03 January 2014

Friday Follies...
MY kinda Friday
If you're a PENGUIN (and NOT from Pittsburgh), you're in 7th heaven today.
We're talking MINUS numbers outside in the Hoosierland this morning. And Joe took the week off to stay inside.
We have BELOW ZERO temps...not for the faint-of-heart, if you have to venture outside today.
This is bone-chilling, snot-freezing, hard-starting, slow-moving, joint-aching, skin-cracking, nothing you put down will work for ice-melting COLD!!!
But, it COULD be worse...like up in MAINE, where temps have plummeted to around THIRTY-FIVE BELOW..
That's like a summer day in ANTARCTICA..(where it IS actually warmer there today.)
The high today will try to get up around THIRTEEN DEGREES (not 30), so we might see very little melting...and no plow trucks (again).
Clouds will be scattered with mostly sunshine.
So, let's take it REAL easy today, pour a nice BIG steaming hot cup of your favorite morning beverage of choice, while I hitch up the dogs to the sled and get this show moving...
God, I feel an odd kinship to British explorer ERNEST SHACKLETON for some strange reason today...
*** First out of the freezer is more a curiosity of sorts...
I mean, with all this COLD impacting a vast majority of the lower 48 states, WHERE are ALL those "global-warming" pundits?
We ATE them...heh,heh,heh.
They seem harder to find these days than an honest politician...or a decent president, police chief, OR public safety director...LOL.
(they must be hiding under all that SNOW)
What would be very nice, would be for some of them to come out and say perhaps they were...WRONG, right?
Maybe with all this CO2 depletion through closing our coal plants, electric cars, those "curly-fries" light-bulbs and such...perhaps the globe is actually COOLING DOWN...then again, Mother Nature runs the show here, contrary to whatever to libtard, tree-huggers profess and believe.
Still, facts are facts, and the fact of the matter is that it...is...cold outside, is it not?
Shivering on...
*** Yes, the dog and pony show downtown was in full swing yesterday, as the new FWPD chief and Director of Public Safety were sworn in by our city clerk for life, Sandy Kennedy (is she 80 yet?).
Here's the lowdown, along with other promotions and the rest of the "shake-up" in the department:
And our new FWPD chief issued a A STERN warning to the criminals out there...
"...We're coming for you."
Uh, yeah...like Rusty has been doing for the past 14 years?
The perps are shaking in their athletic shoes...(with LAUGHTER).
I guess Garry forgot about the OTHER hand of the system - that of PROSECUTOR, and how THAT department tends to be a real sieve when it comes to plea-dealing all these perps back onto our streets.
The two MOST powerful beings in the Fort Wayne universe.
Naturally, (the Duke of) York is still pulling the strings here (as planned by King Henry)
The good (?) news is that the SE side gets someone who is a better officer in some respects, one Derrick Westfield.
The down side, is that he was arrested for violation of an RO back in 2005, even though he was acquitted, he still has a nice mug shot.
A good cop...with a lousy personal life.
I guess it's better than a lousy cop with a great personal life...sorta, kinda.
It's a crapshoot these days.
So in MY part of the ghettohood, we go from an incompetent with no experience (but a nice guy) to a former felon as our deputy chief...how's that any better?
And Westfield will only be as good as the chief allows him to be.
Everyone's on a "short leash" here.
Sure, let's make THIS another one of those "WTF???" moments...
You just cannot make this stuff up...
Also, York has already been in negotiations with the FWFD contracts...told you he was going to place his finger in too many pies.
We get these people in Fort Wayne that never seem to go away, whether it's Win Moses, Helmke, Sandy Kennedy, York, Marty Bender, who is now head of FWPD "special operations'...
(does that include making DONUT runs, 'cause he looks like he's been GOOD at that, as well as "controlling" the purse-strings OF the department?. How does he pass the department physical?)
Doesn't anyone in this city EVER believe in RETIRING when it's past their time?
And if they're not retiring, they're being moved to ANOTHER position (they don't deserve to hold), like Greg Leatherman  (wasn't much good when he was part of the street dept).
Now he's redevelopment "capo".
They call me MISTER "Downtown"...!
"Mr. Downtown", as I call him...everything for center city...screw the rest of us.
Urbahns, Al Moll...two more that have not done anything when they were doing whatever it is they were appointed to do.
It's like these people (and the city) were ALL on "cruise-control"
Oh my God, another city hall DEMOCRAT?
Well, the road is getting bumpier, and it's time to grab the wheel and pay the hell attention.
This city needs a major CONSERVATIVE overhaul, because if you look at how bad Philly is doing these days, you;ll see what it's like to be "ruled" by democrats (for over 40 years)...not a pretty picture, but you get what you pay for, as it were.
*** Next up...so what DOES chief Hamilton really got in mind?
Well, let's see, if it were ME that was appointed to FWPD chief, I would not be having MY strings pulled by YORK...OR have a "deputy chief" to cover my ass, as Steve Reed was appointed to do for Hamilton. If Garry doesn't have a crutch (someone to make sure he doesn't screw up) , he falls down.
A GOOD place to start with these mooks!
I would pursue the following mandates:
1) Have ALL after-market DARK window tint removed from vehicles in order to better protect MY officers. Besides, we don't live on the sun..or in Arizona.
2) Any NOISE violations from car stereos will result in IMPOUNDING of said vehicles and a fine to have them given back, WITHOUT the stereo. Worked well in Chi-Town.
3) Citizens WILL be cited when spotted walking IN the street (only) when there IS a sidewalk parallel to the street. Those in 3rd-world nations walk in the damn streets!
4) The institution of our own version of STOP, ASK, AND FRISK, especially in chronic crime areas.
Worked in NYC, despite what the lame-stream media says.
5) Noise violations at residences will result in arrests if officers are dispatched to the same house several times a month.
6) More active patrols along the ALLEYS in high crime areas, with NCE followups to code violations.
And the citing of residents that trash up those alleys.
7) More monitoring of gun stores and ammunition purchases by people associated in ANY way with felons (straw-purchases). ANd mandatory sentences for gun-related CRIMES.
8) A ban of ALL vehicles with rims larger than designed for the vehicle that are DRIVING along city streets. They're not safe on DRY streets, and should be for displays at specified shows.
That's just the short list...but then again, you have to know that THESE aforementioned points all have some relationship to criminal activity.
This is called PROBLEM-oriented policing...
When people SEE you are serious about crime, and are taking definitive steps to alleviate it in targeted area, by starting with the small stuff (which leads to the BIG stuff), THEN, the citizens will begin to feel comfortable enough to come forward to officers, and will readily confide in you (law-enforcement), but NOT before.
Then, after you've built up that TRUST, you can apply COMMUNITY-oriented policing.
It all has to be done in the PROPER steps to succeed.
It's called FIXING those broken windows.
As chief, I would also petition City Council to change the relevant city ordinances to reflect my mandate for a SAFER city for everyone.
But, we ALL know none of this would ever happen, because the police chief is an APPOINTED position (BY the mayor), and that means being a lap-dog FOR the mayor...or being an outcast with every decision you make coming into question.
Great for all the kiss-asses in the crowd - not good for anyone that places the citizens OVER the mayor's "agenda"..
*** Next up, a little something for "Garry" to look into...
Here's the story link:
Imagine that...another Vito's pizza delivery man was robbed AGAIN...!
And where did this happen?
(all together, people...nice and loud)
It began in the 5000 block of Winter St., around (the usual time) 0415 hrs this morning. when police were called there for an armed robbery.
The pizza man was robbed of cash AND his car (typical entitlement mindset by the thugs).
If you ask me, places like this should NOT be OPEN 24 hours..who the hell NEEDS a damn pizza at FOUR-f$cking-AM?
(Answer - the pot-smoking crowd in the ghettohood, that's who)
The deliveryman's car was recovered in the 4700 block of Reed St.
Business AS usual.
And, as Rod Hissong reported, the FWPD isn't saying much else about suspect description, amount of money taken, evidence found...must be a gag order from the new chief or SE deputy...nice to see little HAS changed...and THAT is par for the course down here.
*** Lastly today, it's often been said that "the more you change things, the more they stay the same", and while that might be a good thing when it comes to certain parts of society, there are those aspects where change for change sake is NEVER a good thing.
It's like the light-bulb gig...why CHANGE the bulbs when we really didn't NEED a change?
Or, why CHANGE our view of global warming, when it's been a hoax from the start?
Why CHANGE over to unproven alternative fuel sources when the government closes down coal plants whose reserves will last HUNDREDS of years?
Now, there is always some sort of EVOLUTION with society, be it in social facets themselves, or technology, or even a philosophical view of things.
Technology evolves, just as people are supposed to...and it's usually a gradual and purposeful adaptation to whatever the situation has demanded.
It's when we CHANGE technology (or the manner we live our lives) that we encounter problems.
Evolution denotes a move in a better direction, whereas change doesn't always follow suit.
So, with all this cold weather, perhaps this weekend would be a good time to ponder these things...change and evolution.
We cannot avoid one, but can often do well without the other.
Just something to think about.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, keep warm, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

FYI, the minions of Global Warming are alive and well, I jousted with one on Facebook most of yesterday. Suggested to him that he examine whether he believes because of the science or because of the agenda, laughed when he proved my point by trying to shoehorn religion and the tea party into the discussion, and suggested that he might spend some time learning the science of historical climate change and not get everything he knows from Bill Nye. I would posit that his "guiding lights" are in their nice warm ivory towers, laughing at the gullible ones doing their job for them.

Bob G. said...

(uh, oh)

Well, by the sound of things, you handled him (and his "cause") most adeptly...and with just the right amount of righteous indignation.
Kudos to you and your insight (otherwise known as THE TRUTH)...!

Very well done.

Have a great weekend - stay safe AND warm up there.

John DuMond said...

"...WHERE are ALL those "global-warming" pundits?"

They're on a boat in Antarctica, stuck in the expanding (yes, you read that right, expanding!) Antarctic ice cap.


The irony, it burns! :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I heard that the PACK ICE had actually GROWN by a whole LOT of square MILES...!!!
Never knew that WARMING could cause THAT...LOL.

Irony indeed, my friend...is (like revenge) a dish that's BEST...SERVED...COLD...!

Gotta love it.

Hey, thanks for skiing on over today to comment.

Stay safe & warm out there this weekend.