20 February 2014

Getting Sick Still Sucks...
(wow, trying saying THAT five times fast...lol)
Let's see if we can give it a go today, because yesterday was nothing to write home about.
At least the weather in the Hoosierland won't have me freezing today along with aching all over.
The temps are expected to reach into the lower FIFTIES...shades of Spring, although this will be short-lived soon enough.
The real problem is gonna be where to put ALL that damn water from the RAIN (and thunderstorms) we're getting today, PLUS the melting snow?
Well, if some folks had not parked near culverts, then the plows wouldn't have gone around them, and the culverts wouldn't be so damn blocked with snow...and on it goes...
I don't know WHY, but here in Hoosierland, you put the culverts in the MIDDLE of the block...!?!
Back in Philly, they're all located at the intersections...makes things easier for many reasons.
Anyway, let's take this abbreviated version of my daily edification out for a spin...
*** This viral assault upon the residents of out "Fortress" has proved quite potent, although NOT impervious to defeat.
In case you're wondering what to look for...here goes:
It starts out as a queasy stomach (stomach acidity for me), and then within several hours, the "puke and crap" sessions begin.
Helps to have something IN your stomach, otherwise you get those nasty-ass dry heaves.
I must say, I haven't "expressed" being sick in THIS manner for quite some time, and NO, I don't recommend it as a "dietary aid".
Wifey was off from school because of this Monday, went back yesterday, and really burned herself out doing so, therefore she took today off to get her strength back. I've just been on a nothing but ginger-ale diet for the last 48 hours.
I'm having tea today, and perhaps will try some solid food later.
Oh, and if you're thinking this illness comes with anything ELSE, as if the above wasn't enough...there are ACHES o' Plenty!
I swear the only places on me that have NOT ached were the tip of my nose and my hair.
Sleeping was horrible, as could be expected, so we'll have to settle for Edisonian "cat-naps".
I think it'll take about a WEEK to work itself completely out of our systems, and it can't leave soon enough.
And if you can avoid this, by all means DO SO.
Hopefully, this will take the place of any and all other flu viruses that plan to stop by here.
*** I was going to see what the news has had to say, but we're not going to discuss those FIVE thugs that have been involved in that rolling shootout (two of which were former students of the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G.), or the stabbing at that Relax-Inn in front of several children.
We know who the freaking morons are out there, and maybe we don't have to hear about them all the time, but then again, doing so keeps the reality of what such "people" (and I use that word loosely) do in our society that makes us aware of the evil and it's intent in everyone's lives.
*** Like today's title reads...it DOES suck getting sick, especially THIS sick.
Growing up as a child that caught everything coming down the pike, I can say I've seen my share of doctors, hypodermics, syrups, elixirs, potions...and everything short of a Shaman or witch doctor. Had measles SEVEN times, mumps on BOTH sides of my throat, scarlet fever, rubella, chicken pox...everything but what I was vaccinated for (thankfully).
Today, it seems that vaccinations are a lot more numerous, and I don't understand why.
Inoculations for the BIG deals (diphtheria, smallpox and polio for example) always made sense,  but you cannot keep everyone free from every disease all the time forever...not gonna happen in today's world..
People have to develop their own immunities sooner or later...that's the way the human body works.
I know before kids could get into school in my day, we HAD to have a couple vaccinations...and it wasn't a big deal.
Now, it seems people aren't bothering at all to get their kids any vaccinations AT ALL.
I can see why to some degree...substances IN the vaccines , harmful side-effects, and so on.
This will be something to watch.
*** Lastly today, I know I'm feeling better when I can concentrate on something OTHER than feeling ill, and that's always a good thing.
When you have a fever, are aching from head to toe, and are barfing up everything you had to eat for the past several days, unless you're crapping out the other end, you relish in the ability to FORGET all that and think on better things...like local murder rates, or the Feds making another power grab through the FCC (that's one helluva story), or even our president playing GOLF out in California after making a speech about the DROUGHT out there (the gold course uses about 2 MILLION GALLONS per day for the grass to remain green)...yeah, much better to ponder THESE issues, hmm?
SO, as I slowly make my way back to the realm of the functional, know that I have not missed a beat when it comes to what's been going on.
(I've just been quietly keeping mental notes).
I plan to be back to post tomorrow, God willing, and we'll be knocking on Friday's door.
On the meantime, bop over to THE BLAZE and get a load of some of the REAL NEWS...
I promise you won't be bored!
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I have to question your meme. I've met Mrs. Bobby G., and I know she has more than one eye.

Hang in there, and thanks for having my run of this crap for me...

Bob G. said...

LOL...nice cyclops reference...and yes, she STILL has TWO eyes!

It's our "pleasure" to bear the burden of whatever illness this is...so that you don't have to.
And, if you believe THAT, I've got some projects that will spend that LEGACY money faster than King Henry...lol.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Stay safe and DRY up there