10 April 2014

Just One More Day...
And we all know THAT phrase is loaded, don't we?
It's a partly cloudy morning out here in the Hoosierland, and temps today will have you turning off that furnace.
We are supposed to reach a high around the UPPER SIXTIES...you heard me right.
Later this afternoon, we may see some rain.
Can't have a nice day WITHOUT something coming along to louse it up, right?
I know we've got the crocus blooming, and some of the hyacinth starting to sprout as well.
Gives one hope for this nice weather to hang about for a bit.
In any event, let's look to this day as we top off (or amend) that nice morning beverage (Irish Cream for my coffee, please).
*** First out of the garage today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The makers of the Constitution: conferred, as against the government, the right to be let alone -- the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."
This is attributed to (one of my favorite people from the past) Louis D. Brandeis,  (13 November 1856 - 5 October 1941) former lawyer and associate justice on the Supreme Court from 1916 to 1939.
And because you demanded it, here is his WIKI:
Although he is noted for his work on progressive social causes, you have to realize that much of that work was devoted to THE PEOPLE, and not the government intrusion into the lives OF those people.
The law firm he founded in Boston is STILL practicing today (he was born in Kentucky).
He published a book titled "Other People's Money...and How the Banks Use It"., which goes to show how he fought against monopolies, public corruption, and mass consumerism.
He was dubbed "The Peoples' Lawyer" and often took cases GRATIS, so he could address the wider issues involved.
It was Brandeis that defined the modern notions of the individual right to PRIVACY in a path-breaking article that he published with his partner, Sam Warren in the Harvard Law Review back on 15 Dec 1890.
Such things as obtaining CONSENT from people being photographed (a new technology of the time) by newspapers (and taking statements) can be traced to his writings and discussions. He believed that people were being injured by such practices and that it "was weakening moral standards of society as a whole".
How far we've come SINCE THEN, hmm?
He was a leader in the progressive movement and launched campaigns to halt J.P. Morgan from monopolizing the railroads as well as exposing insurance fraud in 1906 during the Pinchot-Balinger investigation.
But, that was when being a progressive actually did more good than harm.
Although he became a millionaire due to his law practice and other ventures (all legal of course) he basically detested other wealthy people, especially those who displayed ostentatious consumption.
While his peers bought yachts, he was content to have a CANOE.
And the modern life insurance system can be attributed to his intervention to change it from the "legalized robbery" that took place in the industry before he got involved.
He was a staunch champion of educating the public.
His complete story is a really GOOD read, and I recommend it.
Sadly, we don't have anyone close to his stature in our society these days...and we sure could use a few like him.
Moving on...
*** Well, we're into the 2nd day of non-support from Microsoft for the XP O/S platform, and the world has NOT exploded like the planet Krypton.
No signs of mass suicides, no mountains falling into seas, and no huge cracks are appearing on the Earth's surface, either.
And not one, single trace of dogs living with cats.
I'm figuring as long as you have SOME sort of anti-malware programs on-board and active, there should be very little concern.
I run BOTH the Malwarebytes and AVG programs on all the systems, and if there's anything hinky, they take care of it.
Still, doesn't hurt to cross one's fingers now and again.
*** Whoa...LOTS more CRIME going on down on the city's (where the hell else?) SOUTH SIDE.
1) Yesterday afternoon, down in the southern badlands (Serenity Drive) there was THIS story that involved an SUV and some shooting.
Yep, never a dull moment down THERE, is there?
This took place around 1230 hrs in the Centennial Townhouses, off Old Decatur Rd. and S. Anthony Blvd.
Man ROLLS his SUV (near the gov't-sponsored bassabawl court)...to escape gunfire.and then he bails and runs into the nearby woods.
"...And the engine's STILL running, Sarge."
The victim did not appear to be wounded, but told his girlfriend that he "believed he was set up."
Police canvassed the area and found no shooters, and the name of the person fleeing the gunshots has not been released.
(how much you wanna bet HE'S got a rap sheet?)
Your tax dollars...hard at work entitling people for generations.
2) The next round (no pun intended) of shooting took place around 2200 hrs at the Carriage House Apartments located at 2445 Fairfield Ave.
Here's the link:
Police say several shots were fired INSIDE the building, but it appeared that no one had been injured.
Can't find anyone shot HERE.
Five minutes later, police were called to the 3700 block of S. Warsaw St. for a man suffering from a gunshot wound to his leg.
We found someone shot HERE, though.
He was taken to hospital in fair condition.
Police do not know if the man had been shot on Warsaw, or at the Carriage House Apts, and naturally, NO shooter to chase after.
3) Police were called (what, again?) to a house located at 420 E. Wildwood St. for reports of another shooting (busy night).
This happened around 0144 hrs this morning.
Here's the link:
Police arrived on scene and stated that a man was shot in the hip while in his SUV, and that several bullet holes could be seen in the hood of the vehicle.
The victim was taken to hospital in serious condition and his name is also not being released.
Police say the victim was not forthcoming with information as to WHO shot him...or WHY.
Sure glad crime's "going DOWN" on the SOUTH side.
(typical - dummy up, you ghetto-dummy)
Once again, NO idea who the damn shooter was.
4) An armed robbery at a former "old haunt" of mine...
Here's the link:
The Burger Dairy, located at Winchester and Lower Huntingdon Rd suffered an armed robbery around 2300 hrs last night.
A woman came in with a gun and demanded cash (which she got).
Security cams showed a man and the woman out back of the station who WALKED there.
That's a place I used to frequent when Wifey and I lived (?) at Willow Crack (Creek) Crossing Apts.
Nice staff, always clean, good service and some GREAT donuts...some things you never forget...lol
That place has been fortunate...until now.
And the gas prices weren't bad either, but that was over 15 years ago, and even THAT neighborhood has changed, and not for the better.
If I were with the FWPD, I'd immediately start checking out WWC for the perps, because I'd lay you even money THAT is where they're from.
It was not disclosed how much money was taken, and a K-9 unit called to scene could not get a track.
It's also unknown whether the couple walked away or got into a vehicle and left the area.
(I'd go with the former one, and they probably RAN)
See what happens when you IGNORE the problems (for decades) in a particular part of town?
Stone-ass IGNORANCE from City Hall...gotta love it.
*** Not gonna say anything about the stabbings at the PA school by some punk-ass sophomore, except to say that sometimes, you DON'T need a gun to get your point across, and to invoke an old saying from the Middle East:
"A thousand throats can be cut in one night by a running man."
Nuff said there.
*** Last back to the barn today...again, we see the evidence that we have a sincere and serious problem with our CULTURE today.
That's not moving FORWARD.
And sadly, it's taken a few generations to GET at this point; a point that too many have ALLOWED to happen.
Louis Brandeis spoke to a moral standard being WEAKENED...and the causes of such a thing can be found ALL around us.
You can afford to lose "things" in your life, but when you lose CHARACTER, well, you lose a helluva lot more.
And that seems to be where our culture stands these days.
Too many things affect our moral compass, and many cannot tell "north" from "south", and choose not to care.
That leads to much of what we see and hear in the news every day.
As the cause for this malady can be easily discovered, the "cure" can also be had readily...all WE, as a society, need do is motivate ourselves to action, and set about changing things that NEED changing.
For if we allow this moral decline to continue, we're all screwed seven ways from Sunday, and that will not be a pretty sight.
We can do this...and we must.
Lord, just give us one...more...day.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Conservatives count on votes from educated hard-working Americans.
Liberals pander to the uninformed who want free stuff.
I found this on the internet and changed it around a bit. But it fits your blog post today I think.
I hope you are enjoying this nice weather.

Bob G. said...

If there is one thing I will never...repeat NEVER grow weary of, it's all these marvelous "pearls of wisdom" from people such as yourself.

In some ways, it reminds me of the halcyon days back in Philly...when things were a lot less complicated.

Thank you so much for sharing.

And yes, I AM liking the weather - been busy (today) rearranging pictures around the house and hanging new ones.
(there's never a loss for work, if you look for it...LOL)

And thanks for stopping on over today to comment.

Be well, stay safe and tell "Little John" I hope the fish are biting down there.

Slamdunk said...

Well at least your local authorities do not have the need to pay for extensive training for investigations and crime scene processing--looks like the get plenty of on-the-job opportunities to build their wealth of knowledge.

Sad to hear about the school violence in Western PA for sure.

Enjoy your weekend Bob.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, the LEOs get the OJT gig down pretty fast, especially on the SE side.
The PA stabbings seems like an anomaly, and one that seems to be recurring with some disturbing frequency.
(something in the water?)
There has to be a REASON, and I wonder, if it's mental problems, WHY there is such an outbreak of it.
Sure makes you scratch your head.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Take it easy and stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

It is finally when I got to this post I realized I read NOBODY's posts yesterday! I knew I was tired and pissed when I got home, and bitched for an hour, but geez!

Bob G. said...

That's OK, brother...nothing that I don't go through a lot of days myself...I just hide it well at my age...LOL.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there.