19 March 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Middle of the week, boys and girls...and with it NO SNOW.
(imagine that)
The weather in the Hoosierland will be mostly cloudy today with periods of RAIN, and perhaps even a thunderstorm.
The high will rise to the upper forties with some breezes out there.
Have to say I've had my fill of snow for the season, as well as shoveling, driving in it, dealing with those that CAN'T drive worth a damn in it, and sundry other problems that come along with such weather. And I'm sure you are too.
With that said, let's get busy finding out what this day brings and what's on my mind. Top off that morning beverage as we set sail upon the ocean of indifference looking for those islands of reason.
*** First off of the pier today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."
In view of many things both here and abroad, I think this is most appropriate, so who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Parliament...
*** Next up, I hope ALL of you comic book fans and fellow geeks saw the Marvel special last night on TV - Assembling A Universe.
It was a very good documentary about Marvel Studios and how they have managed to do what I, back in the 1960s used to dream of; bringing our superhero favorites to the big (and small) screen in a manner that does them justice.
Now, you have to remember that Marvel studios has a LOT of characters from their comics to choose from, and the way in which they have told various stories about certain characters says much to the fact that THIS group of writers, directors and everyone else connected with these movies are also fans of the characters.
It began with IRON MAN, then THE INCREDIBLE HULK, then IM2, THOR, then CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE FIRST AVENGER, culminating with the inevitable "team-up" of ALL these characters (adding a couple others from the universe) to form THE AVENGERS (Earth's Mightiest Heroes).
NYC looks to be in GOOD hands now...
And through ALL these movies, there have been "teasers" to the next movie, or another facet to the "universe".
I suppose if you were to use ONE word to describe the way these movies and superheroes all "fit together" in this wonderful world of science fiction and fantasy, it's CONTINUITY. Everything and everyone has a PLACE which figures into a much larger picture...like puzzle pieces.
It was one of the better hours of television I've seen in some time, as documentaries go.
Then again, I've been a follower of Marvel Comics since before high school, and DC before that.
The show also gave us a look at UPCOMING films like the soon -to-be-released CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, as well as the next AVENGERS, featuring one of the BEST "baddies" in the Marvel universe -  ULTRON.
Ultron - THIS guy is TROUBLE times ten.
We also got a peek at the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and another baddie THANOS, as well as the quest for the INFINITY GAUNTLET.
Thanos - I got an idea - let's sic him on Ultron
I know I've lost a lot of you, but "true believers" know exactly what I'm talking about...LOL.
Let's just say that we are fortunate enough to usher in a new era in movies, and ones that have themes that Joseph Campbell would be proud to see.
(Just what I need...even MORE DVDs to buy in the future...lol)
Moving on...
*** Now to something a bit more "back to earth" and a LOT more mundane, because it comes from another "superhero" of sorts - namely CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.
Here's a story that paints a picture that I've (also) been painting for years.
(and if you've been following this blog for a while, you KNOW this to be fact).
The link can be found HERE:
Crime in Fort Wayne saw a RISE in 2013
(Ray Charles could have seen this one coming)
Apparently, the Garry and Rusty Show took place at City Council last evening, with the usual "it's not that bad" rhetoric abounding.
Really? REALLY???
Here's the WANE link with video:
Okay, so which IS it? Is crime going UP...or DOWN?
We can't even provide consensus between media sources, can we?
And just so you know...crime has been LOW so far THIS year...thanks to the WEATHER...period!
When the weather breaks and gets nice, we start the show all over again.
Anyway, we DID have a record 45 homicides in Allen County...BUT, we ONLY had 32 IN the city. There were 4 police-action shootings, others were justified self-defense and the rest happened outside city limits.
And 32 homicides is LESS than the 36 we had in 1998, or even the 39 we had in 1994.
(well, I feel SO much better now)
York admitted "it was a violent year".
(can't get any MORE obvious than that, can you?)
While robberies stayed static in numbers, the NATURE of them changed from businesses and institutions (gas stations, banks, etc) to INDIVIDUALS.
So, PERSONAL SAFETY took a nose-dive...got it. PEOPLE are less safe than banks...okay, so I'll just LIVE at the bank...move into the damn VAULT.
Increases in PROPERTY crimes have been driven by an 18% INCREASE in BURGLARIES (big surprise there).
LARCENIES were down slightly, as a few more folks figured out HOW to lock their vehicles.
FWPD chief Hamilton says the "new" gang unit is already paying dividends (maybe we should put our money THERE...better interest rates?).
"We're not going to tolerate any illegal activity that threatens the lives of our citizens", so he says.
I wonder if that ALSO means the precursors that lead UP to those illegal activities...a change in "CULTURE" perhaps?
(uh oh, there's that "C" word again)
He stated that the department is "hoping" to win a GRANT (which doesn't last forever, people) that will pay for officers to "walk specific beats" (wonder where they will be, other than anyplace close to US?) in target neighborhoods to not only increase visibility of PATROLS, but also build relationships and trust with neighbors (oh, that definitely won't be down where we live...think where the new gov't housing is).
So, we're looking at a TEMPORARY fix (thanks to a possible grant we might get) for an area already overrun with gang-bangers (most likely), which will invariably chase the thugs from THOSE (patrolled) areas to OTHER locations in the SE (and SW now)...
Yep...makes perfect sense to me...NOT!
I stated here for YEARS we need MORE ACTIVE PATROLS...got a little tired of hearing myself say the same sh*t, too.
We USED to have patrols down here, and crime (overall) was lower, but when the patrols ceased, crime came back, because there was NO follow-up from the department (and it's then chief).
He must have thought that if he ignored it, it would go away...sorry to disappoint.
I've seen the way crime works back in Philly...it DOES follow patterns, and these mooks aren't all the brightest crayons in the damn box. Much of this IS predictable. IF you want to expend the time and energy to figure it all out.
Believe me, if you WANT a city like Detroit, or Chicago, or even Gary, sit back and watch it happen...you'll GET it.
*** Last back to the dock today...we used to have a METRO SQUAD back in the 1990s (here in Ft. Wayne), but certain citizens got their undies in a bunch over it, cited (false) racism by officers and the departments involved, and all that went bye-bye...and crime was allowed to not just continue...but THRIVE.
Not just a "theory" on the SE side of Ft. Wayne.
And the evidence to that fact has been overwhelming - the loss of good neighbors, arson, scrappers, businesses leaving the area, the closing of an entire MALL (and movie theaters)...the list has been growing ever since,and I've done my best to document it all HERE.
So now, the city goes and "reinvents the wheel" with a new gang unit,and after a couple good busts (from obvious sources and known felons) we're back to where we SHOULD have been damn near TWENTY years ago...come full circle.
Now you wait and see if ANY arrest happens to not sit well with "someone" down here, the entire program will be called back into view, with cries of racism once again, because we ALL know that the majority of people in the worst area of the city are NOT white, so the chance of busting someone of ANOTHER race are pretty good..the.law of averages thing again. It only take ONE incident to start this all over again.
Either you stick to the law-enforcement GAME PLAN...or you don't.
You make a CHOICE...to chase crime OUT of an area, and also not allow it to settle down in another.
And while you can't make crime disappear completely, you CAN effect enough change to make it unprofitable for all but the most seasoned criminals to operate...and THAT is as damn good a start as any, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Disgusted said...

I'm sorry to say FWPD cooks their crime stats. Two black males tried breaking into a 94 year old lady's home. They broke the window on the door. It was listed as vandalism. Good work Rusty.

Saw in the paper about the white trash couple who are wanted on animal cruelty charges. Saw they lived on Allendale. Did some checking online and found out they are the same couple who frequents our neighborhood crack house. They and the crack house have been reported numerous times. Went down to check on the ice around a neighbors foundation and they came flying down the street. She jumped out, went inside and he took off. A couple of minutes later, he came back and she ran out and jumped into the car. Thought I'd be a good citizen and call the Allen County Warrants Division. Crap, you can't talk to anybody. Leave a message. Maybe once my temper cools down I'll call them again.

Bob G. said...

Now we MUST be thinking alike...
I was going around the house last night saying "cookin' the books"...same concept.

The FWPD has BEEN "reclassifying" their crime stats for YEARS (dunno if it's a mandate by the FEDS or not, but I mentioned it HERE for years also), and a LOT of crimes that SHOULD be in a "higher" (and often more VIOLENT) category are often relegated to a LESSER category.
(and THAT can make crime SEEM like it's going DOWN...when in fact it IS NOT).
I'm sure it's all to "level the playing field" aka not appearing as though the majority of crime is commited by a minority citizenship.

As for calling things in...I'm getting tired of being put on HOLD because all "reps" are busy.

The OLD system was MUCH netter. Got to talk to a warm bofy RIGHT away...AND we had scanner chatter to listen to (to HELP the police).

I can't get drug houses in MY area closed either (since Garry took over in the SE).

The FWPD "discussion forum" is a joke, too.
Last post was AUGUST 2013...and I KNOW I've tried to post well over a DOZEN topics since then.

Hey, thanks for rolling on by today and commenting.
Always a pleasure.

Stay SAFE out there.

John DuMond said...

"...we're back to where we SHOULD have been damn near TWENTY years ago...come full circle."

Why is it we have to relearn the same lessons over and over? It seems to me that about 1/3 of us remember these lessons, 1/3 forget, and 1/3 refuse to accept the truth, no matter how hard it smacks them in the face. As near as I can tell, the country is held hostage by the 1/3 in the middle. They seem to swing back and forth like a pendulum, and every so many years they swing back toward the hare-brained. It drives me batsh*t crazy.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That's EXACTLY it...WE learned those lessons.
As for the other 2/3?
I have no idea WHY these people are the way they are...head in the damn sand (when it's NOT up their a$$).

I DO like the pendulum analogy.
The 1/3 that WE are in have a helluva time trying to get at least that swinging 1/3 over to OUR side on a permanent basis, that's for sure.

It's bothersome that we have THAT many folks around that bow to whatever way the wind is blowing...
Thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Good POV, my friend.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Fine comments on the meat above, so I'll limit myself to- "Hey, Bob, nice job of impersonating News15's website by informing me of something interesting AFTER it's over, lol!"

Bob G. said...

And here I thought you were going to comment on the MARVEL special last night...
You better not have missed it!

I'm definitely NOT a news "personality", but I do play one in the blogosphere.
Have to admit that my particular pungent social commentary is something SORELY lacking on the news today, hmm?

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.