09 April 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week.
The weekend cannot be far off now, can it?
We're looking at a nice sunrise today with temps rising from  the mid-30s to someplace near the neighborhood of sixty degrees.
(one of those NICER neighborhoods, I might add)
We've no chance of rain today, so get out and enjoy it while we got it.
Feel free to fill up your cup with your favorite morning beverage as we poke about and see what's floating past us today.
*** First out of the drainage ditch is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week.
"The makers of the Constitution: conferred, as against the government, the right to be let alone -- the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men."
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
And the clue can be found farther down today's post.
Meanwhile, back in the courtroom...
*** Next, we have a curiosity which happens to be a shiny spot on the planet Mars.
Here's the story link:
Something SHINY on the "red planet"?
Now what do you suppose it could be?
I've got some ideas.
-- Could be Putin trying to branch out with his "annexations".
-- Could be QVC expanding their line of Joan Rivers Collection jewelry.
-- Could be just another chunk of space debris.
-- Could be the reflection off of a Martian's sun glasses.
But what I REALLY think it is could be...
Pays to use a ZOOM lens.
Some empty 40 oz malt liquor can from one of the locals in my part of the ghettohood - they toss trash EVERYWHERE.
(moving on)
*** Next up,  CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE WINTER SOLDIER has broken April box office records with a whopping $96.2 MILLION buck weekend.
But in the global arena, it has made $303 MILLION bucks (so far)
Here's the story link (with movie trailer):
The sequel has made it to the top of the heap of ALL TIME for this month...not too shabby, "Cap".
And yes, there WILL be a Captain America 3 coming in May of 2016 (another reason to stay alive a couple more years).
-- In a somewhat "related" story, last night's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had references to the Captain America movie, and with it, some surprises for the team.
It seems HYDRA, the antagonist organization led by the Red Skull (Johan Schmidt) that was the target of Captain America during WW2 has resurfaced and been re-purposed - that being to take down SHIELD. And so far, they have things in wonderful disarray.
Bill Paxton guest-starred as the former good guy turned bad, and last night's show had even me guessing who was on which side.
I think at long last the realm of comic books has come into it's own on both the big AND small screen.
The continuity attached to them both is very well done, and should be commended.
Looks to be a decent "fit".
Even though I grudgingly accepted Disney buying out Marvel a while back, I am coming around to seeing this was a damn GOOD move for both parties.
*** As I stated in yesterday's post Dad said: "If it's not ONE damn thing, it's another".
Well, what usually takes place in my rather banal life almost EVERY 2-3 years without fail?
If you guessed the JURY DUTY gig, then give yourself a gold star!
Yes, it's true for about the FIFTH time since I moved here. Wifey hasn't been called yet, not that I want her to.
But, there is a "twist" this time around...more "data mining" from the Allen County Lords of the Realm.
What you get is an orange card in the mail, telling you to either call or go to a website and enter your jury selection number and "electronic signature", which is another number found on the card.
It's all part of the "ijuror" system, I guess to "streamline" an otherwise annoying process (yeah right).
Now, I've done several posts before about this, so you all know how "I" feel about it.
And while this isn't an official summons (yet), it IS a notification for "future consideration" for jury selection.
(there's just no getting through to SOME thick-headed morons in this city)
My thoughts on this are simple:
1) The judicial system is F$CKED UP and doesn't work as intended.
2) This is in direct violation of our Constitution's 13th Amendment.
3) I really don't like being COERCED (and neither should you).
4) Punishments never fit the crimes.
What I have concluded regarding WHY I keep getting called for this is just as simple:
It would appear that I am part of the TEN PERCENT of all the people in ALLEN COUNTY who are NOT FELONS.
(because felons cannot serve on a jury)
That would explain why NONE of the "neighbors" ever get called as well...lol.
The "comment" section on the e-form gave me a chance to get more than snarky with why I would make a very bad juror.
I said I am VERY BIASED (when it comes to stupid people), and that my ONLY civic duty is to be a good citizen, obey the laws, and stay the hell outta trouble.
And the last time I checked, jury duty was not a "requirement" , ordinance or law of the land...it's A REQUEST (for which they hold you in contempt of court if you ignore it), which makes me wonder HOW THE F$CK can you hold anyone "in contempt" of court when they're NOT present?
I'm not IN the damn court, you assholes, so how can you get away with that sh*t?
I gotta BE there (in the flesh) to be held in contempt.
Some people NEED to read this...
If this (again) comes down to me having to waste a morning going downtown and going through the motions, I will "refresh" the memories of the judge AND the attorneys what the THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT states in regard to indentured servitude (which is what jury duty is) and governmental coercion.
Hopefully, THEY will learn something for a change.
*** Lastly today,  how many rights do we have these days, and why don't we seem to have as many as in times past?
It's a given there are the rights granted by GOD, and in spite of all the idiots out there that seek to deny religion in our society, those rights are immutable and undeniable.
Other rights are granted by our founding documents, and pertain to personal liberty and freedom
Everything else becomes a PRIVILEGE...doesn't get ANY easier that that, does it?
And, as we all know, there has to be a specific REASON to deny rights granted by those documents, such as criminal activity and the like.
But those rights granted by God are irrevocable in nature.
So, if a person wants to be left alone, I don't have a single problem with that, and if that also means that the government backs the hell off from that person because of THEIR right in this matter...so be it.
We're not seeing much of that THESE days though...are we?
Instead we see government at every level, wishing to "impose" itself onto and into our lives in more ways than we can imagine...and that's inherently WRONG.
Our lives are our OWN for a reason, and it's not to serve at any beckon call of any government desire or whim.
Some need to read THIS, too.
If I bother no one in my life, and live it according to the laws of my God to the best of my abilities, I am already ahead of the curve when it comes to being a good citizen.
Like I say, you lead by EXAMPLE, and while none of us are perfect, and fall short of God's glory, we can always keep trying.
In cases like this, I think being a good person is a lot more difficult than being a bad one, and that's where a lot of people fall of the turnip truck.
Too many seek the easy way through life, and life itself was never meant to be "easy", so those folks are handicapped from the start.
We should remain vigilant when it comes to OUR rights, and know what our privileges are, or can be.
THAT makes us a better people...a stronger people.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"Now what do you suppose it could be?"

If you were a dedicated CNN watcher, you'd know it was debris from Flight 370. It must've gone WAY off course due to a black hole. Or a UFO. Or something. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I know making light of this isn't "right", but I have to LMAO over that.

Flight 370 - That's ONE conclusion I never even thought of...!

(something Canadian?)


Hey, thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

Have you ever considered that somewhere there is a juror selector computer that has read your blog, and uses you to take out its frustration at not being a Nintendo ds?

Bob G. said...

That a quaint thought from the HUMANISTIC standpoint.
On the "A-I" side, that's pretty damn scary to contemplate.

At this particular point in time, I concern myself MORE with the computer OPERATORS out there than the machines themselves.

(maybe next week, or after I watch TERMINATOR 3 again, I'll think differently)
Hey, thanks much for stopping by tocomment.

Stay safe out there.