21 May 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Well, since we had a power outage (I call them "power-farts" due to brevity) that lasted JUST long enough to reboot the computers,
I lost everything I typed so far...SO, we'll do a more "abbreviated" version, and hopefully, I'll have recalled enough to make it worthwhile.
Today's Hooseriland weather...RAIN...some t-storms passing through, and temps around 80 degrees, with all the humidity that comes with it.
Fun stuff, huh?
Well, the sun's out for the time being...guess it's not ALL bad, hmm?
So, let's get right back into this mess, and see what we can sort the hell out.
And don't forget that morning beverage...it seems we're gonna need it after all, hmm?
*** First out of the library today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"We become wiser by adversity; prosperity destroys our appreciation of the right."
So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the silver age of latin...
*** Yep, more crime on the SOUTHEAST SIDE...and here's the story:
This happened around 2345 hrs last night at the Arbors of South Towne Square Apartments, located at 7911 Decatur Rd.
A woman was taken to hospital in serious condition with multiple stab wounds, but was later downgraded to critical.
A man, who was in a relationship with the woman (and at the apartment) has been taken into custody by the FWPD, and it a he who called police to the scene.
Police have not released the names of those involved, or would say what type of weapon was used or if a weapon had been found.
(would not surprise me if the participants were non-white)
*** Next up, more spirited City Council meetings...
Here's this story:
Seems Mark GiaQuinta (FWCS school board member? well, he IS  lawyer) was on hand, along with the Alan Shore wannabe, Tim Pape (former council member) and they took to task the 3 ordinances up for PROPOSAL and DISCUSSION regarding collective bargaining.
The dems don't want it, because they'd rather see the unions in bed with the politicians...and we all know how well THAT worked out in say...DETROIT, right?
Republicans want to save taxpayers some money...can't see a problem with that if it's the REAL intention here. Oh, and Marty Bender (R-at large) would not comment of the proceedings when asked afterwards (typical lapdog for the mayor response).
He did say he never belonged to a union (as a member of the FWPD, one might think he was, but I guess not).
Lockstepping strikes again...
But, there was some good news...council DID "rubber-stamp" another $5 MIL of LEGACY funds for the Ash Brokerage parking facility, as I said they would (downtown, where else?)...against many citizens wishes...(again, typical politics - run slipshod over the people fast enough and often enough...maybe they won't catch on).
Some will.
*** And speaking of DOWNTOWN...the Downtown Improvement District (D.I.D.) "did" it again (pun intended), with this story:
Yep, these people got some BIG ideas for downtown (and it never seems to end).and that means they will have to look to NON-PROFITS for funding (guess they're running out of taxpayer money already?)
There is this mention of a "fair-share" contributions...sounds more like OBAMUNISM at work here.
But there are some "ideas" proposed by another consultant (from the pot-smoking capital of Denver) that is costing money.
•Hiring ambassadors to direct downtown visitors
•Planting vegetable gardens at bus stops
•Taking over parking management from city officials
•Creating “parklets” in blocked-off areas as small as one parking space
•Adopting an assessment structure that allows for increases based on inflation
Are you kidding me?
Veggie gardens at BUS STOPS???
We KNOW what these people are smoking, so we don't have to ask THAT, but really?
This is nonsense.
Meanwhile, parts of the city continue to decline, both in infrastructure and demographic shifts...
Who is helping US? Who is even looking out for US at this point?
(sure ain't anyone "downtown")
*** Next, The GM meltdown over recalls continues, as evidenced HERE:
Yeah, they're on par to at least MATCH the recall record of 2004 (11.8 mil units), and it begs the question about UNIONS, especially the UAW...are we getting the most "bang for the buck" here?
Well, when we used to have cars that cost a helluva lot LESS, were safer and less prone to ANY recalls, and were completely manufactured in the USofA...we DID.
Sounds like a good deal...right?
Then, the unions got greedy, raised pay scales for workers who did LESS (thanks to robotics), farmed out sub-assemblies to other countries, and basically caused vehicles prices to rise close to TEN TIMES what the 1960s counterparts used to cost.
Sorry, doesn't smell like PROGRESS to me, when you add in all the damn recalls.
-- Right now, the ONLY vehicles NOT being recalled by GM are as follows:
1969 Z-28
1967 Impala convertibles.
1953 Oldsmobile 88s
1969 Camaro Z-28s
1938 Buick Coupes
1903 Oldsmobile runabouts.
1968 Buick Skylarks
1970 Pontiac Trans Ams
1939 Cadillac
1939 Cadillac sedans
1957 Chevy pickups and panel trucks
Yeah...that's about it...ROFLMAO!
*** Last back to the garage today...whenever greed gets in the way of ANYTHING...nothing good will come of it, and you can quote ME on that one.
We see it in politics, manufacturing, city operations, education...you name it.
And with such greed comes a hedonistic attitude which fuels a vicious cycle.
You need to "feed the beast" when it comes to hedonism, and that can only be done through greed.
I suppose greed can be "good" (in the PC world) as was once stated in the movie Wall Street, but in most every case, greed is NOT good, and only leads to harm for those seeking it. When the expectation of the things that make up greed are not met, greed can become deadly...and that's why crime is as it is.
Also, greed always takes from something or someone, and that leaves behind a gap in that something (or someone).
Greed COSTS...often to many but mostly to some or a few.
And, we can see the results in the vehicles we drive (as they get recalled), the city we live in (as parts are ignored that need help), or discussion (when some parties are unwilling to enter into honest debate over an issue).
People can make better decisions, and avoid all the angst associated with greed, but that, like many things in life requires WORK, and that's something many don't want to bother with...damn shame, we used to be better than that.
I think we CAN become better again, if we ALL want to.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America


John DuMond said...

"Are you kidding me?
Veggie gardens at BUS STOPS???"

Only until medical marijuana is legalized in Indiana. Then they can have pot plants growing at bus stops. You know, in case any of FW's mass transit users are feeling "ill." ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Iy would seem you're ahead of that curve...lol.

We know WHAT type of illness they're talking about too, don't we?

Got a cure for that illness...get RID of the democrats!
Only a LIBERAL could come up with ideas like vegetable gardens at bus stops and believe it's a GOOD thing for the downtown area...like "Michelle ma belle".

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

1. GiaQuinta: One of my first sights after naptime today was the man behind AWB posting on FB: "In other news, Mark GiaQuinta is still an asshole." Then I heard why. Not only dismissive of others, but insulting too. Typical (perhaps prototypical) lib.

2. DID. Also directed to the story by AWB. THis is what happens when you hire consultants from cities big enough (unlike yours) to afford such stupid crap. They should just hire the dude from HGTV and paint all the buildings mauve.

3. GM. Loathe as I am to defend unions, don't blame them for the fault of idiot engineers and/or penny pinching execs.

4. Power. Apparently didn't happen here, but a bloggy friend in Noblesville just got knocked out this afternoon.

5. Power, part two. You sure Wrinkles didn't cause it?

Bob G. said...

1 - Yep, you nailed that one...he's a Jekyll/Hyde...perfect lawyer.
2 - ROFL...maybe...well, it DOES beat PURPLE (used to be a place on Avondale in THAT color. They finally changed it.
3 - Well, I sorta do, even being a clue-collar kinda guy, because ALL that crap DOES flow "downhill", and the grunts on the assembly line are at the bottom. Most don;t even get it.
4/5 - Come to think of it, I haven';t SEEN Wrinkles today...hmm...
(with little fur, he'd make one helluva electrical conductor, unlike Eugene Ormandy who WAS one helluva musical conductor.)

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.
Stay safe and dry up there.