05 May 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to another jam-packed week here in the Heartland of America...such as it is.
Another gray sky greets us this Monday, with another chance of rain, that will eventually give way to sunshine at some point today.
Highs will be in the upper 50s and there may be a breeze (depending on how much hot air is coming out of D.C.).
So, I trust you're ready, willing and able to greet this week.
Feel free to top off that cup of your favorite morning drink on this Cinco De Mayo,  as we get busy with..."The REST of the story..."
*** First out of the sack today is an update to the 4th (official) homicide of this year in Allen County.
It WAS a stabbing at that Clark station and the victim was ID'ed as Raynell C. White, 30, and if that name seems familiar, refer to my archive post from 22 Sep 2011, where you will find his rap sheet I posted after a pursuit that busted his ass again.
Have to thank someone on the WANE comment page who actually found my link before I did and posted it there...got some sharp people out there.
*** There was ALSO a shooting in the Willow Crack...I mean CREEK Crossing Apartments that left another man dead, but police have not been forthcoming with details.
Some people have said it was an accident, or a suicide, and the other media seems to have buried THIS story faster than the victim.
I say don't let head-cases get to guns and don't mess with firearms after midnight, unless you're shooting a burglar.
Here's the updated story link from WOWO anyway:
Alexander Stephens, 23 was the victim, and his address is NOT at Willow Creek (as of 2012 anyway).
He's only got priors for minor traffic violation like DUIs, too.
Certainly not a career criminal in the manner we're used to seeing..
*** And we also had another STANDOFF with police yesterday in the 4000 block of Oliver St, down (where else?) in the SOUTHEAST side of town.
Joshua Logue was the person causing all the ruckus, and was taken peacefully into custody.
*** Now, having dispensed with THAT crap, time for our roller-coaster weekend here at the "Fortress of Reason".
Wifey and I started off the weekend well enough...our usual grocery store run, followed by our bi-monthly fill-up at the S. Anthony BP (closest station to us with that brand, plus we have a BP credit card - makes things easier in the ghettohood).
That's a LOT of posies, folks!
After that, a brief (?) stop at Menards for some flowers and garden plants...close to FIFTY BUCKS WORTH in fact.
I made myself some breakfast (ham, cheese and mushroom omelet - yum) and when that was over with, we both got busy planting some of the stuff we bought.
We managed to fill up most ALL the pots for the patio, as well as the two planters on both sides of our front steps.
When we work together, we can REALLY get stuff done, I will say that.
Anyway, after THAT was completed, we still had ALL these flowers left over, and I STILL have to plant my tomatoes and cayenne.
So, I settled back to relax my tired body when I noticed a "new" bird on the patio.
I whipped out my camera and got a couple shots, and called the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. over to see this critter.
Turns out it's a definite "newbie" to our patio buffet - a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak...how about that?
Always nice to see something I've never seen before LIVE.
The BEST part is that TWO of them (both males) came by YESTERDAY...on the patio!
I'm willing to bet that the females have to be close by.
So, that was our day this past Saturday...the NIGHT was a completely OTHER story...
Always something happening there - gimme dat dope,
Around 6PM (1800 hrs) vehicles started to show up at the "crib" across the street that intersects ours, and eventually, as the sun went down, I couldn't get ANY good pictures, but house wound up with a total of close to SEVENTEEN vehicles total...and the night was just getting revved up...!
They took up BOTH sides of our street with all these vehicles for over a HALF block alone, with THREE of them in front of OUR place.
Two vehicles were parked along our property line on the side, with several others across the street.
We had enough vehicles there to make one think there was a house going up for AUCTION (they always fill the streets when that happens).
And naturally, with ALL the cars come ALL the people (in them), and that means ALL the LOUD.
People were outside "talking" very loudly, and you just KNOW there was booze and drugs there.
The loud Mnsic was spotty but ALSO able to be heard from INSIDE out house.
So, when this party had not ceased by 1AM Sunday, I called it into FWPD dispatch and told them there was drinking and possibly drug use there.
I tried to get back to sleep, so I didn't know if any officer came by, but around 2AM when I STILL heard the racket, I called it in AGAIN...told the same girl in dispatch that "There are some NORMAL people down here that like to get something called SLEEP..."
I was getting a bit bothered by now, so she said she'd REOPEN the call and send out another officer.
Around 0230 hrs, it finally began to close up...this is just not acceptable.
This is one of those (seemingly MANY) ordinances that is never taken as seriously as it SHOULD be, and with solid reason.
Whenever you have one of these "party houses" open up, there is ALWAYS the potential for a worst-case scenario to unfold.
Check my archive posts from say 3 APRIL 2009, or 11 AUGUST 2010, or 1 FEBRUARY 2011, and you will see that these so-called PARTY HOUSES have a bad reputation, at last on the (where else?) SOUTHEAST SIDE of town.
And to think I put the trash bun from that house BACK on their side of the street (as a gesture)...goes to show that NO GOOD DEED EVER GOES UNPUNISHED, hmm?
*** Now, I said all that to say THIS...
Yesterday, I was still fuming (probably from sleep deprivation, thanks to the locals), when I noticed an older white male in a SUIT, walking with a cane down the street.
Don't typically see THAT around here, that's for sure.
Anyway, I watch the man, ad he doesn't seem to stop any other house, so I'm thinking he's not selling anything, but he comes across the street an up our steps to OUR door and knocks.
(okay, who did I cheese off now for not bothering anyone?)
I answer the door, and it's someone from the Roanoke Baptist Church...they usually seem YOUNGER and come in pairs.
Turns out his name is James Bachman, and he's the Pastor Emeritus OF the church.
So, we spend the next 15 (or so) minutes chatting about the neighborhood, God, Sunday school (which I used to teach back in Philly), shared some scriptures, gave each other some testimony, and basically had a nice brief fellowship, to which we shook hands, and he handed me those little flyers (tracts) from the church and then went on his merry way.
The cane made him walk slower than normal, so after telling Wifey about this, I returned to the door to see which direction he went and if he was alright.
I could not SEE him anywhere...and I didn't hear any car come by to pick him up, either.
I didn't see him head to any other house, or back up the street or down it...it's as though he "vanished".
Now you can believe what you will, but I look upon this as one of those "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers..." kinda gig from the book of Hebrews.
The rest of the verse goes "...For thereby some have entertained angels unawares."
Now, I really NEEDED some "uplifting" after the prior evening, and I couldn't get this verse out of my mind...like "someone" knew what I NEEDED.
I have a pretty good idea as to WHO "knew", and we'll let it rest with that, kapeesh?
*** Last back to the barn today...life is so much more than we can imagine, if we take time to have some courage to take the journey with sincere intent.
It's like the walking on water scene with Jesus and the Apostles.
Peter was the only one who got out of the boat to meet our Lord, but because of his lack of faith, he began to sink, until Jesus held him up.
It's okay to ride out whatever storm life uses to toss us about, some there are those times when we really need to consider "getting out the boat", and move by FAITH.
That's not easy, but when you know whatever you do is RIGHT and JUST, it does make such a decision less fraught with angst.
It's much easier to do whatever you please, ignore laws, guidelines, authority...whatever, but the result of such decision-making is what makes the evening news, right?
The more you try and do the right thing, the easier THAT becomes, until you do it without having to think on it...like riding a bike...and you never forget how to do it, either.
THAT is what more people should be striving to do in life...not things that bother others needlessly and without provocation.
It's what we used to do a lot more in this country, and we were better off because of it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

God DOES know what we need, and occasionally He lets someone else in on it. If He knew you needed that verse, He may well have "covered your eyes" as your guest left. Or supplied him a Segway.

One thing I've learned in doing my Sunday messages- the less effort I put into it- and the less I expect from it- the more I hear from people who say, that's just what I needed to hear.

This week, I think I had a little more of my opinion scattered in than what He wanted. Empty comment box. Next week, I could take out 60% of the post and it might get 10 comments. He has His way of doing business, and a lot of times it ain't the way I did it.

Or like at work. I let stuff build up, I start to whine. I pray about it, and God reminds me how blessed I am with THIS job, THIS level of health, etc. So I pray for peace over the problem, and minutes later, my boss comes out, we chat, the twisted emotions just loosen up, and I'm good again. I don't have the answers to my questions/complaints, but I feel better about being a typical mortal "happy idiot.".

BTW- it's a good thing we weren't neighbors 30 years ago. You'd have hated me...

Bob G. said...

I could not agree more.
There used to be an old saying that went something like:
"I once complained about having no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

All that we are we owe to HIM, and not what we choose to become...there is the difference.
What we do with what HE provides is the key.

Guess that makes me a "happy idiot" as well.
Nice to know I'm in great company, brother.
I probably wouldn't know how to make it ANY other way, hmm?

Thanks much for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.

gadfly said...

My mind has stopped working whenever Bob G. does his frequent reporting on crime in the 'hood. But suddenly it occurs to me that we haven't given the Mayor enough credit for ending the rampant killing spree that reduced the population of Fort Wayne by what - 45 or 46 of its residents last year. And it was all so simple to do. Yepper, just appoint a black police chief!

That is my two cents worth and I am sticking with it.

Bob G. said...

We can't have your mind stop working, otherwise we'd not get those great posts of YOURS...

And unless this black police chief is VERY tight with MOTHER NATURE, I'd conclude that the weather had a larger part to play in the drop in crime thus far in the Summit City...lol.

Even the "crims" don't take much to winters like the one we just "enjoyed"...do they?

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.