02 January 2014

Thursday Already...
Well, now...this is CERTAINLY a great way to kick off the NEW year, isn't it?
And if the FIRST day is ANY portent of things to come, 2014 will be a more than "interesting" year.
I'll be taking a look into that, and more in just a moment, but before we do that, let's take a look at the Hoosierland weather.
It's COLD outside, and if you're thinking we're even going to have a high today, you'd best see one of the "locals" for THAT high, because it's only going to get colder as the day progresses. Temps are currently around 20...and by 1600 hrs today, it will closer to 12 degrees, but we also have a pretty steady WIND outside, and that makes it feel like SINGLE DIGITS.
Trust me, I KNOW...I was outside shoveling around 0615 hrs, and it's that stinging cold wind...with lots of snow blowing around. In some respects, it's like trying to shovel SUGAR...only not as sweet. After a time, you can feel your skin tightening, and not in a good, face-lifting, trying to preserve-your-youth way.
We're going to have light snowfall most of the day, subsiding by this afternoon, but the temps aren't rising that far soon enough.
That means no reflective melting, and probably no snow plows coming down OUR street by week's end (as usual).
I'd be surprised if they did.
Now, having dispensed with that, let's see how THIS year is shaping up, shall we?
Go grab a refill of a nice WARM beverage, too...you're gonna need it.
*** First off the toboggan today is the FACT that even as years pass by, SOME people never seem to change.
-- It wasn't even 14 SECONDS past midnight when our city had it's FIRST shooting (a TRIPLE one at that).
Helluva STUPID way to ring in a new year.
Here's the story link:
This happened at a house located at 4815 S. Reed St (several blocks from OUR "Fortress"), and because of all the OTHER gunfire, it was indistinguishable from all the other morons shooting off guns.
One of the victims remains in hospital in critical condition. The other two were not seriously injured. Apparently, some other mook saw these people exit the house to the back deck, and decided to shoot at them. The shooter DOES remain at-large.
-- In a related brief story by Rod Hissong, we had our share of CELEBRATORY GUNFIRE.
They don't have the video up from last night, but while police were milling about the house, Rod left his microphone on the camcorder OPEN, and you could hear all this background small arms fire going off AROUND the area. Sounded like some fire-fight in Afghanistan.
But at least SOME cities (unlike Fort Wayne) DO take precautions and issue WARNINGS...like Birmingham.
-- The OTHER shooting is alleged to have been a SUICIDE...as ruled by POLICE.
Here's THAT story link:
Didn't know THEY were allowed to do the CORONER'S job...must be part of the "new direction" the city's law-enforcement is taking? Sounds like a REAL plan, Rusty and Garry...NOT!
But at least that DOES nicely adjust the numbers for homicides...way to go, people.
Family members contend this was an "accident", rather than a suicide..maybe denial, maybe an adult was messing around and the weapon went off...who can say, but to do ANY such thing around 3AM bears a lot closer scrutiny, right? Normal folks don't DO this crap.
-- And there were shots fired outside a gas station...
Here's the link:
Dey jus be celabratin', dawg!
This happened at the SPEEDWAY at 6033 W. Jefferson Blvd around 0315 hrs Wednesday morning (when all the ethnic mooks are still mostly awake with nothing else to do).
No one was injured and again, the police have NO suspects...good average SO far this year, Garry...nice job (about as mediocre as all your OTHER performances in past positions).
-- And we had another shooting (I heard this one on the PD radio) AGAIN...on the SE side.
Here's the link to this (very short) story:
And yet AGAIN, information is not forthcoming, but you shouldn't blame the media..
This happened in the 3700 block of Trace Circle at the Wayne Trace Apartments.at Tillman and Wayne Trace Rd (more gov't-sponsored housing?)
It happened around 2115 hrs Wednesday evening (and not around 3-freaking AM - amazing)
The woman was transported to hospital in serious condition, with wounds to her hand and leg.
So far...that's what we got, but we're not getting STARTED yet.
*** Next up was the story I had a cameo in on WANE Tuesday night, and although the video aired at both 6 and 11 PM, there is no video link.
But here's that story...that seemed to be a marvelous PROLOGUE to what transpired later than night and into yesterday evening.
So, I get to begin 2014 with being in the "public eye"...so to speak.
I hope it bothers Henry, York, Hamilton (et al), because if nothing else, I so want to be that "burr under the saddle" for the city "leaders" THIS year.
I want them to know that whatever they have to say, I will be listening. And if I detect some falsehoods, I will let people KNOW about them.
I figure if the city wants to turn it's back on the SE...then I will let EVERYONE ELSE know it...in no certain terms.
I'm no diplomat, definitely NOT politically-correct (never gonna happen), and can be as subtle as a brick through a plate glass window, but I believe THAT is what is required when you see injustice being perpetrated in YOUR part of town...year after year, especially by those with the nice suits, smiling faces, and  smoke blowing out their asses.
*** Today we "appoint" a new FWPD chief and a new Director of Public Safety (because these two could NEVER get ELECTED by their records), and I am SO glad the weather is not "user-friendly" today, because I'm sure turnout will be MINIMAL as a result...as it SHOULD be for this "circus".
THIS is definitely a BETTER SHOW!
Hell, the SHRINERS have a better show (circus)...and IS worth the price you pay, unlike the "show" downtown..
I fully hope to see the media coverage with thunderous applause (by about FOUR people)...which would be about right.
ALL the lock-steppers will be there, I'm sure, touting this as the definitive "plan" to chase crime away from town (only the DOWN-town that is).
I feel bad for the city councilmen (the AT-LARGE members) that FELL for this dog and pony show, and have been cajoled into believing THIS is the (best and only) way to go. Didier surprised me too, as did Tom Smith...they ALL have fallen for this ruse.
Shows how REALLY out-of-touch city council IS with a majority of the population,. doesn't it?
Well, all THEY would ever have to do is drop by OUR "Fortress" and see and hear the TRUTH of what is going on down here.
(not what Glynn Hines has to say...even HE doesn't know many of HIS people as well as he thinks)
Yeah...a real BS fest downtown today at 11AM...that's a given...
*** I got ONE major - league, piss-me-off ROYALLY, pitch a fit, pop a vein, cheese me off to NO end, circle-jerking GRIPE to start this new year.
Yes friends, this will go down as probably the BIGGEST and most important "WTF???" moment of the year..and we're only TWO damn days into it.
After 1 January, companies here will no longer be making OR selling 40W or 60W bulbs...
Last year they did away with the 100W and 75W bulbs.
What's a fella supposed to do NOW?
(we got us a stash anyway...heh, heh, heh)
This whole clusterf$ck is being instigated by the EPA (with blessing from G-W and Obummer - yes, TWO administrations), so they're BOTH wrong.
It's being done to decrease the energy usage and become more efficient with our lighting...
I want a REAL bulb - not these POSERS!
Sure, by putting levels of MERCURY in every one of our damn HOMES...
WTH is up with THAT and why is it SAFER to have that sh*r in MY house?
Talk about a BS session on a BIBLICAL scale...hallelujah???
I think every American should start digging in to get this crap REPEALED, and I have my reasons...
:Let's think on this - all the houses and apartments are becoming MORE energy-efficient...and SO are all our appliances...
So, why can'r we just leave the old bulbs alone? They don't use nearly as much energy as older appliances or a drafty house (and I know about both...lol)
"If I LIKE my BULBS...why can'tI KEEP my bulbs?"
And if THAT isn't DEJA VU...I dunno what is.
Let's GET RID of the damn EPA instead...!!!
We ALL should start bitching to anyone and everyone about this...and get OUR bulbs the hell BACK...where they belong...IN OUR HOMES!
I sure as hell DO NOT want to get an LED light-bulb (great for flashlights and Christmas lights ONLY), and certainly NOT any of those EFFIN "curly-fry" light-bulbs (with free MERCURY) or even a HALOGEN one (they burn hotter, and can start fires easily - they make better outdoor SPOTLIGHTS and HEADLIGHTS for our vehicles, anyway).
The "alternative" bulbs cost way TOO damn much and are way MORE dangerous than a standard "Edison" bulb.And don't give me any BS about costs coming DOWN...won't be by much.
So get typing, writing, or get on the phone and let's get this crap REPEALED ASAP...even MY stash won't last forever...LOL.
And there we have the first post of 2014 - it looks to be another one of "THOSE" years...
If we're not careful, we'll find ourselves mired up to our necks before we know it.
What we can do is educate ourselves more now than ever, speak up whenever we know something to be wrong, and stay focused on what matter to us, and what made this nation great.
Let's hope we can really turn a corner THIS year, and begin to reclaim our country and our values and principles.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

Well, new year same theme of stupidity. Fourteen seconds? Quick starters they are.

I saw where the new mayor in NYC was against buying the PD some assault rifles for special use. Perhaps has bigger plans for combatting crime like the previous mayor in terms of more banning of soda pop sizes--legislation that does not require such gun-backed measures.

Sadly interesting these days. Happy 2014, Bob.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, when it comes to CHAOS, these morons never let ANYthing grow under THEIR feet, that's for sure.

That new NYC mayor might wind up taking the city (and the NYPD) FURTHER down into Dante's Inferno...

And to think Nanny Bloomberg ONLY went to the THIRD layer of HELL.

We shall see what this newbie believes is REAL punlic safety.

Hey, thanks for skiing on over today to comment.
Stay safe and warm out there.

CWMartin said...

I guess my "I'd like to see" in last night's post will be eschewed for "Just shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out." Fine, I guess they want to live and die like that. I would prefer to be a human and not an animal, but whatever they prefer.

Bob G. said...

Hey, I have a t-shirt w/ the Special Forces logo and that EXACT same saying (motto?) on it...lol.

If these thugs could ONLY keep it TO THEMSELEVS exclusively, that would work out fine and dandy.
The fewer of them...the better for everyone else.

But, they don't care about anything OR anyone ELSE who gets in the line of fire...and yes, these thugs WILL take on people who are NOT drug dealers or gang-bangers like themselves...and THAT is the real shame about all of this.
Collateral damage.

And it's something city "leaders" will never want to tell you...because THAT is the TRUTH.

Besides, animals are usualy SHOT DEAD when they become "diseased"...never incarcerated at the taxpayers' expense.

Hey, thanks for sledding on down today to comment.
You all stay safe AND warm up there in the arctic regions of the city..

John DuMond said...


Yes! I'm with you on this 100%. Notwithstanding the inconvenience of being forced to use those crappy CFL bulbs (more expensive, provide less light, and filled with toxic crap), I fail to see where the federal government has the authority to tell us what kind of bulbs to use. I'm having trouble finding where that was enumerated in the Constitution.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
THANK YOU, my friend!

The FEDS do NOT have ANY "authority" to FORCE us to use or purchase ANYTHING...
That is a direct DENIAL of our basic FREEDOM to "pursue happiness" (deciding for OURSELVES), not to mention treading all over our LIVES and LIBERTIES.

We DO have a few CFLs at "the Fortress"...tried one out...made a "smell" when it died (two years after first using it).
I keep them for "emergencies" only, like when I NEED a HAZMAT team to visit us...LOL.
Just another colossal WASTE of our time AND money.
(THAT is one thing the feds do well!)

Hey, thanks for dog-teaming it over today on your sled to comment.

Stay safe, hunker down and keep WARM out there.