18 December 2013

Humpday Happenings...
We finally made it to mid-week here in the Hoosierland. And, it looks like we're going to have a relatively calm day, weather-wise.
The temps today are supposed to wind up (again) around the 30 degree mark, but we're also supposed to have a bit more sunshine, in preparation for a brief warm-up over the next several days...before we get back to Winter.
So, let's still take it slow out there today...people have this tendency to "think" (and I use that word loosely) that if the roads appear somewhat CLEAR, it's okay to resume normal driving, and that means taking more risks.
Don't get caught up in that.
Go top off that warm morning beverage and let's see what is contained in...the REST of the story.
*** First out of the fridge today is our Christmas-themed Motto of the Week aka WHO SAID THAT?
"The main reason Santa is jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live."
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
 Meanwhile, back at the comedy club...
*** Next up, is a gripe-fest about these mook neighbors, who I call "Puerco" (Spanish for pig) and "Tatt-girl"(blonde)...a typical government-assisted, mixed race (white-Hispanic) "family" with two girls (everything they own comes from Rent-A-Center) and a black "boarder" (obviously a renter agreement violation) who are as close to the Neighbors From Hell as Dante could create, were he a south side resident.
These are the same assholes that wound up fighting ON OUR LAWN AFTER MIDNIGHT a while back, have a dog (pit bull) that LOVES to bark when you're going to bed (and Animal Control can't do a damn thing about),  slam their Grand Cherokee doors over and over (it's called take it to a damn REPAIR SHOP, buttwipe), get drunk a lot, have "garage sales" out the ass on weekends when the weather's nice (by a man that doesn't even live THERE, but lives at the OTHER damn end of the block), and have NO f$cking idea what is meant by a sign on our garage that says:
And today was no exception.
Wifey leaves for work (school) at about the SAME time every morning, and I go out and warm her car up. Interestingly, these "neighbors" have also taken to starting THEIR vehicle at the SAME time.
The vehicle in question
Today, as Wifey was getting ready to pull out of our garage, this pendejo (Spanish for dumbass) decides to use OUR driveway to pull a "u-turn", so he can exit the street the opposite way he parked. They DO have their OWN driveway (and garage), but they NEVER use it (the garage is for the garage sales/flea markets).
It probably is the local "stash-house" to boot.
Wifey got upset, as did I at the sheer IGNORANCE displayed by this jerkoff.
He did back his ass OUT of our driveway, but it was the nonchalance in which he did it...like he was "entitled" to use OUR (shoveled) driveway for HIS pleasure...and laziness, as he could have just drove around the block,. or (as they always like to do), back out INTO the intersection and make the u-turn.
That pisses me off to NO end!
I'll tell 'ya, I have no qualms about shooting a bastard like this JUST for trespassing.
People like this have NO respect for other people or THEIR property, and THAT is why THIS part of town has the reputation it does...these f$cking morons EARNED it.
And I know I'm getting DAMN sick and tired of ALL the crap from people like this...mainly because when we first moved here, we didn't have this.
When THEY start paying the BILLS for this house, THEN, they can PARK here or use the facilities...NOT before!
(f$cking morons)
Rule Number ONE at the "Fortress".
But, like the disease they are, these "people" move into rentals around you, and make YOUR property theirs to some degree, sooner or later.
Sorry, I'm not really into COMMUNISM where we ALL share every damn thing...this IS...STILL...AMERICA...without the letter "K"!
People like this belong in PUBLIC HOUSING, like Eden Green...and not around here (or me).
And here's Victor  the drunk.
I would go into how they get this "male bitch" (named Victor) to do all the work around their house, like fixing (?) the fence when they knocked a section down during that fight, or mowing their lawn, raking their leaves, and the like...but I think you have a good enough picture of the f$cktards living across our street.
Now THAT is one helluva "butch-job".
Let me just say that from now on, I will be watching them CLOSELY, and that THEY are on "borrowed time", and leave it at that
Moving on (quickly)...
*** As of yesterday, I told you we did not have either of our streets plowed, and yet the "city" (through media sources) said that plowing would be DONE by MONDAY.
Sure doesn't LOOK plowed to me...yet.
Well, yesterday was TUESDAY, right?
So I did what anyone that has learned to be as chronically pissed off as I have over the years dealing with all this sh*t...I sent a "nasty-gram" to the city STREET DEPARTMENT, letting them know that just because we're not one of the "nicer" areas of town, we STILL deserve to have OUR streets plowed, because not doing so presents a "public safety" concern.
Oh, yes, I DO know the right buttons to push...trust me on that.
Meanwhile, Wifey took the day off, and she got on the horn to the city's 3-1-1 line and told THEM of the issue.
First truck...
Would you believe it...it wasn't even TWO hours later, when not one...but TWO CITY PLOW TRUCKS came down BOTH streets.
(that wasn't that hard, was it?)
Second truck
Now, I'm sure the other denizens of the area were probably ecstatic that the city sent trucks...NOOOO...it was due to Wifey and I "double-teaming" to motivate the city from it's apathy regarding OUR area...again...as usual.
They can THANK US, and not the city.
And back the OTHER way
And then down OUR street...FINALLY
Amazing that neither Wifey nor myself are NOT on the city payroll...we do MORE for this area than many realize...or will ever know.
And, it's because WE still give a rat's ass about our neighborhood...unlike those jerkwads living across our street.
THIS is just another part of living down here...having to deal with ALL the damn apathy.and disrespect.
If it's not coming from one or more of the "locals", it's coming from the city ITSELF.
THIS is what a PLOWED street looks like.
Thank God a few departments haven't written us ALL off yet, such as solid waste and NCE.
You take your "miracles" down here one at a time...just like the people.
*** Lastly today, it's ONE week until Christmas...seven short days.
My, how the time flies...when you're busy looking out for your survival and safety in the crotch of Fort Wayne.
And you really WANT to get in the Christmas spirit, but there are those that would rob you of whatever solace you can garner from this time of year.
We, the people...those God-fearing, gun and bible-toting, law-abiding, not bothering anyone unless bothered first among us have had enough of being set upon by the vermin in our society, though.
WE are the ones that want to embrace Christmas...hold it close to us, and in some cases, never want to see it go, for we comprehend the REAL reason we celebrate it..
WE are the people who try and practice many of the tenets of Christmas NOT for just ONE day, but throughout the year.
WE are the people who are getting tired of dealing with the heathen flotsam that is trying to pass itself off as American citizens, when in fact, it is THEY who are trying to destroy the very fabric of this nation's principles and values.
So, it falls upon US to carry on, do what is right...and just...and proper, so that WE may be able to freely practice what WE believe, rather than hide it under some shrub.
Christmas should be a time of joy...of charity, of hope...not a time of disrespect, or of loathing, or a time to practice hedonistic pursuits in the name OF this holiday.
I have no answer to the terminal stupidity that many suffer from all around us, but I do know that if we practice what we preach, we can often teach by example, and I feel the greatest example of that can be found at Christmastime.
Now, get yourselves out there, get that shopping done, and stick some of that folding money in the nearest red kettle...JUST because you know it's the right thing to do...no matter WHAT time of year it is.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Wow, sorry to hear about those neighbors, Bob. I'd suggest a few claymore mines, but they can be kinda hard to get. Perhaps some punji sticks for the lawn and some spike strips for the driveway.

Bob G. said...

JOhn D.:
I LOVE the idea of SPIKE STRIPS...

Then again, gating ourselves IN would work too, except that the plows would make getting out hard to shovel with a gate in the way.

Maybe a nice big ROCK through their windshield NEXT time they try it?
(I was aiming at a squirrel...or rather the NUT he had...LMAO!)

The SAME nut that holds the wheel in ANY vehicle aka the MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe (and asshole neighbor-free) out there.

Slamdunk said...

Wow Bob, I am glad you posted photographic evidence of those plow trucks or I would not have believed you. Here the township trucks are on top of these early season snows, but if we get a big snow late (FEB or MAR), they will be nowhere in sight.

Hang in there.

Bob G. said...

Hey there...great to see you again!

Yeah, if there's one thing I learned while working for the Treasury Dept, it's to "HAVE PROOF" of whatever it is you're working on.
And where WE live, we tend to get "overlooked" shall we say, so it helps to document as much as possible.
This way you have something to hang over the city...should the need ever arise.

(Bet our mayor's street is FIRST on the plow list)

In Philly, I swear the plows used to wait UNTIL the very LAST snowflake fell, and THEN they'd roll out.
(you could find some of them at local bars...wonder WHY that was?)

Hope your plows are doing what you pay them for.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.