20 January 2014

Monday Musings - MLK Day Edition...
Welcome back to another "fun-filled" (?) week here in the Hoosierland, complete with a new "dead pool" member for 2014 (perhaps two?), an exorcism gone "wrong", a new cost-effective fighter plane, 4 punks, some reflections about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and a few other odds and ends sure to make you wonder WTF is going on these days, and why is it trying to happen all at once?
FWCS is closed today, with almost every other school system open, but on DELAYS (weather-related).
Speaking of which, here's today's weather...which will be nothing to write home about soon enough with falling temps throughout the day, mostly cloudy and a chance for some snow tonight (maybe an inch or so), and then...COLD, cold, and more cold with another (of the recently-discovered and named) "Polar Vortex" descending upon us.
We just used to call it COLD...as in DAMN cold.
The high today is whatever the temp is outside NOW, because by 1600 hrs today, it will be lower, with little end in sight until we reach overnight lows in the SINGLE digits.
So, sit back, fill up that WARM morning beverage, and let's get busy with what's happening.
*** First out of the cooler today is County Allen's FIRST homicide of 2014 (at least it didn't happen where expected aka the SE side of Fort Wayne, so Chief Garry's off the hook...for the moment.).
Here's the story link:
This happened at the Dupont Bar and Grill located at 10336 N. Clinton St. around 0345 hrs Sunday morning.
Damian J. Miller, Jr , age 32 was the victim, and it's alleged the "bouncer" was the one who shot him after an altercation inside the bar turned deadly OUTSIDE the bar after closing.
The bar manager refused comment and would not say if an employee was involved with the shooting.
A witness and friend of Miller said the bouncer fired "two shots in my friend's chest". after they had been escorted outside and were waiting for a ride.
ACSD responded to the call, but as of this morning, police have no suspects in custody, so no one has been arrested or charged.
*** And a dead man is found in a SE side apartment complex...could THIS be the 2nd homicide?
Here's the story link:
Now, while this hasn't been called a homicide (yet), there was ample investigation concerning the death.
This happened at the Arbors of Southtowne Apartments, located in the 7900 block of Decatur Rd (right along  "perp alley") around 1536 hrs Saturday.
Police found a man dead inside an apartment and as per protocol, an investigative team was called on scene.
The coroner is expected to release the cause of death and ID the victim after an autopsy.
FWPD did not disclose if the death was considered "suspicious" in nature.
(Funny, police were a LOT faster with the bar shooting victim ID and C.O.D.)
Maybe it was just another "accident"?
*** Four juveniles create standoff on the SE side.
Here's THIS story link (with a really good video):
This took place originally as an ARMED ROBBERY in the 3300 block of Bowser (deep in the ghettohood) around 2030 hrs Saturday night. Four (black) teens robbed a man, who had just got out of his vehicle, demanding his wallet and cell phone at gunpoint, and then fled to a house in the 3500 block of Bowser. Police followed footprints in the snow to that address, but police were not sure if they were related to the robbery. (they probably were)
Police created a one block perimeter, as is standard procedure, to make sure no one would try to leave the premises.
When no one would come out, the Commando V-100 armored vehicle was rolled on scene as was the SWAT team, and after a 3-hour standoff , the four mini-thugs came out and into custody.
No ADULTS were in the house at the time. (and why the f$ck NOT?)
They were each charged with one count of armed robbery and then shipped off to the ACJC (juvey center).
And if anyone has a brain, the PARENTS (or whatever the hell is supposed to be watching these young felons) needs to be held JUST as culpable...
Moving on...
*** So you say you want an inexpensive tactical jet fighter?
(and who doesn't THESE days?)
Well, how's about THIS story found here:
Now that's not a bad-looking ship.
I can already see a use for it...as a replacement for the aging fleet of A-10 Warthogs.
Made by Textron-Airland (parent company of both Cessna and Bell aviation), and dubbed the "Scorpion", initial flight testing looks very promising.
Sure it's SUB-sonic...so is the A-10.
Here's a promo video for the bird:
Now, all they need is mount some ground-pounding ordnance, add a Gau-8 Avenger "stinger" in the nose, and we're off to seriously kill some bad guys!
*** It's not Linda Blair, that's for sure, but it IS evident that some people have terminal stupidity.
Here's the story link:
A Maryland mom has been accused with murdering TWO of her children (and injuring two others) during what appears to be an "exorcist".
(could have rented the flick and took notes, you dumbass)
Zakeiya Avery, 28 is the "mom" charged in Baltimore with the stabbing deaths (oh look, she's BLACK).
This reminds me of the Ft. Wayne woman who poured olive oil down the throat of her toddler killing him.
(and she was black, too)
What is UP with these people to cause such harm to their OWN children?
A second woman, Monifa Sanford, 21 (who was living with Avery at the time) has also been charged in the exorcism gone bad.
Both women are being held without bond.
Is this some kind of "cult" thing...or just a "cultural thang"?
*** Lastly today...it IS the day we celebrate and commemorate the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
(his birthday was really back on 15 January).
This is part of those "floating" Monday holidays.
Dr. King would be more than appalled by the actions of society in general, and his people in particular, were he alive to see these things today...
He stood and strove for all the things we're NOT seeing that much of these days...things that MATTER to people of ALL races and faiths.
And, because anything I could add would pale in comparison, I want to close today with some of HIS words...words that seem to express what WE, as a nation NEED, what we require to become better people.
The lesson we can learn was set before us all those years ago...
Perhaps it would not hurt us to revisit such words, and the context in which they were spoken.
Dr. King was not perfect...but he never stopped trying to be BETTER, or wanting better if not for himself, then for every man, woman and child in this nation, even if it was never easy to do so.
THAT is something we can all take to heart.
And THAT is what takes an ordinary man under extraordinary challenges, and makes him great.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A cult or cultural... Hmmm... perhaps because of say, an improper education, they may be more susceptible to such things. I believe the woman who got the butt- job by DAP a few months back was of the same persuasion. No, I don't believe it's cultural per se, but educational... and that of itself is equal parts cultural and racial .

Bob G. said...

If, by an improper education you mean they didn't bother to challenge themselves, showed up late (when they did show up to school), were booted out numerous times, and basically wanted the state to take care of them from little on up...then YES, I agree. (lol)

If whatever culture (or community) denies it's followers the equal opportunity to BECOME educated and settles for "less", then that whole community loses out, and unfortunately, everyone ELSE pays for it.

You can't have equal RESULTS when no effort is put forth.
And then it comes down to...(wait for it)...CHOICES.
Amazing how that keeps cropping up, hmm?

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Good POV!
Much appreciated.

Stay safe & WARM up there this week.