06 May 2014

If It's Tuesday, It MUST Be...
National Teacher Day...that's right, folks, today is the day.
And we'll be taking a look at that, along with some other "stuff" shortly, but before that happens, let's see what our weather is looking like.
The Hoosierland will be seeing rising temps close to 70 degrees, with a lot more sunshine than we've been privy to in recent days.
Still, this morning is rather "brisk" outside.
Looks to be a great day to take the boom car out, polish those "24s", crank up that several thousand dollar stereo in the trunk, and annoy every living soul around the SE side of town. Sounds like a plan to which we will see NO enforcement of the laws against such behavior.
Welcome to the Tuesday edition, with all the bells and whistles contained herein.
So, without any further ado, go fill that cup back up and let's see what's going on...
*** First out of the classroom is this National Teacher Day (which is part of TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK), and this happens in America on the first full week of May, and YES, there IS a WIKI for this as seen here:
And here is the NEA website:
This is a day to acknowledge all that teachers do in our lives, and I can say that I owe a LOT to many who did take the time to show me more about myself and what I was capable of, starting from grade school on out to high school graduation.
Amazing how you can still recall the name of your very FIRST teacher (mine was one Mrs Edna Burnside from the G.L. Horn School in Philly).
Now, today is NOT a "holiday", and I will probably see NO hard-partying around the ghettohood well, I might anyway, knowing the "locals"), because too many ethnics tend to look at education as a "white thing" which is another race-baiting ploy by some to annoy others, sadly.
Hell, I don't even see schoolkids carrying BOOKS to OR from school around here.
Still, when it comes down to brass tacks, TEACHERS are like a "second parent", in that they have spent a fair amount of time with you (or your child) and that helps shape who that child (or you) will become.
This doesn't mean that we should apply the nomenclature of "baby-sitter" to ANY educator...their job is TEACHING, not parenting, got it?
So, to ALL the teachers out there (including the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G.) I applaud what you do, not just on THIS day of recognition, but every day, for without all of you, we'd have a lot MORE dumbasses roaming around, and right now, that's the LAST thing this country needs...or wants.
Moving on...
*** The FWPD have finally gotten around to arresting the guy in the pickup truck who was a "person-of-interest" in the fatal stabbing of one Raynell White at a Clark gas station over the weekend.
Here's the story link:
David Randall Cocklin, age 56, of 10109 Moon Valley Drive, Fort Wayne, is the suspect being charged with murder
And he's a WHITE guy, so you just KNOW this one will be in everyone's face rather than all the other black-on-black or black-on-white crime.
His priors are a lot fewer than the victim's, I will say that much with mainly OWI citations and a hit and run back in 2004.
He sure has a good felony charge NOW, though.
Could have been self-defense, but that will have to be determined.
*** The person killed in the Willow Creek Crossing apartments has also been ID'ed as one Alexander T. Freeman, age 23.
The coroner has STILL not released the C.O.D. but his choices are only five - homicide, suicide, accidental, natural, and undetermined.
If you recall the case with Joshua Frisby over a year ago, the coroner took MONTHS to decide that the COD was in fact a HOMICIDE.
Now, in THIS instance, Freeman was a relatively new father with an infant (Elijah), and his fiancee` who happens to be a daughter of one of our former neighbors that moved out by Harlan, Indiana about a decade ago.
Last time we were out there was back on 28 Sept 2010 (see archives)
My friend's parents were killed in a car accident out west of town in 2003, and the money that was left to him allowed he and his wife to get a house built out in God's country.
Back in 2004
Nice place complete with horses.
Eric was the fellow I was out there shooting with when I posted the pictures here.
And his one daughter (of two) was someone I used to play Frisbee with on our street (with Eric and his other daughter when they were still in school), but that was when this neighborhood was far removed from the Aborigine-infested ghettohood it has become since then.
Doesn't seem to be a whole lotta good happening to my buddy, adding this to the mix. Now he's got a single mom (daughter) with a grandchild in tow.
According to those commenting at the WANE site, one person states it was not a suicide, but another said he (Freeman) "was going through issues".
I'd bet Eric didn't take to him that well, knowing that his future son-in-law got busted for pot and was cited for DUI a few times.
Dads are like that with their daughters...PROTECTIVE!
We shall see what the coroner decides...in HIS own good time, obviously.
*** And that brings me to why I usually shy away from all these "social media" places.
What a tangled "web" we have created.
I do THIS BLOG, and sometimes comment on the WANE page (CWM knows that much...lol), but there are these TROLLS that still hide under the bridges built in the realm of social media, make no mistake about it.
And I MEAN it...LOL.
Naturally, such "people" (and I use that word very loosely) see it as their "job" (for they have no real one to speak of) to denigrate other people for whatever they might say, and it's the usual situation...they have no reply whenever someone states fact...or speaks to reason and truth, so they bust on the "messenger"...typical LIBERAL behavior.
And it's something I have no time for at all.
Without knowing anything about who YOU are or your situation or your life in general, they make a judgment call, spewing vitriol in every direction.
Need GALLONS of this for the WANE site.
It can be the atheist that blasts you for being a CHRISTIAN, or a tree-hugging lock-stepper that calls you a a FASCIST because you want what's right for everyone who should be obeying the law, or it can be some loon calling you a terrible person for just speaking the truth...not YOUR truth or THEIR truth, but one of those UNIVERSAL TRUTHS about human nature, which is always categorically undeniable.
It was once said that opinions are like assholes - everyone has one...so be it.
Graduated with honors!
But, if a person has nothing to contribute to a comment board or has only the reason to be contradictory for that sake alone, then maybe they should just STFD and STFU...period.
I will never debate anyone with whom I cannot reach because of THEIR inability to do likewise...and I've stated that trying to do so is like shooting an UNARMED person.
Yes, even I have my limitations, and know that only fools fight in burning houses.
Nuff said on that.
*** Last back to the auditorium today...human nature is something we ALL have to deal with...sooner or later.
And we can thank our CULTURE for the manner that people ACT and REACT these days...we are all products of both our upbringing as well as our environment. When our culture deviates from what we used to call normal, so does human nature and behaviors.
Too many go around in life with blinders on - a tunnel-vision mentality where they ONLY believe in what they think is right, without educating themselves, or listening to those that were teaching them in school.
For, if they did pay more attention, they would ask questions, and/or seek answers when none were forthcoming, rather than just kick back and hit the cruise-control in life.
They would be more self-reliant, less self-effacing, more thoughtful of others, and hell, they might even start helping one another a lot more...kinda like the way we USED to be as a nation. Sure beats helping themselves TO others.
I can only speak to that which I have experienced through my life, and it will not include deception...only the truth.
Mark Twain seemed to have the market cornered on THAT one when he said "Tell the truth, that way you won't have to remember anything".
Sounds like a solid plan to me.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

A little dazed and sore today, so just two quick things-
1- Happy Teachers day! For the good ones like your Mrs, it should be a month!

2- once again, your troll thing reminded me of the Sunday message this week. Probably it's the part that God didn't want in there...

Bob G. said...

Well, this IS a whole week w/ the teacher appreciation.
Still, I think back to a time when we appreciated our teachers ALL you as you mention...you have to care about someone that has the ability to makes us (as children and teens) BETTER people and better [prepared for the nasty old world.

I don't have any "sway" with the Almighty, so let's chalk my trolling comments and opinions up to "divine inspiration"?
(as to that, my recent WANE comments seem to elicited more compliments than scorn - so much for being a fascist...lol)

Hey, thank you for taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe (and well-rested) up there.

Slamdunk said...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to your Mrs.--we thank them all for the work they do.

And glad that you put the trolls in their place. I am all for water-boarding, if that sort of movement gains steam.

Enjoy your Hump Day, Bob.

Bob G. said...

Thank you for acknowledging the work all the good educators perform fop=r our students.
And I also would love to water-board some of the trolls...Lord knows they could at least use a "bath"...LOL.

Thanks for dropping by today to comment.

Stay safe out thre.