17 March 2014

Monday O'Musings...
Yes, today IS St. Patrick's Day... the top of the mornin' to 'ya (and the rest of the day to meself).
Tis the annual wearin' of the green, and for me, woodland camo works every bit as well today!
But before we tackle today's commemoration of St. Patrick, we've a few wee bits o' news to take care of.
*** First out of the igloo, you might have noticed that the warmup we've had over the weekend has gone bye-bye. 
Never fear, for tomorrow, it's back again.
The Hoosierland weather will see us with a high TODAY that will reach barely above freezing, so we're not going to get too warm from this morning's temps (around 11 degrees)...just so 'ya know.
We've mostly sunny skies and a mild breeze out of the north. Slowly but surely we're seeing winter get ready for it's nap.
So pour a cup of your favorite hot beverage (mine happens to be coffee, laced with Irish Cream this AM), And let's get busy with...the REST of the story...
*** The FWPD gang unit, working in concert with other local, state and federal agencies (even the EXCISE POLICE were involved) served a warrant to the HARD HITTERS motorcycle (?) club, located on the 5000 block of S. Avondale Drive (a mere 3 blocks from our "Fortress") early Saturday morning, and THEY also hit pretty "hard"...love the irony there...LOL.
Here's the story link:
Yep, TWENTY-SEVEN arrested out of 70 "patrons" that were at the "after hours" club.
(musta had a LOT of them "dummy-up")
This dive was featured in my archive post of 30 December last year.
What I find "funny" (ODD, and not the HA-HA kind) is that they SAY they're a motorcycle club, and I have NEVER seen a motorcycle at the place.
But I DID see lots of CARS and SUVs still in the parking lot (not FWPD vehicles) later Saturday morning when Wifey and I came back from grocery shopping...lol. 
There were also a lot of vehicles parked along that block of Avondale as well.
Who the f$ck paints a building BLACK?
While the media is HYPING the "gang unit", let's not forget that it was a COMBINED effort by several agencies like the BATFE, ISP, and so on.
Aside from arresting the 27 people (read thugs) they ALSO found 200 grams of marijuana, 4 grams of cocaine, 3 grams of spice, and 4 handguns.
(in spite of the fact there is a sign outside that says NO FIREARMS ALLOWED INSIDE)
The charges against those arrested include maintaining a common nuisance (2), visiting a common nuisance (17), dealing cocaine (1), possession of marijuana (6), possession of a synthetic drug (1), and miscellaneous warrants (6).
Not a BAD haul, but I know most of these perps will be back ON the streets around here soon enoigh, unless the FEDS lean on the local judiciary.
The OWNER of the club, 40 year old Larry (L) Lawrence was arrested (and has a criminal past), as well as the "secretary:" of the club, 29-year old Demetrius (no gladiators) Carter, who has an even longer rap sheet. 
Welcome to the SE side of Ft. Wayne.
Big surprise there, hmm?
I'll update this story as more photos and details become available. Hopefully, this dump will be shut down PERMANENTLY.
This is NOT the type of "business" this part of town has needed for the last dozen years.
Moving on...
*** Another dumbass burns down another rental house.
Here's the story link:
Yeah...some "mishap"...but  good video that, if you listen carefully, you can tell what kind of "people" this place was rented to.
Sad thing...that used to be a nice 2007 Impala in the driveway, too.
Another case of COOKING...at FOUR-F$CKING-AM...?!?
Who the hell is cooking at THAT hour (other than an idiot or a stoner with the munchies)?
This is SO damn typical these days...and too many houses get trashed as a result of this terminal stupidity.
Someone needs to TEACH these morons HOW to act inside a HOUSE (or even an apartment), because they haven't a clue as to how to maintain a household...(thanks to government-sponsorship in many instances).
There is a time to cook...and a time to sleep, and 4 in the morning is better used for SLEEP than cooking.
*** Just to back up a notch, Wifey and I went grocery shopping as usual, and we had to get gas as usual( every other week), so we stop first to the BP at Winchester and Bluffton Rd (as usual).
And our new BP card is NOT accepted at the pump...(???)
After several unsuccessful attempts to persuade the pump to take a VALID card, I went INSIDE the convenience store and asked "Why isn't the pump taking my card?"
The counter girl said "we 're not BP anymore - we changed over this past Tuesday."
(F$cking great!)
So I said "Well, this is ONE customer that won't be coming by again...thanks a heap.", and left.
Funny, the pump sure LOOKS the same.
After shopping, we decided to run over to the BP at S. Anthony and Tillman (not my favorite place - too close to the aborigines and their government housing), and we DID fill up. Now, we have to decide if we want to go THERE all the time, or maybe get another gas card for a place that has more stations around...never a dull moment here, that's for sure.
*** Last back to the pub today is St. Patrick's Day...a day where we're ALL Irish, and GREEN is the color of the day (except when referring to deli meats and cheeses...yuck!)
Everyone grab a pint and sing along
Here's the low down on today from the leprechauns over at WIKI:
Now THAT'S a leprechaun.
This gives all the "4-1-1" you'll need to get in step with all the celebration.
And it not only provides the history of the day, but how it's been observed around the globe.
America has the LARGEST celebrations...imagine that.
I haz Guinness and shamrock!
And, it's one of those "fun" celebrations..as long as the Guinness holds out...LOL.
(despite some mayors in major cities who WON'T participate in the annual parade...douchebags!)
As for us at the "Fortress", even though we're NOT Irish (or Catholic) we had a corned beef and cabbage dinner with potatoes and carrots...and a nice Smithwick's Irish Ale to wash it all down 
(Don't worry, Chris...I saved the bottle cap for 'ya...lol) 
NO "Blarney" served here.
Turned out great and tasted fantastic. 
Not bad for a Pa Dutch/English/Scottish "orangeman"
The orange and the green is part of Irish history too, and you can look that one up.
What I like to do every time this year is end with an Irish prayer for all of you.
And this year will be no different.
Perhaps we might take to heart such a blessing, for surely there can come no harm in doing so.
Lord knows many of our fellow men and women could do with a bit of a blessing.
A simple blessing...from a more simpler time, to know that our creator is always close by.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Love your Irish cheer today, Bob! Dang. I had no idea BP changed names either. What happened? A sneaky takeover? Grrr...On another note, great news on all the arrests. Stats in Fort Wayne are going up! Sigh. I hope when the grass iz riz and the birdies sing, the bad guys will lay low for a while. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I think that it's only THIS particular station that changed over to (???) from BP...sure was a surprise, and a two mile drive to the NEXT fill-up hole.

I think there are TWO major reasons for the (recent) shift in crime and arrests...
(even die-hard perps didn't like this cold and snow)
When THEY get involved, things usually happen and with an arrest by the DEA, ATF, FBI...whoever, it carries a LOT more weight.
(trust me, I used to work for the Treasury Dept)
They show little mercy.

Knowing this part of town, I expect things to get more "interesting" as the weather gets nicer.

Every gang-banger you lock up, another one is ready to step right in...if the prosecutor doesn't go and cut the ones loose that were busted.
THIS should have been taken care of twenty years ago(here).
Playing "catch-up" is always harder.

Thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

First, I do have a Smithwick's... hopefully yours is different. Hmm... I might have two, come to think...

Second, "Who paints a building black?" Someone who wants heat- say from infrared scanners- to be absorbed into the wall rather than reflect a reading is my guess.

Third- Is the wife wearing green or didja get to pinch her.

Bob G. said...

--Yeah, when you were both here, I plumb forgot to hand the bottle caps I have over to 'ya.
Email me and let me know if it's a dark red cap or a dark green cap (discontinued in 2011).
I can get you both.

--That's a good point...hadn't thought of that.
Makes good sense, too. Thermal inaging might not work on that.

--Aw, she wore green (and she's also a methodist)...darn, no PINCH!

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Stay safe (and Irish for a day) up there.
(unless you're Irish all the time)

gadfly said...

So I stumbled upon this review of the BP Card. Seems that it used to be the best thing since sliced bread but not anymore.


I buy my gas at Sam's Club even though it is across town. You pay $40 for the Sam's Card but you get it hundreds of dollars of savings on gas purchases alone and then some. I filled up today for 3.459/gal.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the BP card was very convenient...but not when they change ownership of the pumps and you have to play "hunt for a station".
There was a while back that I thought they merged with AMOCO in some fashion.
Wonder how that worked out...along with the Gulf spill?
Time to start shopping for "alternatives"...card that is, and NOT fuel...LOL!

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the BP card was very convenient...but not when they change ownership of the pumps and you have to play "hunt for a station".
There was a while back that I thought they merged with AMOCO in some fashion.
Wonder how that worked out...along with the Gulf spill?
Time to start shopping for "alternatives"...card that is, and NOT fuel...LOL!

Thanks for dropping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.