19 February 2014

Humpday Happenings....
Sorry folks, but due to catching Wifey's stomach flu (or whatever it is), there will be no official post today.
I've been rather busy visiting out bathrooms and driving the porcelain bus.
We'll catch you all of you the flip side of this, which hopefully won't be long.
MY apologies...really.


gadfly said...

Sorry to hear about the stomach virus - I have had to put up with this stupid flu four times this winter - and before that, I would be willing to bet that I had not upchucked in 20 years.

Sleep is the only thing that heals you - so lay down between visits. Tomorrow will be a better day - and you may find yourself hungry by dinner time tonight. I recommend chicken noodle soup and crackers.

CWMartin said...

Just get better. Then you can go back to the nuts.

ms nk rey said...

Oh Wow sorry you are feeling icky.. take care of your old self. Hoping to see you back blogging soon.

Slamdunk said...

Yuck--sorry to hear about the illnesses there, and I hope you both feel better soon. I have a couple of your old posts to read anyway.

Bob G. said...

FOUR times???
Getting rest IS a big deal...no doubt about it.
I might try a sandwich later...getting hungry, and for ME, that's a good sign.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the nuts can wait...but the squirrel needs fed..
He actually came by EARLY yesterday...must known I needed rest.
Thanks for coming by to comment.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

This cold can knock me DOWN...but never knock me OUT.
Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by today.

Stay safe and comfy down there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, and now I'm a day behind everyone else's...lol.
Better late than never, I guess, hmm?
Thanks for the well wishes and for stopping by.

Stay safe out there.