15 January 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week...AND the middle of the month.
 Not bad for a Wednesday.
The Hoosierland weather around these parts will consist of below freezing temps some sun, some clouds  (no melting today) with a high of around the middle 20s, and by the middle of the day, we might see more snow flurries and into this evening, where accumulation of only about an INCH will result.
Tonight, we'll drop into the middle TEENS.
Them's a lot of "middles" to handle, but I think we got this.
Indiana weather does change by the minute.
And can you believe that the "Miracle on the Hudson" (Captain Sullenberger) was FIVE years ago today?
How time flies...
In the meantime, let's get moving, because as they say in the military: "Movement is LIFE".
*** First off the hotplate today is our WHO SAID THAT? Quote:
"Winter is not a season. It is an occupation."
I figured after that last cold snap, and the continuance of the "big chill", we needed something a bit more apropos, so there we are.
And if you pay attention in today's post, a clue is in here about the "quotee".
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back on Main Street...
*** It would seem that a "master-plan" that I have spoke about for a long time is beginning to take shape. And it involves the Ft. Wayne airport (no surprise to me).
Here's the story link (with video):
I caught a chunk of this last night, but didn't stay on the channel long enough to get it all.
The smoke in front of this mirror is that the 122md ANG is being used as a "front" for rezoning and site planning.
The airport's "district" extends TEN MILES from the runway...our "Fortress" (and a lot of other residential area) rests a mere FOUR MILES from the outer marker. So, we're "in the groove", so to speak.
It's the airspace that needs to "be preserved" for fast-moving fighters like the (potential) F-35, which COULD be the next venue for the 122nd.
I suppose the REAL reason, that being the ability and desire to handle more and LARGER commercial and freight AIRLINERS never crossed anyone's mind? Well, it HAS crossed mine...many times over the last decade, because some of these planes come over our house a bit TOO low for comfort (unless I lived a lot CLOSER to the runway).
The ONLY game the city plays down here.
And this is what I said makes sense - allow the SE side of town to go to hell, DEVALUE property values ENOUGH to make the properties (and the land) amenable to a purchase for pennies on the dollar, and PRESTO...an area RIPE for "gentrification"...NOT as new residential housing, but rather a REZONED area perfect for INDUSTRIAL uses, such as warehouses, manufacturing, and the like.
So, where would that leave US?
Well, we already have a depleted VALUE to our fortress, and Lord knows the crime around here is NOT going bye-bye soon enough...or FAR enough away. Perhaps the intention of the city is to "buy out" those holdouts (like us), and claim EMINENT DOMAIN for the remainder.
I mean if someone wants the airport to be the OTHER jewel in the city's crown (with the DOWNTOWN being the first and foremost), it would be only logical to conclude that THIS is what is being done. And you can't do it all at once...oh, no.
You have to proceed slowly and cautiously...allow some things to take care of themselves...like all the vacant housing and closed businesses we ALREADY have down here.
Screen capture of the illustration.
Our "Fortress" is located in FWA Area 4 (NE from the main runway), if you click on the illustration found in the story, and if you notice where a majority of the crimes occur on the SE side of town, it's comprised MAINLY of OUR part of Area 4 (not to be confused with Area 51...lol).
Now, while I think having the F-35 here would be great, we USED to have the F-16s before the A-10s, and there was NEVER ANY TALK about rezoning OR site development...wonder WHY that was, unless there was talk about CREATING a larger airport and surrounding areas, right?
Back in Philly, something similar was done with THEIR airport, but their main runway parallels the Delaware River, so the impact to residential areas was minimal.
It was wetland preserves that took the hit there.
Mark my words, there is something afoot here, and like Sherlock Holmes once stated:
"When you eliminate the impossible,whatever remains, no matter how improbable...MUST be the truth."
And the truth WILL set you free.
Moving on...
*** Another asshole robber gets his just desserts (and maybe a Snickers bar, too).
Here's the story link:
Well, at least it WASN'T a Dollar General down here (lin Waynedale)...
This thug thought he was going to make a clean getaway...on foot...with some snow still on the damn ground.
He thought WRONG (as do most of them)
Alexander A. White, 21, of Fort Wayne has been arrested for armed robbery in connection with this incident.
This armed robbery took place at the D/G located up on 9149 Lima Rd around 2015 hrs Tuesday night.
NO customers were there at the time and only ONE employee on site, who was not injured.
A FWPD K-9 unit was brought to scene and managed to track the perp to a vacant house nearby that has a FOR SALE sign on it.
A witness told police he noticed a man running from the store, dressed all in black, who disappeared behind some businesses in the area.
When police had the K-9 at the house,. located in the 900 block of Village Drive, the perp came out without a standoff around 2145 hrs.
Police found items connected to the robbery in the house..
And another free orange jumpsuit with flip-flops are given to a very DESERVING person.
*** Lastly today,  this retired police officer that shot and killed that other guy for texting in a movie house in Florida got me thinking...and that can be dangerous....
Let me say that this is WHY I don't like going to the movies ANY longer...
Just because you're being FLEECED out the ass every time you walk into the multiplex, does NOT give you the right to act AS IF YOU WERE STILL AT HOME...aka like an idiot. We had the same issue back in the 70s with those AFRO hairstyles that blocked out the bloody SUN, let alone the feature playing on much larger screens in those days.
Yep...these are assholes!
And the raucous behavior of some people is enough to MAKE you want to shoot a passel of them...just so you can HEAR the damn movie you're paying over $8 to see. Thank GOD for DVDs...and in years past, VIDEO TAPES.
This is just more evidence that our society is going in the WRONG direction.
I can understand applauding at the end of a flick...cheering for the good guy, and even crying in an emotional moment,but to shout crap during the WHOLE movie is stupid beyond belief.
That's why some folks should NEVER be allowed in PUBLIC, until they complete a few courses in ETIQUETTE.
People need to learn...strike that...RE-LEARN how to behave IN PUBLIC.
ETHICAL BEHAVIOR covers such things, as does being and acting in a CIVIL manner.
Words to live by.
Back in the bad old days of the "wild west", slighting a person COULD get you killed...amazing that we've come full circle in less than 150 years.
But perhaps, it's time we think long and hard about our BEHAVIOR, and how it bothers others when we act the fool.
Also, when people act up, it speaks volumes about their upbringing, doesn't it?
We find ourselves surrounded by a multi-generational crowd of disrespectful and uncivil morons, and unfortunately, they are making BABIES...to further their agenda and make life hell for still others for years to come.
Time to reclaim the principles that make ALL people great, and it's not acting stupid in public, that's for sure.
When you walk out your door to go ANYWHERE...you become an ambassador for YOUR life, YOUR parents and how they taught you right from wrong, and if you find yourself in another city, state or nation, you are a SYMBOL of that city, state or nation...and people will be watching and judging you BASED on how you conduct yourself. So conduct yourself in a manner that makes others see you as a good person, rather than have them view you with disdain.
Therein lies our lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Back in the bad old days of the "wild west", slighting a person COULD get you killed..."

Like the old saying goes, "An armed society is a polite society." Notwithstanding a hotheaded nut with a gun, which is what may have been the case in Tampa. And a retired cop, at that. Watch, the next step in gun control will be to disarm cops when off duty/retired.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I strongly agree there!

And never KNOWING who might be carrying precipitated you being on your "best behavior"..at ANY age...a lot MORE of the time.

I could see it coming - disarming off-duty LEOs.
In many ways, they've already been "disarmed" on our streets while ON-DUTY, if you get my drift.

Guess that's one way to make room for a "National Police Force".
(we don't want to go there)

THanks so much for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe (and armed) out there.

Slamdunk said...

I was hoping that your robbery with K9 tracking story was going to end in a good bite. Robbers never feared jail as much as they did the chomp of a German Shepard. And the hospitals could not do much with the injury--just clean it up (ouch) and wrap it (double ouch).

The Tampa story is sad all the way around. It will be interesting to see if he invokes the self-defense Stand Your Ground option in some way.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I keep telling Wifey that when our remaining cat passes, we need to get us a Shepherd, preferably a former POLICE DOG (lol).
Now THAT would keep the local barbarians from our gatea!

--The Tampa case bears some scrutiny...the retired cop mentioned to OTHER movie patrons to put the cellphones away.
-Perhaps some residual PTSD from years on the street?
-Perhaps a case of tech-overload?
He HAD a point wanting to have people shut up in the theater, but his "solution" was far from the best...by about a MILE!
A self-defense case?
Hard to call, but we all weren't there to see what happened before the gunfire.

I just don't want to see the G/C (gun-control) nuts crawl out again. That gets old REAL fast.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Sty asfe out there.