05 February 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week, and the middle of one significant SNOWFALL...
( I can hear Adele singing it now....lol)
You know it's something of note when the local TV stations start their morning news shows ay 0430 hrs...
The main roads are lousy, so you know that means the side streets are simply pitiful.
We finally got a travel advisory for the area, and since every school is closed, along with more than a few businesses, the amount of traffic out there will be minimized...except for the die-hards among us that have something to prove, or, as is the case around here in the ghettohood, people just HAVE to get out so they can have a hot meal.
That's because they STILL haven't figured out what that strange thing with four BURNERS on it IS in the kitchen.
Looks like the only TWO ways to get around the city today.
The high today in the frosty Hoosierland will struggle to reach into the mid-20s, but as has been the case of late, another arctic blast will follow the snow, dropping temps tonight BACK into SINGLE DIGITS (and with 20 MPH winds, expect double digit wind-chills).
There IS a loaded 9mm UNDER all that gear...trust me.
I've already been out shoveling, and it's certainly NO "walk in the park"...it's real powdery, and that's what's causing ALL the drifting.
Gonna enlist the help of the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G to do the sidewalks in front of our "Fortress"....
Kinda looking like Superman's Fortress of Solitude in some respects...
Be that as it may, I have a "Plan-B" if I need to get around the area...
Yeah, come screw with me NOW, dipshits!
Nothing like being able to "pilot" a huge honking MECH with a BFG when you definitely, positively HAVE to "run an errand'' (or run OVER an "errant" vehicle or three as well...LOL)
Hey, I've been running out of places to pile that snow...I pile it here...I pile it there...I'll "pile it" anywhere.
(nice play on words)
So, better reheat and top off that warm morning beverage...you're all gonna NEED it before long.
Now, let's take a look at what ELSE is going on...
*** First off the ski slope today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Courtesies cannot be borrowed like snow shovels; you must have some of your own."
In lieu of this wonderful amount of snow we're seeing fall from the heavens, THIS seems only TOO appropriate today.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the sporting goods section of the department store...
*** Next up, another SHOOTING, but NOT on the SE side (for a change).
Here's the story link:
This happened around 0115 hrs this morning in the 7200 block of Lakeridge Drive at the Willow "Crack" (Creek) Crossing Apts...where Wifey and I USED to live back in 1997 (before we were broken into while at work).
It was only a matter of time before something like THIS happened there, considering the "clientele" they've been known to allow in those apartments.
It's been a place the police tend to frequent, and not just for (as occurred in years past) parking the cruiser and spending some quality time with young women (those officers were dismissed before 2000).
They don't call it Willow "Crack" Crossing for NO reason, Sarge...
But the place always sees it's share of "drama"...must be a "cultural thang" with the residents.
Two men forced their way into the apartment this morning, and after an altercation, shot one man under the arm, He was taken to hospital in serious condition. A woman there was not injured.
Investigators say the suspects left, probably in a car, as no footprints were found in the snow.
Descriptions of the perps and other details were not available at this time, we got nothing...no people of interest, no vehicle description, no motive, ONE hit, TWO runs and NO errors...helluva inning.
Moving on...
*** An early morning house fire that WAS on the SE side...
Here's the story link:
This happened around 0104 hrs this morning at a house located at 2033 E. McKinnie Ave.
When the FWFD arrived, they found a fire in the living room, and flames coming from the side of the house.
One person inside thee residence managed to get out, but required medical attention.
And the REALLY SAD part...TWO CATS DIED in the fire.
The structure suffered moderate smoke, fire and water damage, and the cause of the fire is under investigation (aren't they all?)
*** The new FWPD radio "change" has been interesting...
Still operational - too much "feedback" from citizens?
Officers were told how to "switch over", and some were still having issues with it not working properly.
Actual radio chatter from dispatch has been less, but I can't say whether that's attributable to the change or not.
It COULD just be less crime with the lousy weather.
The SPOT-CRIME website shows all the crimes around us a lot more "closer to home"...guess even the hard core thugs don't want to be out TOO far away when weather sucks like this, hmm?
*** Lastly today...I find it ridiculous that the city "plan" for salting/plowing/clearing ALL the streets has become as bad as it has.
When I first moved here, this city actually did a commendable job of snow removal...
When the city falters, THIS will get you around!
Can't say the same THESE days...except for DOWNTOWN...where's it's ALWAYS cleared off.
Rusty York's Dir of Pub Safety salary coulda bought a crapload of SALT for the roads, too.
The several distinct types of drivers we see under these conditions can be narrowed down to THREE specific types:
1) The "Nothing will stop me warrior" - probably the WORST person to encounter, as they will be driving FASTER than anyone for no reason, and with as little snow cleared from the vehicle glass as possible. The only reason they act as they do, is the fact that they have a gas pedal and a floorboard. And THESE are the ones that make the news with tales of flipping over after losing control.
They are also the people who burn out transmissions whenever they get stuck and can't get moving again.
2) The "I shouldn't be driving at all, but when I do, I never go over 15 MPH for any reason slowpoke"...and these people can be JUST as dangerous as the speedsters, because they go SO slow, that they can't get out of the way of anyone, especially priority vehicles like police, fire, and ambulances, and that poses it's OWN risks to others.
Now THIS is traffic-control, kid...
3) The "I planned my route and am obeying speed limits trying to avoid the above two drivers motorist"...these are the people that don't really WANT to be out in this...but HAVE to, because some employers do not close for ANY reason (when they should), or their service is needed and/or warranted...like hospital staff, first responders, and so on.
Probably the best people to be around if you HAVE to share the road under such poor weather conditions.
Everyone else is lumped into a catch-all description - those that don't have to go out, but do, and those that have to go out, but don't want to.
I confess that if it's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, I waffle between number THREE and the catch-all group...
And I'm sure most of you follow suit in that regard.
Anyway, this latest weather event promises more challenges to ALL of us, and LIFE is made up of challenges, as I mentioned in a previous post.
Let us hope we are always willing to take up that challenge, whether it's lifting a shovel full of snow, navigating snow-covered streets, or even taking time to make the effort to better ourselves as we remain INDOORS...nothing ever goes to waste, except time, and we've all a finite amount of that allotted to each and every one of us. Make the most OF that time.
Take extra care outside today, whether your's on foot clearing the sidewalk and driveway, or especially if you're on the roads...give yourself plenty of time, but stay home unless you really need to get out...at least until the snow stops and the city gets it's crap together to clear things ip.
Be well,make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I find that many of the people in driving group #1 drive 4WD SUVs. They seem to think the 4WD will make them "bulletproof" on slick roads. Needless to say, they're dead wrong. Don't get me wrong, I love 4WD. I even have two 4WD vehicles. But you're still stuck with the same laws of physics as everybody else.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That is EXACTLY what I was telling the MIssus today...
Doesn't matter if you have RWD, FWD or 4WD...it's all the same with weather like this.
Heavy snow is a GREAT equalizer.
(that's why we used to use CHAINS)

I had an AWD company vehicle years ago (gas mileage wasn;t near as good), and like you said...the LAW can be a real bitch in weather like this.

Damn shame I never STUDIED law - OR physics...lol.
I just learned from experience.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe & wamr out thre...and keep the SHINY side up!