18 February 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
What? MORE snow?
And we awaken to another bout of SNOW...fast closing in on the ALL-TIME RECORD for winter snowfall here in the Hoosierland with about another 3-4 inches coming down last night and into early this morning.
We've about several inches to go to beat the record...and enough winter left to accomplish that.
The winds are kicking up as well today, so be aware of that if you're in the rural areas, or traveling on roads in outlying counties.
I noticed appreciable drifting just along our property.
Today we will see a high that is ABOVE the freezing mark (hallelujah!), reaching into the UPPER THIRTIES, so here goes the "big-thaw" and the possibility of flooding as a result. The next couple days will also be above freezing.
At least all those icicles get to go bye-bye...until it refreezes again tonight.
But I LIKE the icicles...
So, with some schools open, some on a 2-hr delay and still others now closed, let's take some time to pour a piping hot cup of our morning beverage and see what else is going on..."as the world turns"...
*** First out on the skating rink today, is a story about the "new" Gang Unit in the Summit City and how "busy" they have become.
Here's the story link from WANE:
Yep...been REAL busy, like busting ONE person connected with the double shooting along Decatur rd. last week.
I'm a looooo--oooserrrr!
Trameil Jackson is the latest "arrestee", and if he somehow sounds familiar, he is probably related to one Traneilous Jackson, one of the shooters that ventilated that ambulance back in 2012 (who is serving 68 years in prison for that stunt).
Guess the apples never DO fall far certain family trees in THIS city.
Now, if I hear that this gang unit has ALSO arrested FIVE more KNOWN gang members...well, we know where the police found them...IN THE HOSPITALS...LOL.
One would expect some "doctor" to be on the payroll of a REAL gang, and be doing the "sewing up" of these thugs on the down-low.
Apparently, Trameil (who the f$ck NAMES these cretins?) is a member of the Morons Over Brains (MOB) street gang here.
F$cking LOSERS...all of them.
Sure would be nice if an "independent" individual (non-gang related naturally) was responsible for shooting ALL FIVE of these punk-asses.
We could use some "Frank Castle" JUSTICE!
A little vigilante justice smack-down on them might scare these perps into pursuing more productive aspects to society...instead of the criminal activity they're enjoying with relative impunity.
Oh, in case you want to know who the latest "5'ers" were who shot one another, here's an update:
Moving on...
*** Today's snow was a bit heavier than usual...I know, because I've shoveled our sidewalk and steps both front and back, as well as the patio (so the critters can get fed).
But, as usual, we're the ONLY ones that have done so...everyone else can't be bothered.
We don't miss a beat at OUR place...
They're all just too DAMN lazy.
It's rough being a "Fortress of Reason" on the landscape of apathy...and it would be nice to see the city DO something about all those others than don't give a damn.
I mean, we can't even get a proper PLOW on our street, because some people have no idea what is meant by MOVE YOUR VEHICLE (so the plows can DO their job correctly, and clean off BOTH sides of the damn street).
This one asshole that has been cribbing at a house down the street is probably the worst offender. He doesn't work (typical for way too many black males around here), and comes and goes at his leisure.
Whatever...I do what I want...cuz I'm LA-ZEE!
But when he does park "on the street", it's pretty much damn near out in the MIDDLE of it...well, at least TWO car widths away from where the curb is.Others see fit to shovel a space for their vehicle to remain close to the curb, but not THIS moron.
Plus, he parks about 40-50 feet AWAY from the house he's staying at...yeah, that suspicious guy.
And to think the DRIVEWAY at that house can EASILY fit FOUR cars, but only has ONE there...
Wow...a "two-fer" from down the street...where they BELONG!
Even when you call the FWPD on his car AS a suspicious vehicle, they don't do a damn thing.
I suppose what is most bothersome is the level of IGNORANCE such people display on our street.
If that moron could READ this, he might LEARN something.
I mean these people definitely EXCEL at that, so I guess in some screwed up way, they;'e not totally unproductive to society - even NOTHING is SOMETHING, hmm?.
Just as we have examples of GOOD citizens to emulate, we also have stellar examples of how NOT to behave...not that I need to see SO many , SO close to our house and certainly NOT all at once...lol.
Some days it IS like a damn circus freak-show around here.
*** Let's lighten things up a tad...
We have definitely had our share of "friends" that stop by, and they are most welcome.
I have this one squirrel who has developed a sort of "attachment" to me, in that he waits for me to feed him.
I've had a few such "buddies" over the years here, but this little guy likes to put on a show of sorts.
"Ain't no nuts down HERE..."
The other day, he's poking around in the snow with just his head showing up like some prairie dog, so I tap on the door glass, and he immediately comes over to our front door...and UP ON IT.
"What does 'NO solicitation' mean, Bob?"
Needless to day he was looking for attention...and he succeeded.
Now, this is where it gets kinda "weird". I say to him nonchalantly from inside the house "go around to the patio and I'll get you some peanuts". and I point in the direction I wanted him to go...
Like a shot, he jumped off the door, and headed around the side of the house...!!!
And before I could get the peanuts from the pantry and get to the patio door, guess who was sitting there...waiting?
"More snow's coming, but I'm dining HERE!"
(funny, never knew I was a squirrel-whisperer...LOL)
So, I go outside, and this little guy is almost coming in the house (not my first choice) and damn near on my feet (hard to move when you have a squirrel that close and fear of stepping on him/her).
"Thank you, thank you, thank you....yumyumyumyum..."
And he's been taking peanuts from my fingers and never strays more than a foot away while I feed him...cool.
*** Lastly today, it's nice to have a few GOOD "neighbors" (again), even if they don't own a house or a car and live in trees.
Good buffet, prompt service - THREE stars!
They don't ask for much...just some feed each day, and a haven where they can eat it.
To me, it's always been about the whole "doing it to the smallest of God's creatures" gig, and that alone goes far to maintain one's sanity.
Between the squirrels, a rabbit here and there, and all the birds that stop by daily, to which we can honestly claim a CONCLAVE with all the cardinals we see on the patio (we had TEN a couple days ago), it provides a much-needed relief from all the assholes, morons, idiots, and assorted dounchebags this part of the ghettohood (and fate) has seen fit to deposit all around us.
"When I dine, I prefer Bobby G's Buffet"
And for those small creatures, I AM thankful.
I see it as a way of knowing that someone does give a damn about what we do here, at our "Fortress", even if they have long ears, or a fluffy tail, or feathers.
And they are MUCH better company than those passing for people around here, although not that great in the conversational disciplines...lol.
Like I say, we don't have a lot to speak about that's GOOD down here, but what we DO have, is plenty good for those wishing to seek it out...and enjoy it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...who the f$ck NAMES these cretins?"

Mom throws a scrabble set up in the air and waits for it to hit the floor. Then she looks for a clump of tiles and uses the letters on those for junior's name. Okay, that's just speculation on my part, but it makes as much sense as any other potential explanation.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That's a very good explanation...
I was thinking something like YAHTZEE with syllables on the dice, but SCRABBLE sounds better and EASIER (Lord know they prefer it THAT way...LOL)

If it's not an "AYvon", it's DEvon" or EISHA (for ALL the girls)..just add some consonants and you're done.
Seems that some of those Scrabble tiles might be missing...then again, that game WAS probably STOLEN...LOL.

Hey, thanks for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe & warm out there.

CWMartin said...

All easy jokes about "takes one to know one" aside, that is neat how you have that little bugger trained.

gadfly said...

Hey Bob G:

Sorry to have to tell you that you missed the big, big arrest of the day. Sleezeball pervert Mel Reynolds, who was drummed out of Congress back in 1995 for screwing a 16-year-old (going on 40) girl was just picked up in Zimbabwe on a porno charge. Lots of interesting details over at some guys blog - and we will keep the light on for you.

Bob G. said...

LOL...I think he KNOWS a "nut" when he sees one.
I wish I could take credit for his friendliness...but I didn't do a thing...just held out a peanut.
Perhaps a "relative" told him about out patio?
Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe bnd warm up there

Bob G. said...

It never ceases to amaze me ho these jerks and all the drama they have with them never seems to go away.
Be nice to have some people of SUBSTANCE in both houses of Congress.

Thanks for sharing the story - should be "fun" to see what happens.

Stay safe and warm out there.