24 January 2014

F-F-F-Friday Follies...
Well, we made it to week's end, and the temperature outside is a mere MINUS six degrees with a windchill that makes it feel like TWENTY BELOW ZERO...!
Now THAT friends...is (too damn) COLD!
And no, I don't miss working outside under such conditions...not ONE frigging bit!
Schools are starting to close, and that means the kids won't have to be out in this crap weather...
Cold IS cold, and it's dangerously so out there today.
Today's high will reach into the TEENS...and that's about it, folks!
And plenty of sunshine to allow whatever ground heat to dissipate upward
Saw the city posting THESE signs today
Whatever snow and ice that's all over STILL is not going anyplace soon...get used to it.
We're gonna need more than one cup of whatever HOT beverage this morning, so let's fill it back up and get busy seeing what's going on.
*** First out of the Tundra today, was a major crash along I-94 in Indiana...lots of mangled metal from all the tractor trailers and assorted vehicles, with several deaths.
Here's the story link:
We should all thank our lucky stars we were not in THAT mess...and we should pray for those injured as well as the families of those killed.
This kind of weather is nothing to make light of, that's for sure.
SLOW...and STEADY wins this "race". Do not take any chances and assume the road conditions are bad (which they are).
If need be, drop it to a lower gear to limit your speed. No one needs to rush about under such conditions.
Moving on...
*** When I was growing up, we went to school in damn near ANY sort of weather, and that meant we BUNDLED UP.
Layers of clothing that kept you warm as you WALKED to the neighborhood school building. And yes, it took TIME to remove those outer layers so you could sit down behind your desk.
And then, when it was time to go home for lunch (or when school ended), you had to again don all those layers...and boots...and gloves (or mittens) to make the trek back home...and take them off again.
These days, I see kids go to school with little REAL protection against the elements...and that's bothersome.
I KNOW they still make galoshes and boots, and yes, they can be considered "not cool", but I'd rather be uncool and WARMLY PROTECTED against the cold than be shivering my naughty-bits off just to be "in style".
And when schools do NOT cancel on days like THESE, it does place children at risk, because many "parents" do not ENFORCE being well-dressed for winter weather.
Younger kids still have some protection against such temperatures and wind, but teens go to the bus stop in a hoodie and athletic shoes.And you just KNOW there is no "long johns" or thermals under the clothing...that wouldn't be cool.
Then, we wonder WHY kids get sick and come down with colds or even the flu...well, I don't wonder that. It's obvious to me.
*** Next up, there is another factor that comes into play during such severe weather...access to necessities.
A long time ago, in a neighborhood far, far away, we had those venerable CORNER STORES.
Didn't have to go far at all to get anything you needed.
Today, we have strip malls, and unless you live within several blocks of one, you have to take a hike or get in the car and drive to one.
That puts many ADULTS at risk too.
Get outta the street, dumbass!
I see people who obviously do not have the sense they were born with, because they go out in weather like this dressed like it was FALL...instead of a bone-chilling January in the Hoosierland.
And they prefer to walk down the middle of the streets.
That is another thing that needs looking into...WHY people have to walk in the street when there is a sidewalk.
Granted that the vast majority of sidewalks are not even cleared of snow (our always is), but if you had BOOTS on, that would be no problem, even if the pavements were snow-covered.
What I notice down here in the SE, is that MOST all the north/south streets HAVE sidewalks, while many of the east/west streets do NOT.
Wonder why the city has NEVER seen to address that  problem?
And, if the city has an ordinance that says you need to CLEAR your sidewalk before 9AM (whenever possible), why doesn't the city ENFORCE it.
Maybe if some of these lazy-asses got out and shoveled the sidewalk under penalty of a stiff FINE, that might just work.
Ain't no lazy at OUR "Fortress".
If you venture (or live) in one of those nice neighborhoods, you would notice that ALL the sidewalks are clear of snow, and that also goes for the apartment complexes around town. Even if there is an elderly or infirm person, there is someone who WILL clean off their sidewalk...a sense of community.
Not down here...people will only clear the sidewalk if it's CONVENIENT for them and no one else.
I clear ours, and people STILL walk in the street...(assholes)
But, I'm from Philly, where we did it as a service to others as well as ourselves. Wasn't a big deal to do several houses alongside your row home.
*** Driving about has it's own set of troubles, and the less you have to drive...the better.
When I HAD to drive about, it was "white-knuckle" city for me...you never knew what to expect with road conditions, and sometimes, your vehicle seems as though it's developed a "mind of it's own" if it hits an errant patch of ice.
You can even have GOOD tread on the tires, but when they clog up with snow (and it freezes), guess what you have?
Now THAT is a studded tire!
And trying to get traction with them doesn't work too well.
You keep the cabin glass clear, use the defrost, and wipers when necessary.
I do miss not having snow tires (studded ones) for bad winter conditions.
When it comes to SNOW CHAINS...it's a mixed bag for me.
They're a pain in the ass to get on, but once you DO, you can drive ANYWHERE...just not too fast.
Folks bitched about them chewing up the streets so both they and studded tires went bye-bye.
Guess out in Wyoming...or Idaho, they still allow them?
And in the Poconos,. they are a GODSEND!
*** Lastly today, yes, it's cold out, and we are in the midst of flu season, And there is little relief from either on the immediate horizon.
What each of us needs to do is practice a bit of preparedness, as in checking our food stock, clothe ourselves properly when going out in this vicious weather, and making sure our loved ones and even the family pets are not placed at any risk because of the weather.
I see people spinning their vehicles like it's some GAME...believe me, it's NOT.
Ask those involved in that I-94 accident.
As if we didn't have enough to be aware of these days, with this winter blast, we have to be even MORE aware, because not everyone is paying the hell attention as they SHOULD be.
I cannot stress this enough...it's your life on the line, and those of family.
And I think we'd all like to be around a bit longer, right?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Drive cautiously, take your time, stay inside unless necessary to go out, and dress appropriately.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

That pile-up in your neck of the woods was awful. And as I look out my home window, I see 3 lazy neighbors who have yet to clear their driveways from the last snow a couple of days ago. They are lucky that a few of the nice neighbors run their snowblowers down the street and hit all the folks who have not cleared their sidewalks.

Some people.

I hope you see some sun today.

Bob G. said...

I can't imagine being stuck in that traffic pileup...and in THIS weather...just plain nasty and fatal to at least TWO people.
Yeah, the lazy-asses are bailed out by the DILIGENT and THOUGHTFUL among us...

And with snow BLOWERS being a lot easier to come by (they even have ELECTRIC ONES now), it makes clearing anything off a bit easier (especially on the old BACK...lol).

Oh, we're seeing LOTS of sun, but with a temp of FIVE degress (and a wind chill of about MINUS TWENTY) nothing is going to melt anytime soon.

THanks for skiing over today and commenting.

Do have yourself a good, safe AND warm(by staying inside) weekend out there.

CWMartin said...

My trip home from work. 1) Almost slid out of parking lot and into a moving truck. 2) Nearly drifted into oncoming traffic blowing my nose. 3) Had a chunk of frozen crap get in my brakes approaching red light, nearly slid into stopped car. 4) Wind almost blew me into next lane. 5) Disabled car in my turn lane on Colliseum. 6)Had to stop at store.

Bob G. said...


SO, aside from that stop at the store, the trip home really SUCKED, correct?

I do hope you got everything you HAD to at that store.
Be a shame to go through ALL that just to GET there, and then find they're OUT of what you wanted to purchase.

The good news...you don't have to go ONE...SINGLE...OTHER...PLACE this weekend.

(Scrappy-walks not withstanding, however, brief as I'm sure they WILL be...lol)

Kick back, take it easy and watch everyone else deal with it for the next 48 or so hours!

Have a good weekend - stay safe & warm up there.

Easily Lost said...

We're looking at -25 to -40 windchill on Monday, and -50 windchill come Tuesday. I just happen to work both those nights of course. As for shoveling the sidewalk, I don't have any. I might just end up hibernating with the darn bears the rest of the winter.

Bob G. said...

Hey there..haven't seen you around for WAY too long.
Missed you AND your blog posts.

We're pretty close to YOUR wind chills here in Hoosierland!
Wifey has NO idea how many days of school they're gonna have this week (and neither do THEY...lol)

It's BRUTAL out there...I can't even see WHERE I shoveled.
But, at least the birds at our feeder have provided some wonderful "relief" from this weather.
More about that Monday.

You take it easy...always a pleasure to "see" you.
Bundle up on those nights ahead.

And do stay safe out there.