11 April 2014

Friday Follies...
Yes, the calendar is not messing with you...it IS...the weekend.
And the Hoosierland weather is going to be nicely accommodating as we progress throughout the day.
After some morning clouds (left over from last night's light rain) we'll see the sun break through with temps reaching the lower 60s.
That's not a bad way to begin a weekend, that's for sure.
Also, if you happened to read YESTERDAY'S post...AND watched last night's JEOPARDY, there was a Supreme Court topic with a BRANDEIS answer...so, it goes to show that if you're a follower of this blog, you CAN do well on game shows...lol.
Now, without any further ado, let's go top off that morning beverage, and see what's been happening since last we convened.
*** First off of the breakfast table today is the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius (not EVER to be confused with JEAN SIBELIUS, who wrote such classical greats as FINLANDIA, ANDANTE FESTIVO, and 8 symphonies and assorted incidental music).
The GOOD Sibelius.
The Sebelius is question was responsible for the rollout of the uber-flawed Obamacare fiasco, which continues to plague the majority of Americans since it's inception.
The BAD Sebelius - See 'ya...wouldn't wanna BE 'ya!
I guess this is what happens when you stand too CLOSE to the curb when the bus is coming...you get nudged UNDER it.
Oh, well...good riddance, toots, have a nice (costly to the taxpayers) retirement.
*** Next, I've been mulling over that Congressional committee exchange between rep. Louie Gomert (R-TX) and Obummer's AG - Eric Holder, and while I love to see such a worm (Holder) squirm on the hook, as well he should for all the treasonous things he's been guilty of, I also found it disturbing to see the blatant disregard for the committee and for Congress itself.
Looks like we have another "Teflon Don" in the Attorney general's office. And then Holder goes to a NAN meeting (Sharpton organisation) and whines like a spoiled brat over the issue of RACE when NONE of that was ever even hinted at during the committee meeting.
Who the f$ck does this jerk think he IS, anyway?
And, he's NOT the first AG to go under scrutiny, and certainly not because of his damn skin color.
Do the names Janet Reno, John Mitchell, A. Mitchel Palmer, or John Ashcroft ring any bells?
Those happen to be a few of the more "notable" AGs from times past, but Holder has them ALL beat (collectively) by a country MILE!
Hell, even black pastors wanted this guy impeached as recently as February this year.
He's hip-deep in corruption and is nothing but a disservice to the office he has held since the anointed one appointed him.
And naturally, when he's backed into a corner, he whips that old "race card" out of his ass for all to see. And people back off of this twerp because of THAT? It's NOT about race, people...it's about INCOMPETENCY...period.
Well, we could toss in some lack of accountability, too.
In earlier times, such actions would have him removed faster from office than you could imagine.
One might say his actions are traitorous in nature...if history serves as a barometer of such things.
Moving on...
*** Sometimes (but not often) the Allen County prosecutor's office gets it right...sorta-kinda.
Here's the story link:
Gang members get a "hefty" bond raising to $250K...
Yeah, well, considering the PRIORS for carrying a firearm w/o a permit and carrying as a prior felon, one might think that even that $250K is a bit LOW.
I know I do...
Go to JAIL, go DIRECTLY to JAIL...(and stay there)!
These two black thugs can still find it easy enough to bond out, for they only need produce $25K, which if 1/10th the total amount to get back on the streets.
Perhaps with the priors for firearms violations, the bail SHOULD be jacked WAY up...to around DOUBLE the current amount (for starters).
Half a MIL might send a better message to these assholes.
And when sentencing comes around (as we know it will) add IN the firearms violations  as a MINIMUM, and non-negotiable 5 YEARS for every violation...no wheeling and dealing or pleading down, got it?
Just a thought.
(and a damn good one if you ask me).
*** Police have released the security cam pics of the woman that robber the Burger Dairy on Lower Huntingdon rd the other night.
Here's the link for the story:
Yeah, I would be checking out Willow Creek for THIS one...pronto.
Somehow, the manner that "she" is holding the pistol doesn't seem like that of someone who KNOWS how to handle such a weapon
Makes me wonder if it IS a real weapon and not some "look-alike" piece she got on eBay.
I will say the pics are fairly good, but the tech has improved SO much since I used to install and maintain such devices.
Also makes me wonder if a "silent alarm" button is installed at the store, because as SOON as I saw someone looking like HER come through the door, that button would BE pushed, and this woman would be staring down the barrel of MY gun before she got to the counter.
But, I like to be PROACTIVE in such instances.
*** As you know, I have a squirrel-buddy who comes by almost every day to get his peanuts from my hand.
(we're still trying to figure out who has WHO trained the best)
Thanks, Bob...yumyumyumyumyum...
And this little guy, along with his bunny counterpart and all the birds KNOW they have a welcome repast at OUR place anytime.
But, some critters seek adventure (and sustenance) elsewhere, like in THIS story, which had a fatal ending.
The (new) McMillan Park Community Center had a "guest" back on 1 April, and that visitor caused about $300K in DAMAGES to the facility when the critter got into the electrical system and caused a power surge that fried 3 HVAC units and damaged some parts of the boiler system.
That's GOTTA leave a mark.
Suffice it to say, THAT squirrel (who I hear was posthumously named "Sparky") has gone to that great peanut farm in the sky.
The former McMillan Park ice rink is being converted to (more) "bassabawl" courts (yay), and the entire project is estimated to cost $4.5 MIL.
And will most certainly deteriorate long before that money and the facility pays for itself, knowing the locals around there.
The conceptual art for the center...before it's ghettoized.
It might keep a few kids off the streets, but not enough to justify all the money tossed at it (thanks for the ghetto, Glynn Hines).
The best part (you're gonna love this one) is that "the board" (whoever the hell THEY are) APPROVED an ALCOHOL policy for the center (like we don't have ENOUGH alcohol-related issues down here), but like other park system venues, will ONLY be allowed during PRIVATE events and not to "the public", and must be served by a caterer with an off-site liquor license.
Yeah, THAT'S gonna work out well.
Drinks at those events must be served by a LICENSED bartender, and the renter must pay for UNIFORMED SECURITY.
Yeah, that should work about as well as those at nightclubs around town like MOOKIES...or RICK O'SHAYS...or even PIERE'S.
(where shootings and fights take place with regularity).
Somehow, the phrase "destined to fail" comes to mind....wonder why?
*** Last back to the hangar today...I was puttering about the fortress yesterday, moving pictures around and hanging new ones...like THESE.
Yes, sometimes, you have to change up when it comes to the indoor "scenery", and I've no problem with that.
More people should display these.
Getting those founding documents (BTW, these are NOT the originals...cripes, I'm not THAT damn old...LOL) up kinda makes you hold your head a bit higher when you pass by.
And that Captain America poster, which takes the place of the USAF poster I had over the entertainment center, is printed on SILK, and the artwork was too good to pass up.
Not bad...AT ALL!
Plus, that represents a connection to MY past...when things were definitely a lot LESS complex...and better.
Back then, we only had to worry about being hit with a commie nuke...or getting a bad grade (and for some of us, a C-MINUS was considered very bad, especially when your parents knew you COULD do better).
We were thicker-skinned and let things roll off our backs a lot more than people do today.
We were less sensitive to bullsh*t and more sensitive to one another.
We had better values and espoused nigher standards.
How far we've "progressed" since those days forty years ago, hmm?
I dunno...I'd prefer it if we stepped back a few decades, and considered all we've lost over time, and try to recapture some of it...for humanity's sake.
A nice thought to start the weekend, don'cha think?
DO have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


gadfly said...

So sad about Kathleen Sebelius - well honesty says not really. But the real zinger came from Allahpundit over at Hot Air who quiped:

"As for Sebelius, I’m nominating her right now to replace Brendan Eich as Mozilla CEO. She’s got plenty of website expertise. I’m sure we’d all be glad to see Firefox “benefit” from it."

Bob G. said...

Hey, who knows...maybe they already made a call to her...LOL.

We can only hope this is the start of the dominoe fall for this adminstration.

Thanks for stopping by top comment today.

Stay safe out there this weekend.

CWMartin said...

Chris's fearless guess- underneath that wrap is a fat redhead with a trio of mixed race kids at granma's house.

Bob G. said...

Or a very ugly MALE with some huge "moobs"...ROFL!

One thing's for sure...definitely NOT a gun "enthusiast".

Thanks for dropping by today.

Have yourselves a great weekend up there & do stay safe.

Slamdunk said...

Sebelius's service was summed up during her exit speech--in which she pulled the plug early because her prepared notes were missing a page.

After this administration's way less than stellar run with health care and justice issues, it was nice to see the DOI folks back down in NV with the ranchers. I was laughing to see how quickly the local police were trying to distance themselves from what the fed police were doing there.