04 February 2014

The "Calm" Before The Storm...
Tuesday in the Hoosierland, with an impending winter "event" on it's way to us by this afternoon.
I hesitate to use the word storm, as it could be not that much at all...OR it could be a whopper. I like using EVENT, because it kinda gives us something to look forward to with a bit less trepidation...
Such as things are (or will be in the next 24 hours) today's weather will find us with a high in the low-to-mid 20s, and don't expect much sunshine...with snow come clouds. Wind will be picking up later today when the snow decides to get here (somewhere around 1400 - 1500 hrs).
So be aware, be prepared, and stay apprised of changing conditions, especially on the roads.
(And I wouldn't bet on much school tomorrow if we get the snowfall overnight that weather-people are telling us we'll get.)
Now, with that over and done with, let's see what else awaits us this morning...
*** First out of the trenches is a story about coke-...without the smile.
Here's the story link:
Looks like a shipment of cocaine (up from MEXICO, no doubt) will NOT be making it to it's dealers (awwww).
A little OLD for this sh*t, aren't you?
And thanks to an observant ISP trooper who suspected some hinky behavior when a traffic stop was initiated on a semi, driven by one Gualalupe Quintanilla, age 69, of Fort Wayne (what a surprise), about EIGHTY lbs (approx. 28 Keys) of blow won't be headed to anyone's nose in the future.
The stop was initiated in Whitley County, Indiana, on Rt 30 east of state rd 9.
The trooper had called a K-9 unit to scene and the dog hit on the truck cab, where the dope was found.
(should be using the PLURAL in this case...heh)
The street value of the coke is estimated to be between 3-4 MILLION bucks...(oops, some cartel is gonna be pissed over this).
Mr Quintanilla is being held in the WhitCo jail WITHOUT bond.
(God, I LOVE happy endings)
Moving onward...
***  Did you know that FWCS is planning some new "goals" in mind?
(guess the old ones about making kids LEARN and holding THEM accountable wasn't working?)
Anyway, here's the story link:
Now THESE programs are designed to increase student achievement, improve schools, and support the FWCS "family".
And all the myriad programs BEFORE this initiative DID NOT?
Meet our new Principal.
Okay, let's call it, people...this is a "WTF???" moment.
The success or failure of these (new) programs will be linked to superintendent Wendy Robinson's performance eval and pay.
(thought we were already doing that?)
These "goals" as presented are as follows...
-- The FIRST goal is to create a district-wide system to make it easier to students to transition from one grade level to another.
(...rolls eyes...didn't we USED to call that being PROMOTED, based on achievement...and what have I said time and again about the whole BETTER versus EASIER gig?)
This plan will involve meeting state TEST scores (gotta have that crap), while increasing the scores of lower-rated schools and maintaining the high scores of other schools (maybe they can fudge the numbers or play musical students to "level the playing fields"?)
-- The SECOND goal is to create a way to recognize schools, educators and departments that go above and beyond for success (on their OWN time and their OWN dime, no doubt).
-- The THIRD and FOURTH goals will be to create better support for students and adults with a focus on professional development for teachers, and a better understanding of the link between students' academic success and behavior.
Robinson states that "What we need our teachers to understand, is that student behavior doesn't impact learning".
Okay, time for a "two-fer" in the "WTF???" department...!
You're kidding me, right?
There was never some class idiot that was pulling down STRAIGHT A's when I went to school...they were almost ALWAYS failing .
The BETTER behaved in my day invariable got BETTER grades...that's just HUMAN NATURE from the childhood realm into adolescence.
.Love to see how FWCS plans to pull THIS one off.
Robinson continues..."If a student has challenges OUTSIDE the classroom that are affecting learning, the district must be prepared to PROVIDE for that student."
Think is "me"...as your FATHER...and a teacher.
(this gets better, or is that worse...by the minute)
So, I suppose that FWCS will indeed become a "surrogate" parent for these kids.
Who holds those raising the kids (outside the classroom) to any level of accountability OR responsibility?
-- The FIFTH goal (not to be confused with the FIFTH ELEMENT...) will be to keep FWCS students coming back each school year - aka fighting the VOUCHER program...and that's gonna be a big one, considering the students LOST to the voucher programs.
"We need to make sure that our programs and services match our students, parents and community needs and expectations." says Robinson.
To that I say "Good luck...you're gonna NEED it.
***  And at 0830 hrs today, Allen County dispatch notified officers how to "switch over" to the new encryption system...thanks for poking all the law-abiding people in the "eyes" (and ears) with a damn stick, MISTER York...
Wake UP, Tom - and thanks for the promotion I don't deserve.
Public safety, my a$$.
It's all about YOU and your "legacy" for all the (wasted) time YOU spent in uniform (and are collecting MULTIPLE pensions in the process)...at least NOW, you're just an "empty SUIT". Be better to use YOUR salary to buy more SALT for our roads....
(there is a Biblical analogy there someplace)
*** Last back to the meat locker today...there are many challenges in life, and when you really stop and think about it...
THAT is what life really is...a CHALLENGE, or perhaps a series of challenges, designed to mold us, shape us, allow us the opportunity to learn, to succeed, and yes, even to fail, but as we fall down, we learn to get back up and get on with life.
And, as with every challenge, there comes a series of decisions we have to make...crossroads, if you will.
So much of life is there JUST to challenge us...allow us to learn to make good choices, and hopefully avoid the bad ones, but even if we DO choose wrongly, we LEARN from that experience.
It's like I say...BETTER, and not EASIER...THAT is how we learn...and adapt...and evolve.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"What we need our teachers to understand, is that student behavior doesn't impact learning".

A) she said THAT with a straight face? She watches too many Hallmark channel movies.

B) and no one called her on it? Another example of journalism is dead in Fort Wayne.

I guess maybe the liberal education system has reached that nirvana of producing students dumb enough to swallow anything.

Has there ever been someone foisted on the people of Allen County less qualified for their job then Robinson? Her entire thought process tells you that she came up through an education system like the one she would have designed.

Her solutions sounds like she's more concerned with the school system taking over the parents' job than doing their own. Which makes sense when the goal is the power and not the children.

Jesus said there will be a special judgment on teachers. Hope she's prepared.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, I read that to Wifey this morning...and had to REPEAT it several times...she thought I mis-spoke...LOL.

I thought Indiana was trying to GET RID of "common core"?
Robinson's approach sounds more LIKE it than anything else...cradle to grave wards of the state (and educational system)???
I will say Robinsion is MUCH better than Fowler-Finn...just not by that much.

It's getting a lot like Philly...liberal minorities and other-gendered people placed in authoritative positions to maintain the status quo...or to "fundamentally change" whatever they're tasked with running...
Didn't turn out well in Philly, and won't turn out well here either.
Guess I just sit back and watch lightning strike twice...again.
(prophecy by proxy...LOL)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe and warm up there!

John DuMond said...

We're supposed to get hit with a heavy snowstorm around midnight. I wonder if it's the same weather front that's hitting you guys a few hours earlier.

And speaking of snow... "The street value of the coke is estimated to be between 3-4 MILLION bucks..." Wow, I guess someone wanted to get an early start on the blizzard. Nice haul.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
It seems to be part of the same front...coming from the SW to the NE...picking up more moisture from the Great Lakes, too.

I;d say by the speed of this, you ARE about 12 hours behinmd us, so if you watch OUR weather, you'll get a decent idea of what to expect.

LOL...yeah, all THAT other snow...gone - no "skiing" today, right?

Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Stay safe and warm out there.
(keep that shovel handy, too)

Slamdunk said...

You should be careful Bob, the school district may hire you as an educational consultant to set them straight. Though they may not be able to handle you real world solutions.

Whatever you got will hit us early this morning. Yuck on the snow.

Bob G. said...

Heh...when it comes to my "consulting" status, I tend to be a graduate of the Tony Stark Institute For Advisement And Consultation" in that....
"They couldn't afford me"...LOL

Real World solutions actually perform pretty damn well...in the REAL WORLD...amazing how that turns out, isn't it?
I imagine they WOULD find such solutions a bit DAUNTING.

Thanks much for stopping by today to comment.

You stay safe and warm out there and take it easy if venturing outside in all this snow.