21 April 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome back to the post-Easter week, chock full of so much assorted stuff out there.
The Hoosierland weather today will be almost a carbon copy (remember THOSE?) of yesterday, but with increasing clouds in a prologue to tomorrow's rain event
. Temps will again reach into the upper 60s to lower 70s, so feel free to open a window or two (just not on the GROUND floor in the ghettoland - people like to "visit" you that way).
Grab that morning cup of whatever suits your fancy, and follow along as we get this show rolling...
*** First out of the driveway today...we had a pretty decent Easter around the old "Fortress"
I made us a ham (brown sugar and pineapple of course) with homemade macaroni & cheese and baked beans (for me).
Okay, so he ain't the EASTER bunny...
We don't stand on that much formality..we just like things nice and basic...things that WORK.
Much of the neighborhood was M.I.A. (thankfully)...must have all headed up to the Rescue Mission for another freebie meal.
I'm not busting on the mission itself - they do a great charitable service, but when you have "regulars" who come by every time a freebie is handed out...and many times they "get it to go", it gets me wondering who is REALLY needy, and who is just plain lazy.
I've never been shy of ANY major appliances (used to repair them), and that's why I LIKE to cook.
But WE get a visit from the Easter SQUIRREL!
Never had a complaint yet, either.
Nice thing about Easter, enough shows and movies about Jesus on TV to keep one mindful of WHAT Easter is all about (must really piss off those atheists again...GOOD!)
Like I say...we're traditional around here. Blame that on good upbringing, hmm?
Moving on...
*** Speaking of EASTER, the date happened to be 4/20, and those of you out there that are familiar of the "counter-culture" movement and subsequent stoner generations will know it was the National Day of Pot-Smoking...
That isn't a weather-related HAZE in the air, folks!
((...rolls eyes...))
Talk about a total WASTE (of everything).
This took place mainly in COLORADO, where they recently legalized marijuana...for all the good that has done, and will do.
Tourists will be stepping over passed out stoners soon enough, just like in Amsterdam.
I saw the segment about Colorado on TV, and there was SO much smoke at the event, I thought several things:
a) There was a forest fire close by.
b) Someone was trying to elect another Pope.
c) An Indian tribe was holding a lengthy conversation with another.
d) Why wasn't ONE green-earther out demonstrating over ALL that air pollution.
The future of America is in good hands???
You just have to shake your head at the way people SO readily embrace such nonsense.
Do all these people think that by getting (and staying) high, it will somehow make life and the world itself miraculously be able to run ITSELF?
Sorry, rude-awakening time...doesn't work that way, folks.
But, until these "people" find it out for themselves, I guess it's up to everyone else to take their hands and walk them through life.
Pretty sad state of affairs.
*** Next up, FWPD have caught a THIRD person in connection with the shooting the other week at Peanuts (bar and grill).
Here's the story link:
Demanual (and not Deautomatic) Tompkins, 27, was arrested in an apartment on Stardale Drive around 1646 hrs Saturday.
He's being charged with felony battery and criminal gang activity, so naturally bail has been set nice and low - only $13, 250.
Tompkins is originally from the 3600 block of Lindbergh Blvd.
His accomplices, Adonis Robinson, 24, of the 5100 block of Lillie St. is being held in lieu of $285K bail (still kind of LOW) and Christopher Javon Sewell, 26, of the 6400 block of Hessen Cassel Rd. is being held in lieu of $13,250 bail.
Doesn't say if any of them bonded out (yet), but we can conclude that all three are indeed...black.
(nice to know)
*** I saw this story about a boy scout that I thought reminded me of another time.
Here's the story link:
This young man's got the RIGHT idea, instead of the previous three in the above story.
Logan Berlew, an Eagle Scout has created a prayer garden in his community in Angola.
He wanted to give back to God for giving us life (and life is what it's all about), and he always wanted to do something for his church.
Imagine that...church having an impact on a young man's life...sure beats shooting people at bars, doesn't it?
This boy's got the right idea...AND the right message. I think he's destined for greater things.
Good for him.
*** Last back to the garage today...again, we see evidence of how culture can be good AND bad, depending on how it is promoted.
One the one hand, we see what permissiveness can do, and it's usually not that nice a picture.
On the other hand, we see what can be done when a person is CHALLENGED by life - grabbing life and all it offers with both hands, getting those hands dirty and DOING something positive, rather than living off the taxpayers, or taking from others because you can.
Are such opportunities ONLY available to those in nice neighborhoods?
Hell, NO.
Such opportunities now exist for ANYONE who wishes to take up the challenge and apply themselves to MAKE something OF themselves.
And they exist in cities as well as in rural areas.
But, some just refuse to do so...no motivation (thanks to free stuff), and this growing disincentivism rampant in this country is what needs to be turned around.
In some ways, it has become part of this "new" culture - a culture of SELF, and with it, a culture of GRIEVANCE.
If we don't like something, we file a grievance, rather than set off and decide to change things ourselves.
Wonder how far we would have progressed in times past if we did things THAT way?
People chose to take the initiative...to make things better for themselves,...and for others.
That used to exemplify the spirit of this nation.
We need that back...and soon.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"Not Deautomatic.." I KNEW you were going to hit that one! Ground rule double for Bob!

Bob G. said...

I grew up knowing some friends that made MY puns pale in comparison.
Glad you were amused (heh).

Next time you're "at bat", you go knock one outta the park and bring us both home!

Thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there in right field.