08 April 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
We're drying out from another bout of rain that began yesterday, and went into most of last night and very early this morning. The rest of the day SHOULD be a lot nicer, and that's about all we have to look forward to, as we take this sojourn into the day.
Although temps right NOW are in the upper 30s, we're looking at a high in the Hoosierland somewhere approaching the 60s.
(and in some respects, I wish it still were...the 60s, that is)
So, without any further ado, let's top off that comforting morning beverage and set about seeing what's been going on...
*** First off of the hotplate today is lots more CRIME in the Summit City.
1) A man goes into this new Renaissance Pointe YMCA with a gym bag containing a firearm, which, when he "sets the bag down" the weapon goes off, giving him a flesh wound to his neck.
Here's the link:
I know what I do when I say "OOPS"...
Now, the "Y" has a policy of not allowing firearms inside, but that sure doesn't stop some people from IGNORING THE LAW...does it?
This could have been a LOT worse, had the bullet taken another path...and besides, WHO in their right mind would carry a firearm into such a place and in such a manner so as to endanger not only himself, but anyone else in the general area?
I think we have another irresponsible gun-owner that needs some "class-time" in the correct ways of firearm ownership.
2) Here's a case where IF you're on house arrest and someone knocks at your door CLAIMING to be your "home-detention officer", you might want to recall what his VOICE sounded like before opening that door.
Here's the link:
This took place in the 3800 block of Bowser Ave, deep in the ghettoland, where most of the mooks live.
Marcus McGee, 34 was the victim of several gunshots when he answered the door and promptly found that the person outside was indeed NOT his H-D officer.
You know, there IS one very simple way to AVOID all of this crap...
Be a good citizen, obey the laws, and stay the f$ck OUT of trouble...sounds like a plan, doesn't it?
Obviously, there is a "divide" where such things come into play.
McGee was taken to hospital with wounds to his chest, hand, and hip. The suspect was described as being between 5'11" - 6"2", BLACK with a slim build, and a smaller afro-style haircut, wearing all black.
Well, that covers about several HUNDRED males wandering the area at any given time.
3) A stabbing near McCulloch Park Sunday night sends one to hospital in serious condition.
Here's this link:
This happened near Swinney and Broadway around 2100 hrs. Two men were walking along Broadway when a blue Impala drove by and those inside began shouting at the pair. The car came back and a fight ensued between one of the men in the Impala and the man who was eventually stabbed.
NO information on the victim's condition was available, nor were any suspect descriptions (thanks FWPD for all the info).
4) Looks like we have HOMICIDE NUMBER THREE, after a tobacco store owner was found in critical condition and taken to hospital, where he later died.
The owner was found around 0930 hrs yesterday at the SMOKE HOUSE TOBACCO STORE located at 2217 S. Lafayette St. (on the city's beautifully ghettoized SOUTH side).
I commented on the WANE site that it appeared to be a robbery gone sideways...which it turned out to be.
The store had security cams, so they got some pics of the shooter, who is BLACK, with full clothing descriptions in the story.
He is also brandishing a two-toned handgun (hard to make out the manufacturer)
The story says that "IF" this is ruled a homicide...you ARE sh*tting me, right?
Just another day on the SOUTH side...
What the f$ck ELSE COULD IT BE?
Don'cha just LOVE the CYA tactics the media uses, and we're all just suppoed to not notice this?
I'm surprised they even mention the ETHNICITY of the damn shooter at this point.
(I mean, we certainly do not want to offend anyone, right?)
And of course, in EVERY case, the police want OUR help.
You want MY help? Then allow police SCANNER traffic again...simple as that, because you certainly are NOT forthcoming with information for US to work with, and the media takes DAYS to get the story out in detail, thanks to all this "investigating" going on.
Yo, Sarge...grab me some CIGARS while you're in there?
I can't help YOU if I don't KNOW what I'm supposed to be looking for...can I? I ain't no damn KRESKIN, people.
Moving on...
*** Yes friends, TODAY is the day that support (by Microsoft) for the phenomenally successful WINDOWS XP operating system goes the way of the passenger pigeon...and the dodo (the last one is SO apropos when it comes to Microsoft).
This means that over 55% of ALL computer systems out there...from home and business computers to city INFRASTRUCTURE systems can be "at-risk" for hacking.
Here's a story that "splains" it well enough:
As you all know, we have THREE systems at our "Fortress" that run XP (and pretty damn well, too), but those in the ivory palaces on high are too busy creating NEW software with more bugs than a damn bait-shop to worry about something that actually WORKS well enough so that industry has adopted it wholesale over the last 12 years..
Our one system had Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and I've been getting all these "prompts" about the ending date, so I did what anyone in my situation would do - I DELETED the damn program altogether.
 I DO have AVG security software on-board anyway as well as Malwarebytes.
No one stopped making "operating systems" for any of THESE.
But to me, ending support of a PROVEN O/S is like saying you bought a brand NEW car in 2002, but NOW, they decided to NOT make parts for that car any longer (including spark plugs, air and oil filters)...how well would something like THAT go over?
Cripes, you can still get parts for cars that are OVER FIFTY years old, and those cars STILL run on the highways of this nation.
It's not about what works well any longer...it's about the all-mighty dollar, and that's sad, because it smacks of crony capitalism...which is just as bad as liberal rhetoric.
It makes BIG bucks for a very few. Funny, operating systems like those for LINUX and even MACs don't have such issues
Go figure...
*** Lastly today, like my late Father used to say " If it's not ONE damn thing, it's another".
So...where the hell IS it, anyway?
Never were truer words spoken, especially when it comes to the world of today, which USED to be "The World Of  Tomorrow" when WE were kids growing up.
What we were told would happen in "the future" hasn't really panned out, has it?
Things that were meant to make life EASIER, have, in (too) many cases, done just the opposite.
The Windows XP demise is a prime example.
Sure, we have loads of "things" that make life less complicated, should we choose to wander around in a virtual stupor, going from one social media site to another, grabbing the latest tech JUST so we can be more "in the know"...and "cool".
But at what PRICE does all this cost, and not JUST in monetary amounts?
We seem headed more in THIS direction.
Look around you...the answer is right in front of you.
Everything from students lacking the basic skills after high school that OUR generation acquired BEFORE high school - businesses overseas instead of remaining HERE, rising violence, rising illegitimacy rates, lower attendance in churches, lower marriage statistics, breakdown of traditional families and the values they once espoused...the list grows every year.
Just as WE were the cause of this, WE are also the answer, the cure if you will.
And we honestly need to wrest our society and this nation away from all the diversionary tactics by those who want something this country should never become...a nation of complete and total fairness, for when it comes to humanity, there is NO total fairness...OR equality. It's not Utopia.
Those principles are what WE decide to make of them, and while wanting the best for everyone, there are those who will NEVER be content with such notions.
The more some people try to change things, the more we need to push back and take the knowledge and wisdom from past generations to ensure the future of the current generations. it's both simple and complex at the same time, but this nation used to THRIVE on challenges.
Time to try it once again.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Topic 1: How much do you think the incident over at Peanuts and the HDO story have a similar thread? Seems the gang task force must be doing a "bang-up" job of keeping their tips anonymous. Wanna bet their success rate is about to start plummeting?

Topic 2: Laurie just got one of those alerts on her computer. She asked, "Should I worry about this?" I replied, "You can worry if you want, but you can't do anything about it. Think about it this way- if XP goes down, Bobby G and my Gerber cutter at work will go down with you!"

Topic#3: Futurama? Bullseye!

Bob G. said...

-- I can definitely see the "progress" that the gang unit has done so far take a nosedive...agreed.

-- And I didn't even get into the FACT that a LOT of ATMs run on...(you guessed it)...WINDOWS XP.

-- Futurama - Thought you feel the same way...LOL.
(funny to watch, NOT to live through)

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe up there.

Slamdunk said...

A downside to the warmer weather on the horizon--the more morons that will be out committing crimes.

I am going to have to make a note regarding your advice not to open the door if someone outside shouts "home detention officer." They got me with that 3 times before--you'd think I'd learn. And they got me with "Land shark" as well--or maybe that was just on Saturday Night Live.

Bob G. said...

It cracks me up when I hear the city say that CRIME has gone down compared to last year, and then add the "weather" as an adjunct, rather than the MAIN driving factor.

And warmer weather has proven people like US right again, because we know better.

LOL...land shark. That's an oldie BUT a goody!
And it's also why we have WINDOWS and PEEPHOLES in doors...(duh).
Some folks have to learn the HARD way.

Thanks for stopping over to comment.

Stay safe out there.