22 April 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
A cloudy day greets us this morning, and it will eventually turn into a SUNNY day...so it's like YESTERDAY...IN REVERSE.
Temps in the Hoosierland will begin in the upper 40s and rise into the upper 50s. And that's all she wrote, folks.
There is where any resemblance to Monday ends.
It will remain mild and NOT like yesterday's high of 78 degrees.
In fact, there is a FROST warning tonight for fragile vegetation, so cover up what you want to hang onto.
So feel free to top off that morning beverage as we gather up our sense and get busy with the rest of the day.
*** First out of the chute today is the fact that the websites for BOTH Fort Wayne newspapers are DOWN (as of 0830 hrs), so any links to any stories won't be provided here until THEY rectify THEIR issue.
(well, that certainly screws things up nicely...as usual around here)
I suppose it's on to PLAN B, which consists of my descriptions of the "hard copy" stories and the websites for the TV stations in town, as well as digging for source links.
(thank you, technology)
Anywho, there were a couple stories that caught my attention, so we'll be cracking open the recently DE-classified departmental files which have been stored safely in old Guinness beer bottles in our nicely DRY (again) basement.
It figures..today is EARTH DAY ((yawns)), so feel free to go smack a hippie.
((Update - 1000 hrs - both sites are now back up. Thanks for nothing, fellas))
*** From the "Department of Proper Definitions" comes a story that the DoJ (Eric "Son of the Teflon Don" Holder, still under contempt of court) is rolling out about turning our NON-violent felons from prisons all over the nation.
Break out the Websters, folks!
For starters, we need to be CRYSTAL CLEAR as to how we correctly define the term "Non-violent", don't we?
This doesn't apply to embezzlers, or people committing fraud (oh, no)...it's about drugs and those connected with them.
We'll have to go to the source story, found at the Washington (com) Post:
WORST A/G ever!
Naturally, Obummer (Mr Executive Order) is behind this one...clemency for "non-violent" offenders (and not called criminals?).
This administration wants to "foster equity" in criminal sentencing (sounds like more of the redistribution of CRIME now).
Naturally, this pertains to those (incarcerated) who "don't pose a threat to public safety".
Gee, is that like all the ILLEGAL ALIENS that come across our borders? Or what about all the MUSLIMS  we stopped pitting under surveillance?
To be brutally honest here (as usual) ANYONE can be a threat to public safety, under the proper "motivation".
We don't need a crapload of "at risk" criminals mainstreamed into society, until they have paid their debt(s) TO that society...in full.
Maybe we should build MORE jails?
Guess this is ONE way the Dems (who seem to be running scared these days) are trying to shore up their voter base...reduce felonies to misdemeanors, that way those perps CAN vote.
Reclassifying crimes can be a very slippery slope, if this "effort" to turn the crims back into society, telling them whatever they did only gets them a slap on the wrist comes back to bite us all in the ass.
And why isn't Holder being impeached???
Moving on...
*** From the "Department of the Borders, What Borders?" we have yet another power play by our fearless leader.
Sing along - you know the words!
Again, the Obummer regime is hard at work attempting to shore up that voter base, and we already know that clemency for law-breakers seems to be a hallmark of this administration, so why stop now?
Here's the AP story from yahoo! news:
This affects TENS of thousands of ILLEGALS here, but do not have criminal records. The DHS is looking at shielding them FROM deportation.
I don't know about YOU, but the mere FACT that they came here ILLEGALLY seems to be a "law-breaker" (and a deal-breaker) in MY book.
And then to have kids HERE (who are legally Americans) is just a ploy for the parents to remain...we know this much.
Fast tracking illegals to become legals - BAD.
If you track back to the year I was born (1952) we had about 300K illegals coming across the border THEN...add those numbers forward to NOW, and the number is staggering (and a far cry from these 11 million we always hear about). It's a HELLUVA lot MORE.
But, those wacky Dems need VOTERS (and badly, too), don't they, and this would assure that much, because they are the "party of freebies" (and taxpayers' expense).
*** From the "Department of Job Statistical Book-Cooking" comes a story about how the local (Fort Wayne) jobless rate took a DIP.
Looks yummy!
(and we have LOTS of those in City Hall these days).
Our city stands at (only) 5.7% now.
Okay, so IF the jobless rate is that low, and we seemingly have PLENTY of jobs in and around the city, then WHY are the "Want-Ads" the SMALLEST part of the daily AND Sunday papers here?
I mean cripes, there was a time when we had higher unemployment, and the "jobs" section of the newspaper ( by itself) was AS THICK as the rest of the paper combined (excluding adverts, of course).
You could line several bird cages with that section for a bloody MONTH, and that was only ONE Sunday edition of classified job ads.
I suppose one could argue that much of the want-ads are ONLINE now, so people seek jobs online, rather than pound the damn pavement?
There are times that I wonder why we make things too easy, when looking for work is just as important as HAVING work.
Used to be PAGES of this stuff.
To get a job, there had to be a lot of walking, door knocking, resume sending, interview going, and so on.
Takes some of the challenge out of job-hunting when it's through social media crap, doesn't it?
(too impersonal)
*** From the "Department of That's Not What I Thought It Was" comes this little gem from The Blaze about the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and how this group is coming apart like a cheap sweater:
Imagine that...the group as NOT founded to JUST get ILLEGAL guns off our streets...it was also to affect law-abiding gun owners. Take THAT King Henry (our mayor of Ft. Wayne).
Betcha didn't see that coming, huh? (typical Dumbocrat)
The story has some very good videos in it.
Ir's called BEING A DAMN LIAR!
Former NYC Mayor "Nanny Doomberg" is tossing $50 MIL of his money to fight the NRA. personally, I can think of several MUCH better ways to "waste" that amount of money, but to each his own, hmm?
*** Last back to the dock today, is the FACT that we are rarely being told all that we, the people need to make those informed decisions.
Granted the "low-information" crowd can't find their asses with both hands most days, but they don't give a rip, as long as they get "taken care of".
YOUR tax dollars at work by NOT working.
So, it behooves the rest of us to keep digging FOR those facts, and setting about acting upon the truth we glean FROM those facts.
That's the way our culture USED to operate. Today, not nearly as well or as much.
And we can see the results, nasty as they are.
Like I always say...we can DO better...we can regain our society again, but it needs people on the parapets...on the watchtowers of this nation, being vigilant and sounding the call when need be.
We are beginning to wake up from a slumber that has been injurious to our nation, and woe to those that seek to undermine and subjugate our freedoms and liberties in this country.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

As near as I can tell, Mayors Against Illegal Guns is working a two-step plan:

1. Make ALL guns illegal.

2. Get illegal guns off the street.

And those smarty-pants pols are so gosh-darned clever that they just fooled all us dumb rubes in flyover country. ;)

Bob G. said...

That has got to be the BEST explanation of this group I have ever heard!

Fortunately, our eyes are "wool-proof" in this matter.

They are clever...so much so, that they shot themselves in their own foot (wonder if THAT gun was "illegal", too?)

Hey, thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe out thre.

CWMartin said...

Well, I'm not clear-headed enough (long day) to think up a decent comment... but I will say beware. The awaited announcement about time machine will come later today.

Missed you on the Monday post, my friend. I think maybe I scared some people off with it, hopefully not you.

Bob G. said...

Just forgot to swing on over to your blog. Will be by soon.
(too busy gardening and cutting my hands ...more about that tomorrow...lol.

Thanks for stopping by here to comment.

You take it wast & stay safe up there.