07 May 2014

Humpday Happenings...
And here we are at mid-week with some cloudy skies staring back at us here in the Hoosierland.
If you like warmer weather, then today (and tomorrow) will be YOUR cup of tea.
Temps are slated to rise into the low EIGHTIES today...
That's the first time in over 200 days in Indiana (has it been that long?).
Yep, time flies when you have to shovel all that snow we had this past winter.
The sun will be poking through eventually, just not right at the moment.
Now, let's get busy with what's been going on as you go and fill up that cup with your favorite morning beverage...
*** First out of the tanning salon today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"The negative side to globalization is that it wipes out entire economic systems, and in doing so, wipes out the accompanying culture."
If you follow the news, then you can see why this quote is so very timely in nature.
So, WHO said it? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the sociology lecture hall...
*** I'm sure you've heard the latest bit of propaganda spewing forth from the "Ministry is What We Say Is Right", otherwise known as the White House regarding "climate change"...
Yep, we're sweating our balls off...NOT!
Here's a story link from the local paper:
By now, I would think that enough people have beaten this "dead horse" sufficiently, so as to render it incapable of anything other than the glue factory, but NOW...we've got to run this by "we, the people" once again in a vane attempt to DIVERT our attention from matters more important.
Am I saying that climate change is NOT important or does not exist?
No, it's just that whatever "change" has been occurring on the planet has been done by it's own volition, with minimal "help" from mankind.
Oh, God...WHEN will they figure this out?
The Earth goes through it's OWN cycles...that's been proven.
We CAN affect the climate on a SHORT-TERM basis...also been proven (London, industrial revolution, brown skies from pollution and cooler temps).
But, the planet manages to fix itself...time and again.
The polar ice pack has been at it's THICKEST in recent years...again, PROVEN.
And this is making it a bit difficult for polar bears to get to food sources...they're not dying because of drowning.
Yep, this is what is happening...
I've also spoken here about AXIAL PRECESSION or "wobble" as the Earth spins on it's axis.
For those of you out there with a few minutes to waste, here's a WIKI that explains it in detail.
This wobble can shift the Earth enough to change certain climates around the globe...anyone recall the mini ice age back in history?
It happened between the 16th - 19th centuries and here is THAT WIKI:
Certainly, we cannot blame "man-made greenhouse gases" for THAT one...can we?
(maybe they had a lot more COWS FARTING?)
Not MY Uncle Sam!
Yet, those in the Obummer administration want us to believe that "we" are the culprits...a blame game...a forced guilt upon the people, and with that a "fear" of what could happen because of US...
It's that ginned-up fear that will cause some to cave into whatever mandates this president wants to put forth, and that includes an increased "war" on coal...as if all the other WARS he's created and declared aren't enough.
When are people going to understand that, although we CAN cause some level of irreparable harm to the planet, we are NOT, and even if we are, it's not in sufficient quantity or scope to adversely affect the way this planet operates?
I think we need to watch, look and listen for the TRUTH to this matter...it might surprise the hell out of us all, and put an end to all the lies being tossed at us from the White House and it's crony leftist scientists.
Moving on...
*** This is another one of those stories that just makes SO damn much sense...
Here's the link:
122nd Indiana ANG Warthog
You all know about the A-10 "Warthog" aka Thunderbolt II, built back in the early 1970s by the (now defunct) Fairchild Aiorcraft Company, right?
Well, there are a LOT of combat vets who ALSO know about this aircraft...and are ALIVE to tell the tale BECAUSE of it.
The Pentagon (bossed around by Obummer's minions) want to retire the current inventory of 283 ships for another aircraft believed to be as good if not better than this one. Putting the warthogs out to pasture WILL save the military $4.2 billion over 5 years (so the officials say).
What the Pentagon wants to do is find a replacement, and it thinks it can do so (for now) with the F-16s and the F-15Es (both from the 70s ALSO) as well as the soon to be deployed F-35 JSF.
Joint Strike Fighters
Now, I like ALL those other "zoomers", but you have to take into consideration the "mission-specific" capabilities OF the A-10...bred for ONE task - close ground support...a job that this little bugger EXCELS at.
And like the story says, who wants to take a multi-billion dollar aircraft like the F-35 and fly it "down in the weeds" where it risks the possibility of being a lot more vulnerable than the Warthog (which has an excellent survivability rate when taking fire)?
Beechcraft T-6C
Of course, what the story does NOT mention is (yet) another possible replacement for the A-10...and that is the Beechcraft T-6 (Texan II), which is actually derived from the PC-9 (turboprop-driven) aircraft made in Switzerland.
Here is the Beechcraft T-6 WIKI:
And, the Pilatus PC-9 WIKI:
Seems this plane can be armed up well enough to provide close support for ground-pounders, but it IS even SLOWER than the A-10, which can render it more susceptible to ground fire...and no armored "tub" to protect the crew like in the A-10.
Battle-proven and saving  troops...for DECADES!
I say stick with the Warthog...it'll cost less in the long run, save a lot more lives on the ground, and will provide what the troops NEED a lot better than what the politicians WANT.
*** Next up, When you keep breaking the law, and keep getting arrested for breaking those laws, don't compound your level of stupidity by running from police and then bitching to the officers that you're tired of being arrested.
Uh oh...here we go again...
Here's proof of such chronic behavior:
Goes to show the depths of "idiocity" some are willing to sink to, doesn't it?
All this stemmed from a concerned citizen calling in a suspicious vehicle that was occupied (kinda like what I love to do...lol).
Whatta MOOK!
The man eventually arrested, one Jawan Jordan, was acting "odd" going from the front seat to the back seat and using a lighter.
(a lot of people can be seen in the ghettohood pulling to a curb JUST to smoke a joint of some crack...typical)
When the officer pulls up and approaches the car, a silver Saturn Vue, the driver pulls away.
Speeding through several stoplights, the Saturn eventually headed to a grassy lot near the intersection of Rodgers and Redwood Aves.
Both driver and passenger bailed, and a K-9 unit was brought to scene where Jordan was found hiding in a back yard not that much later.
Jordan stated that he successfully ran from police before and wanted to see if he could do it again (evidently...not).
Welcome Baa-aacckk!
He has a nice RAP SHEET, too, going back to 2005, with multiple alcohol consumption citations, never receiving a license (too much like WORK, I'd wager), unauthorized entry of a vehicle, speeding, disregarding automatic signals, battery and criminal mischief (2009), receiving stolen property, and this latest misadventure which includes resisting law-enforcement.
(but, he's probably a good father, brother, son...what the f*ck ever...more bullshit)
Address is listed as 4508 Bowser Ave.(46806 - in MY zip code naturally) from 2009-present, before that, it was 4624 Pinecrest Dr. (46809), then before that, it was 2923 Alexander St (46806).
Bet he gets tossed back on the street by week's end (to continue his crap all over again)...
What do you think?
*** Last back to the outhouse today...we live in the global arena, and this, according to our quote, can have adverse effects upon our culture. I'd like to add that the MEDIA is often the worst culprit when it comes to losing our culture, and that also takes place in the very same "arena".
We live in an age with 24/7 news coverage, and that also means 24/7 propaganda, which can be cleverly disguised AS the news.
We can easily see that when you can induce FEAR into a populace, in their haste to find a resolution, the people can often become quite "malleable"...or compliant to whatever is coming down the pike.
-- Claim global warming...there's the fear.
-- Have a vaccine shortage...another fear.
-- Rising crime and violence...yet another fear.
-- Energy consumption woes...more fear.
-- Artificially inflated prices...still more fear.
-- Threat of a pandemic...lots of fear.
These are but the tip of the spear in what the propagandists love to toss our way, all in the hope of obfuscation to the point where we'd rather turn to government for solutions than turn to our OWN resources, as we have in the past..
Many times, these threats are well crafted (manufactured), and are manipulated for "our benefit", but it then becomes our job to read further into this...look deeper for the real answers, and never be afraid to seek out...THE TRUTH.
And when we find that truth, let others know about it, and stand fast IN that truth.
That is how this nation moves forward, and without all the fear that some would have us cling to.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

First, you know of course that Jawan has already been set aside for a future MWN...

Second, as far as the quote... those who favor globalization are already trying to break down the cultures referred to, to make the globalization easier. It goes hand in hand for "the soulless ones".

Bob G. said...

I would expect no less than have you mention him in a MWN post...lol.

And yes, that's the way this globalization seems to be going...
Could we say that the person speaking that quote bordered on the prophetic?
Sure makes you wonder.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there.