27 January 2014

Monday Musings...
It's the last week of the month, and I'm sure there are many of you out there who will be grateful to see it end.
Weather-wise, it's been a record-setting week in a LOT of the USA.
Record cold temps and a seemingly never-ending snowfall has caused wholesale closing through much of the Midwest and East coast.
Today is no different here in the Hoosierland - schools are closed, many businesses are either closing or starting late, not that THAT is going to help.
The "high" today (?) will be whatever is is outside now...about THREE DEGREES.
(we have a current wind-chill of MINUS TWENTY ONE degrees)
Temps will fall the rest of the day, and that ain't good, friends.
Lows tonight will drop into the MINUS THIRTIES (before any wind-chill)...and THAT people is DAMN cold!!!
So, you're gonna need several HOT cups of whatever is your preference this AM, and feel free to "amend" it with your whisky of choice.
Now, let's get busy with whatever else is happening before we freeze in place...
*** First out of the freezer today (where it's actually WARMER than outside right now) is a story that makes you feel for a lot of people.
Here's the link:
The Paper Lantern restaurant, located up at 4610 Coldwater Rd at the Jo-Ann Plaza went up in flames last night like a ...well paper lantern!
FWFD crews were hampered by gusting winds and the flames reached about 30 ft high at times.
Fortunately, no one was inside at the time of the blaze.
Deputy fire chief Mark Nelson stated that they do not know where or how the fire started and the cause is under investigation.
It doesn't appear as if any other businesses were damaged in the fire at this time.
The owner of the place must feel like crap because the weather has already taken a toll on businesses with lower customer turnout, and the firefighters having to be out in sub-zero conditions using WATER to douse a fire...that's never a good mix...unless you like creating ad hoc skating venues.
Moving on...
*** The Whiner-in-Chief has his SOTU speech (read bs session) tomorrow on too many channels.
((...rolls eyes...))
I can barely stand the wait....NOT!
Wonder what OTHER expensive socialist nonsense he's going to pull out of his ass (and our pockets)
My bet is on immigration reform ( as I had predicted earlier), and this whole "income inequality" bullsh*t.
For starters, incomes are SUPPOSED to be "inequal"...that's how you ADVANCE through the ranks to make MORE money, or find a better job to do same...or even change careers.
If everyone made the SAME amounts, there would be a gross lack of competition, lack of excellence, and a lack of concern to attempt to try.
That's why I'm against raising the minimum wage...it's there for a REASON, and that is to allow people to enter the workforce, find out if that job is something they want to do, and then stay with it.,..or leave.
Cripes, I started out at ONE place at $2 (and change) per hour...worked all the way up to $8 an hour (this was the 70s mind you), and there was a sense of accomplishments there...you could see it in your paycheck.
It is up to the INDIVIDUAL to CHOOSE (there's THAT word again) what's right for them...
It's about an equal opportunity...NOT an equal result, and that also applies to minority aspects of our society.
Everyone puts forth an EFFORT, and gets compensated accordingly...better effort nets better pay, and no results gets you dismissed.
Simple as that, or at least it SHOULD be.
The same goes for our educational system...there is no "guarantee" of passing or graduation based on the fact that you just show the hell up...or are black...or raise you hand the most times.
Conversely, DON'T expect to pass a grade or graduate when you DON'T show up...or DON'T apply yourself, or DON'T come prepared to learn...again, way too simple to comprehend.
Everyone has the same chance of being successful, given the standing criteria of the times.
Granted,m there will be those with silver spoons in their mouths who will step in a pile of dogsh*t and still find a fifty-dollar bill every time, but that's not representative of the vast majority of able workers in this country...nor should it be.
We succeed or fail based on what WE do...or do NOT do...no more, no less.
And we certainly don't need government intervention to "level the paying field"...because it's BEEN nice and level for a long time.
*** Next up, yes, there WAS another shooting on the city's SE side this weekend...again at the Twin Oaks Apartments (government-sponsored housing, what else?) on Saturday afternoon...you thought we WOULDN'T have a shooting down here?
Nah, we're "better" than that, folks.
Here's the story link:
One person was shot in the shoulder and was transported to hospital in serious condition
The location of the apartments was 2754 E.Paulding Rd. around 1300 hrs.
Witnesses said the shooter was wearing black boots, jeans and coat (probably a BLACK man, too) and got into a blue-colored car that left the scene.
NO suspects are in custody as of this post and no further information from the FWPD has been forthcoming.
How about that - new police chief...same old sh*t...simple A-F$cking-Mazing...who'da thunk?
*** Lastly today...we're being hit with another round of these horribly cold conditions out there, and that means you do NOT screw around when it comes to venturing outside, either in a vehicle or (more importantly) ON FOOT.
Yeah...YOU a dumbass! Get outta the damn street!
I've seen people already walking about so poorly dressed for this weather, it boggles the mind.
I swear,Wifey and I are the ONLY people who own a damn pair of REAL SNOW BOOTS around here!
(coming from Philly, that was SOP)
And I know we're the ONLY ones who regularly keep the SIDEWALKS clear of snow (and with all the blowing about, that's not easy).
But, we also are the only ones (that I know of) who feed our feathered friends, to which they are appreciative beyond belief. as the daily "show" they put on would demonstrate.
Mr Nuthatch stops by for a nosh.
Two mourning doves at the buffet.
This is a titmouse - like a small grey mini-cardinal.
Yesterday, we had sparrows, wrens, juncos, several mourning doves, two nuthatches, two titmouses (or is that titMICE?), and three different species of WOODPECKERS.
Evertything but a partridge in a pear tree. (we have neither)
And a  larger red-headed woodpecker tries his luck.
Wifey parks a chair by the door and just watches them...I'm usually busy snapping pictures (thank god for digital media - saves a TON of money on having to develop REAL film and wait for the pics tio come back...lol)
A downy Woodpecker at the suet cake.
And we have squirrels that we have to feed with peanuts on the ground because THEY also like the bird feeder, plus, it scares the birds off.
We even had a hawk perch for a spell, waiting for a hapless bird to have for lunch...that didn't happen, thankfully.
Mr Hawk WAS looking for a meal...Sorry.
So, if you have the chance , just stay INSIDE today, fill up the bird feeder and watch the show at YOUR place.
I know it'll be much better than anything that airs on TV say around 9PM tonight...if you get my drift.
And be careful OF those drifts out there, today...it's very deceiving if you have to shovel your way out.
Enjoy the respite...Lord knows we'll be griping about the HEAT soon enough in summer, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

On the Paper Lantern, WANE reported they were closed yesterday, with a Facebook notice that they were having building safety issues.... I smell insurance fraud. But, as the destruction of Hooters showed, as long as the proper authorities get their cut, that's okay in Ft Wayne.

As to the SOTU, I will give it the same careful consideration I gave the Grammys last night. Truthfully, I haven't watched the Grammys since If You Leave Me Now by Chicago won one. The just promote a certain cliques favorites, always have. Never been really worth watching IMHO.

And I've seen one of Obama's SOTUs- I think that should be sufficient.

John DuMond said...

But Bob, it's just not fair that a surgeon who spent a decade and a half learning his trade (and another couple decades practicing it) makes more money than the slack-jawed teenage dropout working the drive-thru at the local burger joint. Income equality is NEVER acceptable.*

*Unless we're talking about entertainers and athletes, who totally deserve their millions. ;)

Bob G. said...

Ah so, perhaps a dishonorable manner of "Japanese Lightning" befell the place?

Could very well be, and for the example YOU mention (fleece the right pockets and city hall looks the other way).
I will watch the BLACKLIST whenever it comes on AFTER the SOTU crap, and catch the FOX news take, because THEY will report the facts.

What Grammys???
I can't even remember the last time I watched that...because of the rappers (who already have several shows of THEIR own), and the lack of soundtrack nominees (and WINNERS).
To me, it's a very pale shadow of it's former self.

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting (especially when you're off from work...lol)

Stay safe AND warm up there!
(remember - VERY SHORT walks w/ Scrappy - don't want doggie pee freezing to things it's NOT supposed to)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I should have KNOWN that you'd find a marvelous way of explaining this...and with such liberal intent (with tongue firmly in cheek).
What could I have been thinking?

I think YOU should run for PREZ!!
(you got MY vote)

And yes, by ALL means, those under-worked and over-paid "entertainers" and "athletes"(also shadows of what USED to meant by such terms) DO deserve everything they get...(lol).

Then again, it IS all about being ENTERTAINED today (for too many people)...forget life's REAL problems, hmm?

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe & WARM out there.

Slamdunk said...

Business fires this time of year are awful, but the residential ones like I Quebec is beyond words. The cold really hinders rescue personnel.

I am thinking our national leadership's next goal will be world citizenship. They'll have me take on an extra job so that more "deserving" people can be provided for via government services. Yahoo.

That next round of cold is headed to us next.

Bob G. said...

My nephew is in a fire department in Arlington, VAm and he's a pretty strong individual, but even so, having to deal with such conditions like we currently have from the Midwest to the right coast makes ME shudder to think about having to deal with such things.
And if a midnight fire in sub-zero temps isn't enough, they have to administer aid to ALL the drivers involved in crashes in this rotten weather.
Having to don all that GEAR on top of warm clothing MUST take it's toll.

If we DO entertain the notion of a WORLD citizenship, I'm sure the United Nations will be leading THAT charge.

Then we can all become "citizens" like in STARSHIP TROOPERS...not the best of futures.

You prep up for that cold...it can be a KILLER!

Thanks for sledding on up today to comment.

Stay safe AND warm out there.