14 January 2014

Yes, friends, time for the FIRST outing (for this year) of the ridiculous, the unbelievable, and sometimes, the marvelously mediocre and mundane...
We've a couple stories today sure to get you shaking your head in disbelief...AND perhaps even laughing, but before we do that, let's take a look at today's Hoosierland weather.
--We're starting another "cool-down" today with temps below freezing this morning (watch out for black ice), but warming up to the GOOD side of 32 degrees, with a high someplace in the upper 30s, so we get a bit more melting.
Gonna be a bit on the BREEZY side today, and becoming mostly cloudy this afternoon with a good chance for some SNOW, but it will most likely melt as it hits the ground.
Now, with that dispensed with, go grab a cup of java, and let's see where the IDIOT PARADE is traveling today...
*** First out of the garage is a story that still begs the question:
I really miss Clara Peller.
Here's the link:
A guy and his insignificant other waltz into a Kroger (the Scotts in Waynedale along Bluffton Rd - where Wifey and I choose to shop), swipes a beef loin worth $80 bucks by stuffing it down his PANTS (musta been REAL baggy pants to pull THAT one off), and then gets his g/f to take it back to another store and get money.
THAT is a beef loin...!
Hell I would have EATEN the damn thing if it cost THAT much.
But wait, friends...it gets MUCH better...
The girlfriend is unsuccessful because she screwed up in TWO ways:
1) She had NO receipt (DUH!)
2) The beef was tagged from the WAYNEDALE store (they do that now - it's called BAR CODES for a reason)
The Waynedale Scotts / Kroger
Well, she makes a fuss, claiming it was a RACIAL thing, lodges a complaint to corporate (and he uses his real name in the complaint), so the store caves and gives her a gift card.
But the Waynedale store contacts this guy a day later (regarding his complaint) and offers ANOTHER gift card at his store.
When the man shows up, he's ID'ed as the man in the store video and gets his ass another freebie - a FREE ride to the Allen County jail for FELONY theft.
God, you can't make this sh*t up, can you?
Moving on...
*** Now, as Bill Cosby once said:
"I know what I do when I say OOPS...what did YOU do when YOU said OOPS?"
How about land a passenger jet at the WRONG AIRPORT?
Here's the story link:
So, lemme get this straight...Wrong Way Corrigan had CHILDREN???
And THEY became FAA-certified PILOTS?
(for those not old enough to recall WHO Wrong Way Corrigan was, Google him up)
Today's air traffic control system is such where we might accidentally allow aircraft to pass within a MILE of one another, but to allow a plane to land at the WRONG airport? That makes NO sense, not with all the technology designed to PREVENT such a thing from happening.
You've got GPS,air-traffic controllers, flight plans, omni beacons, visual sighting, instrument headings...c'mon now.
And, you still have OPTOMETRISTS...lol!
Granted the airport that the (now grounded) pilots landed at was ONLY seven miles away from the original destination, but the runway SIZE should have tipped them off, and air-traffic SHOULD catch a boo-boo THAT big before they began final descent.
Thankfully, the pilots managed to land the bird on a runway (Taney County - 3700 ft length) HALF the size of the one they were supposed to land at (Branson, MO - 7100 ft length).
And just to make things perfect, the pilot welcomed the passengers TO BRANSON airport...LOL.
Definitely an OOPS moment...
He then recanted and apologized for THAT mistake.
Both pilots are veterans with combined flight time of 28 years between them.
Sure glad they weren't flying out of COLORADO or WASHINGTON state, where pot is legal, otherwise the plane would be flying at 30,000 feet while the pilots would be "flying" at 40,000 ft.
*** Next up, yet another plea deal in Ft. Wayne gets a murderer off the hook...
Here's this story:
Yep, this is why the judicial system is f$cked up!
To AVOID a murder trial (that would result in a guilty verdict (if the prosecutor's office had a SPINE), Augustus S. Marshall, 28 (of Ft. Wayne) gets to DODGE the murder rap from back in 2013 by dealing for a voluntary manslaughter charge (30 yrs) with residential entry (3 yrs)...IF a judge accepts the plea next month at the sentencing hearing ( something tell me it will)
This is what passes for justice these days...learn to know what it looks like.
*** And speaking of justice, it seems the DEPARTMENT of (in) JUSTICE is sticking it's face into places it's not supposed to again...like most every other agency in this administration...like the EDUCATIONAL system in this country.
You're familiar with affirmative-action (got our new FWPD chief where HE'S at), and the racial BALANCE in all our schools (to make things "fair")...well, get ready for a new "twist" on this...
How about a quota for PUNISHMENT in schools...based on RACIAL EQUALITY?
Here's the story link:
Oh yeah, our favorite "pardon pimp", Eric Holder is at it again...undermining the education and discipline in our school systems across America (still spelled WITHOUT a "K", Komrade Holder)
Now, while I DO agree that the "zero-tolerance" is way out of hand these days (when a kid gets suspended for wearing a USMC shirt to school, or biting a pop-tart into the shape of a pistol), and needs to be pulled back a bit, to mete out punishment on a more EQUAL basis is wrong. Think about WHO causes the most trouble in schools and the severity OF those things that deserve punishment...
Holder wants a cutback on MINORITY punishment...WHY?
THEY cause the MOST problems...do the damn math, you idiot.
During some data collection, black students made up 15% of the students in the collection, but also made up a THIRD of all students who were suspended once, and 44% of those expelled more than once. More than HALF the students in school-related arrests were either Hispanic or black.
Maybe THEY are causing the MOST trouble?
This is preposterous, and suggest taking away even MORE resources that educators barely have these days TO discipline students...who look upon such chastening as a "rite-of-passage", rather than the stigma it USED to stand for is asinine beyond belief.
The LEVEL of violence is another issue.
How many TEACHERS were assaulted by young thugs say, 40 years ago?
( a LOT fewer than we see today, and minorities lead the way with such assaults...that's been documented.)
Holder is JUST like Obummer - all about deception, smoke and mirrors...keep us off-balance about one thing, while pursuing another.
You want to watch this guy...personally, I'd impeach the SOB, and try him for treason (fast and furious).
*** Lastly, what the hell is making this world SO damn crazy, and why does it seem to be increasing in intensity?
If I knew THAT answer, I'd probably be one wealthy sum'birch...lol.
I know I get damn frustrated over such lunacy, but then again, I get to see all the small sh*t in my part of the ghettohood - the parking several doors AWAY from one's house for whatever reason...the double-parking to have a chat assholes, the dog-walkers that mistreat the animal because they have "power" issues that precipitate a visit from TWO animal control vans (out of four that cover the whole city) after dark (with police assistance)...oh, and the gunfire.
Get OUT of the damn street, you morons!
Lunacy, with it's compatriots arrogance and ignorance are spawned from the small neighborhoods and those morons that infest them...and then branches outward, reaching into all the remaining bastions that are the fabric of this nation.
We need to be on OUR game, to know what to look for, speak out against injustice, and hold onto the values that work for this country, rather than change everything for change sake.
I think you all get the idea, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I am sure the shoplifting duo will receive more gift cards and probably a pardon with help from Mr. Holder. We have to adequately reward such behavior.


Bob G. said...

While I "want" to believe otherwise, you're 100% correct.

This nation has become one that seems to value and thereby reward BAD behavior, rather than fitting punishments to crimes...or even teaching (dare I say it?)...ETHICS.

Once in a while, the system works, but the overwhelming majority of the time, it serves the perps instead of the victims.
And in the meantime, the REST of us wind up paying for this.

We can do better...and SHOULD.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

Glad to see that shoplifting story had a happy ending. :)

"Lastly, what the hell is making this world SO damn crazy, and why does it seem to be increasing in intensity?"

I call it reverse Darwinism. Our society has taken to punishing the "fittest", and rewarding those who would otherwise be selected out of the gene pool. Consequently, we stop evolving and start devolving. Just my $0.02.

Momma Fargo said...

Isn't are education scary? What's great about Indiana, Bob, tho is they still say the Pledge of Allegiance. Shhh. Don't tell anyone. I get to listen to it first thing on the radio each morning on the way to work. AND...the Star Spangled Banner. Make that into a shape on your pop tart and smoke it, Mr. Holder.

CWMartin said...

Firstly, I'd like to point out my Kroger story "went to press" before youre'un (fake self righteousness here), and I DID pimp you in the story....

Nextly, is that our Blonde Maven o' Justice striking again? She might be the ONLY politician out there willing to cut corners to save money...Maybe Her and King Tommy oughta switch jobs, eh?

Lastly, you know quite well what's getting into society... because it's moving into the spots the Holy Spirit is slowly but surely moving OUT of. The bright side is, as the idiots become more and more vocal about all the pc crap you just know is backwards, you can be more and more assured of the truthfulness in the Word.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I like that phrase...rolls out nicely...

You are right, much of our society IS devolving in more than a few ways.
And that, sir, is TWO CENTS very well spent.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

You stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Oh...have I got stuff to tell you from Wifey and HER "adventures" in a high school classroom...!
((rolls eyes))

(the kind of stuff that NEVER makes the news...like GOOD POLICING)

Pssst, that "secret" is safe (about the PLEDGE thingy).

Now, you got me wanting to buy some POP-TARTS, so I bite it into OLD GLORY...and then send it along to "someone" in D.C.

(or a whole BUNCHA someones...lol)

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Always a pleasure.

Take care & stay safe down there.

Bob G. said...

ROFL...yeah, I gotta stop reading everyone ELSE'S blog after MINE from now on...!

Blondie's got s RIVAL in this May's election...guy named LOOMIS (also a Rep), who has a BETTER take on how the judicial system around here SHOULD work.
Might be worth a look-see.
He seems like he could "stir the pot" - something this city needs.

Let's hope SHE never makes it to the "big boy's chair" downtown.
I have ENOUGH trouble sleeping ...lol.

Yeah, I have a (damn) GOOD idea what ails our society, but I felt I had to toss the question out there.
All those back-assward lovers out there really WANT a "Bizarro World"...but folks like US.,..well, maybe WE don't.
We just want a return to much of what we USED to have before this dog & pont show turned into a chronic roadshow.

Yo, thanks for taking time to stop on by today, Brother.

You stay safe (and nicely thawed) up there.