is 11 years old, near the end of his "tour" as a guide dog, and will be retired, leaving Cecil to use his medical benefits to obtain a new dog next year.
Seems that some fine people stepped up, and will make it possible to find a loving home for Orlando.
Williams became the recipient of donors who have paid for him to KEEP Orlando "as a pet".
*** And on the other side of the tracks...there is a very young girl that could USE a miracle.
...And a whole lot of prayers..
A 2 year old cancer patient had a wish...to go to school.
And it was granted
Here's the story:
Ava Parker has not had an easy life...for a two-year old.
At 21 months, she was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, and through surgery and chemo, was believed to be in remission...
But 2 weeks, ago, the most recent MRI found that the cancer has come back...and that she has only a few weeks to live.
Here's her story and website links:
There is a place there to make any donations to the family to help with medical expenses and/or make young Ava's remaining days happy ones.
Ava made it to school
We talk about fairness in the great scheme of things called life, and often we ask WHY?
What allows one person to be saved and another not?
I have no answer, but I will say that I will pray for this young girl as much as I would pray for Cecil and Orlando.
To me, there is no distinction...they are BOTH deserving of our prayers...and a miracle.
And yet, this young girl could be able to do so much with her life...should it be allowed to continue.
Christmas is a time we celebrate BIRTH...and not acknowledge death.
The Parker family needs a miracle right now...just like the one that saved Cecil and Orlando.
I would suggest that you do what you can, give from your heart, if not with a donation, than definitely with your prayers.
*** Lastly today...Christmas means a lot to all of us, and each year, we have a slightly different  take on that meaning.
As we grow older, and as the world unfolds before us, we see evidence of changes all over the place, and many of them aren't what we were expecting.
That will always wind up changing HOW we view the holidays, because we have so many past years to use as examples.
We try to make things as joyful as possible, but when we hear stories of others in need of whatever, we again shift gears.
The TRUE miracle.
True joy does come from giving...I've learned that much as I grew up.
And it doesn't have to be a tangible gift.
Prayers are not tangible, but the results often... ARE.
Love is not tangible, but the results from that...ARE.
Those two are the most obvious, but there are tangibles that we often overlook.
Holding a door for someone doesn't have a price tag on it.
Thanking a vet at Christmas time doesn't cost a dime, unless you care to pay for their meal.
(and that's money well spent)
Wishing someone a Merry Christmas in the tradition of the spirit of the holiday won't break your bank.
Everyone has to deal with the holidays in their own way...that much IS certain.
But HOW we choose to deal with it, and with whom we decide to share such things is what really makes the holiday bright.
The miracle OF Christmas can produce a miracle FOR Christmas.
Just something to ponder...
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I think that hawk is a clever robot, spying on you for Chief Hamilton. Ask Leininger if he has one on his window ledge.

Bob G. said...

My GOD, man...I think you HIT on it.
It's the latest in "feathered" DRONE HARDWARE from DARPA...LOL!

Doesn't run on batteries either...just processes smaller critters as "power".

Leave it to you to come up with THE answer.

Hey, thanks for the smiles and for taking time to drop by today.

Stay safe (and slushy?) up there.

gadfly said...

I don't suppose that it ever occurred to Rusty York, Tom Henry or Garry Hamilton that a good man to talk strategy with might be Rudy Guliani.

"The violent crime rate dropped by 56 percent during the eight years he served as mayor. Murder, down nearly two-thirds. Robbery, down 67 percent. Aggravated assault, down 28 percent. A city pegged as ungovernable was suddenly born again."

Guliani used the Broken Windows approach which essentially had cops making more arrests for minor lawbreaking but nowadays the "stop and frisk" strategy in the City seems even more effective as murders and major crime has dropped to historic lows - even with the Great Recession.

According to Wiki, "About 684,000 people were stopped in 2011. The vast majority of these people were African-American or Latino."

Bob G. said...

Funny you mention HIM, because I pulled his book from our shelves when talking to Wifey about this topic!
And Giuliani's NYPD chief was another proponent of the B-W theory.
I'm all for the "S&F" scenario, much to the chagrin of ethic pundits claiming RACE profiling..when it all about CRIMINAL profiling (and intelliegent people already KNOW this)

Ft. Wayne is replete with people of ethnicity just ready to pounce again on the police...for doing EFFECTIVE police work.
And yes, the majority of crimes ARE committed by the smaller number of ethnicities in cities.

Excellent call by yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some pertinent information.

Stay safe out there.