17 January 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of another week, and it looks to be shaping up in a slightly similar fashion as LAST week.
We've got us some snow flurries that will continue off and on for the majority of the day, with temps ONLY reaching around 20 degrees.
It's actually WARMER (?) than that now (24 degrees). Tonight a few more flurries and temps falling down to around TEN DEGREES...
God know what the wind chill will make it feel like, but you KNOW it'll be cold.
Most schools (FWCS being one of a few exceptions) were put on a 2-hour delay, and whatever snow is coming down won't be going anyplace soon.
Any melting that does take place will be thanks for road salt compounds and/or the amount of driving on those roads.
Side streets aren't anything to brag about either, so take care when traveling on them to get to a CLEAR street.
So...with that taken care of, you know what's in store today. Sit back, fill that cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa back up, and let's take a gander into what's been going on...
*** First out of the ice cube tray today are a couple heists, that have been an aside from the recent number of pizza delivery robberies.
And here's the story link:
One of the heists happened around 1900 hrs on Monday (why so long to publish?) when a 13-year old girl and an 8-year old boy were "relieved" of their laptop after exiting the Pontiac branch of the Allen County library on Hanna Street.
The children described the robbers as two men, one described as BLACK, under 30, wearing a black hoodie w/ white sleeves, baggy dark jeans, and over 6 ft. tall, carrying what appeared to be a handgun, who approached them from behind.
Thank God for CHILDREN...no agenda for them, and they make good witnesses.
The children told police he pointed the handgun with his right hand and took the computer with the other hand.
So let me get this straight...even CHILDREN cannot attempt to BETTER themselves by spending time at a damn LIBRARY without some thug-ass punks taking one means of that betterment? Who the f$ck do these perps think they are, to DENY children the opportunity to SUCCEED?
That should tell you a lot about the inner city and what passes for "poverty" these days.
The second incident occurred at the Lassus Handy-Dandy (gas station) located at 8830 Coldwater Road on Monday as well (no time frame provided), when a man came in and demanded access to the safe.
This is the guy that warned the employee to "not to do anything funny" when he left with the contents of the cash drawer, and also told her he knew what she was driving. She reported this to a FWPD officer about 45 minutes later when he went into the store and was paying for items.
The robber was described as being BLACK (what, again? what a surprise), about 5' 11" tall, in his late 20s, thin build, wearing a black jacket and a red and black Chicago Bulls hat. He had something covering his mouth, and was carrying a silver and black handgun.
Both men (or is it the SAME man?) remain at-large, as do the two thugs that robbed and shot at another Vito's delivery man earlier this week.
Moving on...
*** I'm not going into the shooting in Elkhart at the Martin's store, because the media has been all over it. Let's be correct here...it was the PERSON who did the shooting which killed two (before HE was killed by police) and NOT the gun.
Let's just state that we had someone very disturbed who had access to a firearm, and that it was the person holding the gun that did the killings.
The gun was just the "tool" used in the crimes...nothing more.
Coulda been a baseball bat.
*** But I will mention another group of drug-dealing punks that were playing with synthetic street pharms.
Here's the story link:
Arrested were Andrew Szabo, 27, Joseph Szabo, 34, and Derrick Banks, 36, all of Ft. Wayne.
A search warrant was issued and served at a house located at 946 Burgess St. around 1350 hrs on Thursday.
All were arrested on a charge of corrupt business influence (well, dealing drugs IS a "business" of sorts), with Andy also charged with neglect of a dependent, maintaining a common nuisance, and dealing withing 500 ft. from a park.
The synthetic drugs were found in the house, as was a firearm (type not disclosed)
Four minors were also at the home, with three of them belonging to the younger Szabo. They were removed and sent to the Dept. of Child Services.
The months long investigation was precipitated by tips from members of the community.
What I find funny, is that the houses I report to police never seem to get investigated...and they should be, because when you see regular "traffic" to and from the crib, and those vehicles being worth MORE than the price of SEVERAL houses around here, THAT is suspicious.
*** The "Professor" goes to that great Island in the sky...
Russell Johnson, costar of Gilligan's Island passed away yesterday at his home in Washington state.
He was 89
And here is his WIKI:
As you can see from the WIKI, he was a busy fellow LONG before he took that "three-hour" tour.
He also was a bombardier in B-25 bombers and was shot down in the Philippines during WW2.
(had something in common with my Dad who was a radio operator in B-25s)
Johnson received several military awards for his service.
He was also close friends with Medal of Honor recipient Audie Murphy, and his acting career began in 1952 (good year - I was born that year)
That leaves only Tina Louise and Dawn Wells as surviving members of the original castaways.
Rest in Peace, Professor...love the bamboo inventions you made on the island
*** The Oscar nominations are out...big whoop...couldn't care less.
Ditto for practically EVERY other award show, and I stated as much yesterday.
*** A whopping $1.1 TRILLION dollar budget goes to our Fascist-in-Chief, for his signature, and even staunch opponents to Obummercare could not persuade partisan colleagues to vote AGAINST this budget.
And our budget woes...
Goes to show where some loyalties lie...and whose pockets are never picked, doesn't it?
When will these idiots learn?
The worst thing you can do with THIS president is give him a damn PEN...!
If he's not executive ordering this nation into insolvency or Socialism, he's side-stepping Congress and writing into law nonsensical and highly UN-Constitutional laws fostering HIS agendas which only serve too few and cost too many too much too often.
He's worse than FDR and Wilson combined...
And that's not good , if history is our guide for the future.
*** Lastly today...I've often stated here that some people in our midst are nothing less than PREDATORY in nature.
They TAKE from everyone else, leaving  chaos in their wake.
Sometimes they leave death there as well, but they could not give a rat's ass about it.
Look at the FRAUD committed by some that costs everyone else.
Look at retail THEFT (like Mr "Sir loin of Beef" the other day) that costs us ALL.
Look at the vandalism that takes place when people become envious enough to destroy that which they COULD ALSO obtain...if they made better choices more often and looked elsewhere for their personal "diversions".
Look at the seemingly indiscriminate taking of life by those who don't know how to REASON a situation out, or don't have the mental capacity TO reason at all. Again, more evidence of very poor judgment.
We ALL have the ability to become a raging maniac...it's inside us all, and don't think for a moment that it could NEVER happen to you.
Every one of us has the same internal makeup, and that means each of us CAN kill if given the proper motivation and stimulus.
Thugs have their ID on "cruise control".
A peaceful father becomes a purposed killer when his daughter is raped, for example.
A mild-manner woman kills a couple home invaders when her children are placed in harm's way.
You see the evidence every day...it's just that some people cannot control that beast inside them, and in some cases, don't wish to do so.
That's why they seek criminal activity and pursue an intention of harm towards others..a.lack of personal control.
This places us ALL at-risk.
But as long as we are aware of such things, and not summarily dismiss them, we can be sure that we are not falling into this trap of catering to our own mindless primitive...that which resides in every one of us.
We are better than that...and we can prove it every day by following a straighter yet narrower path...one that provides content rather than chaos.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Slamdunk said...

I imagine the public outcry for action would be loud considering the robbery victims' ages of 13 and 8. Those kinds of cases can catch media fire, while a police chief, looking like a deer in a headlight, tries to defend the safety of his city.

Yes, lost of stories on the grocery store shooting. Too bad the shooter did not account someone else with a gun as he was making people suffer prior to police arriving.

Bob G. said...

Believe it or not, there is LITTLE to NO outcry from anyone over the kids getting robbed...

And it happened in the SE quadrant (worst crime area).

Because it was perhaps black kids doesn't make the robbery any "better"...in fact, it speaks volumes about that community to allow it to occur and NOT say or do anything.

The ELkhart shooting could have EASILY ended with only ONE person dead (the shooter), IF there had been a GOOD GUY with a gun around (the best defense for a BAD GUY w/ a gun.)

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.

John DuMond said...

"Let's be correct here...it was the PERSON who did the shooting which killed two (before HE was killed by police) and NOT the gun."

Geez, Bob, next you're gonna want to ticket drivers for speeding, and not the cars. :)

Nice write-up on Russell Johnson. He was a great American.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Hey, that's a GREAT idea...and we can also arrest DRUNKS instead of the bottles of hooch they drank...LOL.

Glad you liked the spot about "the Professor".
I love spotting him in old Sci-Fi flicks and guest spots on other shows.
He didn't mind working, that's for sure.
And he liked what he did.
He had a good life, and yes, was a great American.

Thanks a lot for taking time to roll up today and comment.

Have a good weekend and saty fsae out there

CWMartin said...

Ironic, isn't it, that the Professor should die the day I type up the Time Machine Beauty contest winner, eh? Legend has it that in at least one version, he was the father of the Brady girls as well (as the Professor).

Sir Loin-of-Beef. LOL! Second best line of the day (see STM's comment on the Beauty Contest for the first.)

Finally, didja ever think about that Superego definition... if evolution occurs because of random mutation that proves necessary, and man truly did evolve, why would he have evolved a superego if there is no God? Without God, the superego's "evolution" would be unnecessary.

Bob G. said...

That's not just IRONIC...it's EERILY IRONIC, but in a Sherwood Schwarts funny kinda way.

Dave Madden also passed away (Partridge Family).

I will be dropping by to check out who beat me out for the BEST line o' the day.
(upstarts everywhere...LOL)

As far as the superego goes...it's certainly NOT religion, and Freud was defintely NO altar-boy...
But I had to make a comparison in a secular manner for a secular-embracing world, but you DO have a very good point.
I defer the REAL Biblical refinements and "message" to YOU, Brother.

Hey, thanks for stopping on over today to comment.

Have a good (Nyquil-assisted) weekend and DO stay safe up there.