02 May 2014

Friday Follies...
End of another exciting week (yawn)...can we stand the strain?
We've been promised rain all week, and so far, not hardly a shower (yet).
Today will be like a lot of days this week...GRAY skies, maybe some sun, maybe a breeze, and maybe we'll see temps reaching into the mid to upper fifties today (and maybe it'll become dark by nightfall, too...LOL).
If this all sounds a bit "hazy", well, you must be in (or near) Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Welcome to the Hoosierland, where weather can change by the MINUTE, and also where ambiguity seems to be the order of the day these days.
So sit back, take it easy for a spell, grab a refill of your morning beverage, and allow me to guide you carefully into this weekend.
*** First off of the coroner's slab comes this story that gives us our FOURTH homicide this year.
You KNEW this was coming on the SE side...
Here's the link(such as it is):
Never saw that much newsprint devoted to nothing being said.
The GOOD news is that the FWPD have provided the actual LOCATION of this fight-turned-deadly.
This took place around 2015 hrs last evening at the CLARK station at Drexel and Wayne Trace Rd.
If he WANTED premium, he shoulda SAID so!
The lack of any and all OTHER pertinent information...well, that's the bad news ((ahem)).
No one seems to know if it was a STAB wound or a GUNSHOT wound, because that information wasn't released. Obviously, the NAMES were not released (gotta tell the next-of-kin), and the "person of interest" has yet to be arrested (Self defense? Then why flee the scene?)
Guess our FWPD "capo" Garry (read empty uniform) wants to play this DOWN (as in way down) because it happened on the SE side of town, and at the gas station that was recently called out when a woman claimed she had WATER mixed with her GAS.
Haven't heard what the disposition of THAT was, but the station manager seemed to want to make good on it.
This area is a hole...honestly. I used to drive past there every morning.
Not a place one wants to frequent.
Hopefully, SOMEONE will be forthcoming with SOME (real) information.
*** Next up...last evening, Adam Widener (WANE) concluded his 3-part investigative story about FWPD officers being "Too Old To Patrol?".
Here's the link to the video and story:
Very good job.
Adam spoke with councilmen Mitch Harper (who's got a good plan to handle this) and "Smilin" Tom Smith, who basically wants the STATUS QUO (not to be confused with a very good Brit band by the SAME name from the 70s).
Smith never wants to rock the boat unless it affects him and HIS  (1st) district, which has a lot LESS crime than we do down here.
I never trust a guy that makes light of something this important, as he seems to do.
Damn shame that Glynn (hurray for racecards) Hines wasn't interviewed...like he'd want to change anything either.
Hey, at least he's got a good SINGING voice, right?
Smith (pictured above) wants to have the mandatory age limit REPEALED...that'll make the crims sleep a LOT better at night, knowing that septuagenarians might be chasing them after they rob a store or shoot someone.
Grow a damn pair, Tommy Boy, and do what is right for ALL concerned, and stop feathering YOUR cap.
York wants to RAISE the limit to age 70 (he's still another empty suit).
I dunno...if the perps were in their 70s or 80s, I might go along with this bunch of BS, but I can't considering the TYPE of criminal LEOs have to deal with THESE days...a lot more violent and younger every generation.
This could well come back to bite them in their (aged) asses...we shall see.
*** And now, an update to something I covered in yesterday's post.
Martin Gonzales-Medina
In case you haven't seen the face of the 50-year old HISPANIC man (said to be from Indy...didn't know they moved that city to MEXICO) transporting with intent to distribute about a TON of "MJ", here he is, for all to view...(LOSER).
*** If you're planning for an apocalypse (and who ISN'T these days), then an event in the Summit City might be just up your alley.
Here's the story link:
Imagine that - a PRIMITIVE SKILLS gathering at the OLD FORT this weekend.
Lots of things from growing your own food to herbal medicine...and then some.
They also will have hide tanning (my mom used to practice that with me when I misbehaved), fire starting, finger-weaving, flint knapping (I like ME napping), gourd containers and wig-wam framing.
Or, you could just stock up and hoard items you'll need like ammo, TP, water, dried foods and the like...your call.
*** Last back to the bunker today is a really cool "feel-good" story from our neighboring state of Ohio.
Here's the story link:
I never went to either of my proms (money issues, plus not many girls wanted to go guys like me - I was a nerd of sorts), so I find it wonderful that one teen asked his great grandma to go with him to the pron...and she is only 89 years old.
There is a great couple.
He got her a pearl necklace and had the DJ play a song her late husband used to sing to her "Delores" by Frank Sinatra.
A pre-prom meal at the local Bob Evans started the evening off well.
The teen, one Austin Dennison, is an Eagle Scout, plays on several teams at his high school and is in the school's band.
Oh, and he attends his local church faithfully.
It's always good to see excellent examples of good role models, no matter how young or old they might be.
This young man has the right attitude, a large heart, and that type of "reverence" young people USED to show for grandparents (or anyone older than them).
Like I said yesterday, we all remember our grandparents as being up-in-years when we first knew them as toddlers.
And, it's nice to be able to bring some happiness into a senior life that has seen (and done) so much, been through all sorts of things we can't envision, and to lose many along the way as they age.
It's more than nice actually...it's fit and proper to do so.
Do have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Only four homicides to date this year? Wow, sounds like the local malefactors are running behind. I guess they'll have to play some serious catch-up ball this summer.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
While I don't think we'll come close to LAST year's number (forty-five homicides), I DO think that since the weather FINALLY broke, the aborigines will be back on track once again.
There are always more perps to take the place of the dead ones, unfortunately.
But, we DO have all those over (mandatory) retirement age officers to chase them down.
Be interesting to see how this shakes out, hmm?

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend out there in Cuomo-Land and do stay safe.

ms nk rey said...

I love the story about the prom date. How sweet is that boy?

CWMartin said...

Are you saying Harper and Smith are Matchstick Men?

I had seen the prom story. I bet he had the best time of anyone there- and he'll actually remember it the next day!

Bob G. said...

Yeah, that was such a goof story.
Goes to show you that people like US enjoy such folks, value nice people and how well they treat and care about seniors, right?

Makes me believe that the world DOES have hope.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking time to comment.

Stay safe down there & have a great weekend.

Bob G. said...

Tom Smith certainly DOES fit the criteria.
Cant say the same for Harper at this point. At least HE wants to uphold the current (age) law AND enforce it.

As for the prom story?
Yeah, both he AND great-grandma WILL surely remember it, and no worries about photos in compromising situations appearing on YouTube, right?

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.
Have yourselves a great weekend up there and stay safe, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Great story about Delores and the prom. I had missed that one. We need more people like her great grandson.

I did laugh at your hide-tanning crack. My experience in that area is the same--and I confess to deserving it back in the day.

Bob G. said...

Glad you found that story as pleasing to the heart an soul as we did.
Yeah, mom coulda had a SECOND career as a "hide-tanner"...LOL.
(there was this barber shop razor strop that I recall...)

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe out there.