14 March 2014

Friday Follies...
Here we are at last...end of the week, and staring at the Ides of March (if you happen to be a Roman emperor, I'd be a bit worried, but everyone else should be fine).
Today's Hoosierland weather will see us with a high today in the upper FORTIES, as we warm up throughout the day.
Should also have plenty of sunshine to aid in whatever melting we're going to have, which should be adequate for the temps.
It'll be good to not have to wear as many layers of clothing, and give the furnace a break, too.
In the meantime, let's warm up our morning beverage and set to work seeing what the hell has been going on since yesterday.
*** First up, proof POSITIVE that our local judicial system rarely gets things RIGHT.
Here's the story link:
That SURE ain't no "cabbage" lookin' for some corned beef!
Now, here we have an officer of the ACSD who spots a speeder on the (you guessed it) SOUTHEAST SIDE and smells pot in the car. A K-9 unit alerted to the scent, and when the trunk was opened, about FOURTEEN POUNDS of "MJ" was found (obviously NOT for "personal use"...even in Colorado...lol).
Whachumean I don look Irish?
Tommy McDuffie III is the driver of the pot-mobile (maybe with all that "green" in the trunk he was going for an early St. Patty's party? Sounds Irish to me...!
So, the guy gets hauled in...BUT, later is released on his own recognizance. Now, for the "big surprise"...the perp never shows up for court, so a bench warrant goes out to a guy now at-large (and quite possibly a dealer).
Yepper...another one of those "WTF???" moments, people.
Cripes, if the jerk had a dime bag, I can see cutting him loose, but 14 lbs, all nicely wrapped (for distribution)?
C'mon now.
And considering he was initially arrested for FELONY dealing, why turn him out?
He's from Lima, Ohio, and you didn't "think"(as usual) that he would be a FLIGHT RISK?
This is beyond stupid.
BTW, I've seen a silver Charger in my area, but didn't get the plate number...just in case anyone in law-enforcement wants to cruise around and possibly find him (if he's not back in Ohio...or even farther away by now).
Another good collar...wasted by the Allen County judicial system..thank a sh*tload, folks!
*** And speaking of even MORE stupid...there's this story:
This took place this morning around 0300 hrs on N. Clinton St near where the road divides (the Spy Run Ave split). A police officer with a good eye spotted gunfire between two vehicles.
Apparently, there was an earlier altercation at a BAR (where liquid courage is served by the mugful), and a minvan was being shot at from a silver car. Police found no weapon in the minivan, but DID find a handgun in the car.
It's believed the gunfire came from the moon-roof of the car. Police don't believe any damage was incurred by the gunfire (but whatever goes UP, has to come DOWN).
Two men in the car were detained by police and taken downtown for further questioning.
*** And sadly, there's even MORE stupid going around...as evidenced by THIS story:
Sho'nuff, I does abuse women.
Oh, yeah...it takes a REAL man to take his pregnant girlfriend's head and slam it into a wall, doesn't it?
And this perp sure looks like a "real" man...who now has another entry on his rap sheet.
Robert L. Harris, 31, of ft. Wayne went to his girlfriend's house at FIVE A.M. (these people got crazy sleeping habits), and when she answered the door, he PUNCHED her in the face (very manly), and then in the stomach (must hate his unborn infant, too).
The victim's OTHER two children were sleeping in another room (not for long, I'd wager with all THAT going on).
(anyone care to bet if she's "government-sponsored"?)
Harris tried to flee when police arrived, but was caught shortly after booking out the back door.
He faces two counts of felony battery.
*** And in today's Journal-Gazette, there is a story on the OP-ED page that further mentions that airline route to the east coast that I mentioned here earlier this week, and it's a good read.
Here's the link:
Naturally, since this is a LEFT-leaning newspaper, they tout the initiative, but they DO also mention the lone vote AGAINST it by councilman Russ Jehl, and that alone is worth giving the article a look, because he speaks for the voice of REASON here...unlike those other eight.
-- From Monday was another editorial that addressed the sidewalk-clearing issue here in Ft. Wayne, and again, Russ Jehl is involved.
(I don't see the need for a "task force", but the city LOVES 'em)
I can only speak from what I see on my street...or rather, what I DO NOT SEE.
The only CLEAR area is OUR sidewalk...
I still say that if sidewalks have to be cleared (as by city ordinance, they SHOULD be), then empty out those jail cells, hand the inmates a shovel, watch over 'em all with some shotgun-toting LEOs and have at it...
But, that's so SIMPLE a solution (and cost effective, too) that you KNOW that will never see the light of day (or the sidewalk under all that snow).
*** Lastly today, I mentioned I'd be looking into some of the reasons I think our society has become the way it is, and although one can point to a LOT of different "things", such as the media, and that includes TV, movies, music, as well as news programs, there are other more visceral aspects that often go ignored.
The difficult part is how to boil it all down to it's most basic element...an overwhelming parameter that seems to run the show, or, to put it in terms from the Lord of the Rings trilogy..."one ring to rule them all"...LOL.
What is it that causes people to act and behave in the manner they do, and why have they chosen such a path, when there are so many better ones to travel?
Does the evolution of a society have to include things that can only serve to bring it down?
After a lot of pondering over this, and listening to a lot of people who are also very keen to observe humanity in general and our nation in particular, one can see a "theme" emerge, and it does happen to make a lot of sense.
Suppose the actual "elemental" within our society turns out to be classified as what passes for CULTURE?
That's it in a nutshell...it's primarily a CULTURE issue, and THAT is what I'll be taking a much deeper look into as the days unfold.
I will be looking forward to all of your input on this, and I hope it will be enlightening.
In the meantime...
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America!

((Monday - the St. Patty's Day Edition...and it's FREE, too!))


John DuMond said...

"...obviously NOT for 'personal use'...even in Colorado...lol."

Unless Cheech and Chong are in the car, in which case 14 pounds is about a day's worth. ;)

Disgusted said...

I'm going to have to watch Wane TV in the morning. 21 Alive is getting to be a joke. A few weeks ago Rachelle Spence was down at our corner setting up to do a segment on people shoveling out the storm drains. They faked the whole thing. So much for honesty in journalism.
Releasing somebody with 14 lbs. of dope on his OR. Looks like Mike Loomis has some great ammunition in his run against Karen Richards. She should stay off E-Harmony and concentrate on putting criminals behind bars.
Speaking of the Snow Removal Ordinance, didn't the City Council take an oath to uphold all the laws and regulations? Especially Deputy Chief Marty Bender being a LEO. Time for Big Marty to retire.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I hadn't even thought of "UP IN SNOKE" until you mentioned it.

Sounds about right to me as well...LOL.
Good point!

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Have a good weekend & stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

We usually watch WANE...Rod Hissong is always on top of all the overnight "fun" stuff...like fires and shootings.
Wish someone from ANY media source would stop down here when I'm busting a hump shoveling OUR sidewalks clear!
(never gonna happen)

Yeah, Loomis is looking better every single day.
And our resident bottle blonde's days as prosecutor may be nunmbered if letting perps like THIS turd get away have anything to do with it.

City Council was "supposed" to go over ALL the laws on the books about a dozen years ago...to see what ordinances could be made BETTER and which ones could even be dumped (that was during the truck route thing over on the far west side...which they DID amend to re-route trucks for those residents).

Nothing ever came of the OTHER "changes".
But yes, they DID take an oath, and anyone who negates that doesn't deserve to hold the office...period.
But that's just MY opinion.

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Have yourself a good weekend and do stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

So the only reason for a "Legacy Fund" (and TIF Districts, for that matter) is to provide slush funds for use by our politicians to engage in corporate cronyism. While our streets turn into continuous potholes and our 100-year-old combo sewers are filling basements with increased frequency, the power-hungry politicos want to provide Lincoln Life execs with frequent direct connections to Philadelphia.

Worse than the decision was the lie that preceded it - when the justification was stated that we need an air connection to the East Coast - but wait, we don't have a connection to the West Coast either but no one cares!

S'cuse me for being riled - but these politicians, all of them, have to shown the door.

CWMartin said...

So let me get this straight- I can drive drunk and I'll have to post bail after I sober up. This dude can commit a frickin felony and get released on recog? I would dearly love to understand how this is possible. Perhaps when the Blonde Phantom has a debate with Loomis, I could ask her just that.

And the problem with Beater Boy is he'll no more be out of jail and some lady of the hood will look at his tight butt and big bulge and say, "Oh, she was prolly just a skank and got what was comin'." And then, a few months later, she'll get the same thing -or worse, and wonder why her life is such a living hell. These guys wouldn't have GFs to beat if there weren't so many stupid women willing to give him a ride.

Bob G. said...

I couldn't have said it BETTER.
That sums it up VERY nicely.

Think of a connection to the Philly Int'l aiport as the good old boys skies...

At this rate, we're gonna need a LARGER toilet to dump all this money into.
(sure glad that SEWER project is in the works).

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe out there this weekend.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, cutting loose an "out-of-towner" on FELONY distribution call doesn't track right one damn bit with me.
Maybe he's Karen's "supplier"???

I do believe you made the RIGHT call w/ the beater...typical low-information modus operandi.
And the black community is as vocal about this as a bump on a log.
No wonder they have the problems THEY do (that spill over into OTHER neighborhoods.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today to comment.
(and thanks for the vid link earlier...loved it)

Have yourselves a good weekend & stay safe up there.