20 May 2014

Still Feels Like a Monday...
Maybe it's because of the impending RAIN we might be getting here today. Seems like it to ME, anyway.
Some days, it all appears to run together like a huge mosaic of who knows what the hell is going on.
Today's Hoosierland weather will see us with rising temps into the low EIGHTIES, with some showers at some point during the later half of the day and into tomorrow, according to the prognosticators who get paid "da big bucks".
So, without any further ado, top off that morning beverage, and let's get started with more of all the idiocy we've come to enjoy in the Heartland.
*** First out of the starting gate today...MORE gunplay on the (...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Fort Wayne.
Community outrage? Nah, that's M.I.A.
Here's the story link from WPTA:
This is normal for many.
All that's being said at this point, is that one house was hit multiple times, a car was also hit several times, and one person was injured in what appeared to be some sort of melee.
This took place JUST after 1200 hrs (in broad daylight, imagine that!) along the 3500-3600 blocks of Reed St and the 3600 blocks of Lillie St.
Yep, that's right in the heart of the ghetto badlands these days.
The gunshot victim was found by police in the 3600 block of Lillie St.
The car that was struck was located in the 3600 block of Winter St., and the house that was hit several times is located in the 3600 block of Lillie St.
And yes, the streets are right next to each other, so whoever was doing the shooting was moving E/W.
I didn't see any FWPD cruisers in our area, but that's become typical these days, unless something goes on very close by.
And, as can be expected, the FWPD have NO suspects, NO motives, NO weapon retrieved, one hit, no runs and no errors.
End of the inning?
Must be a "cultural thang" these days.
The one victim had only a flesh wound to his calf (lucky boy).
Amazing that WANE wasn't on this story...someone have the day off?
Moving on...
*** Next up, a rather disturbing story that you WON'T see anyplace else, because no one seems to be around to cover it (including the FWPD) when you need them to be, and it comes with some GRAPHIC pictures, so be WARNED ahead of time.
Yesterday, around 1920 hrs, I see this gold Ford Tempo come over our side street.
Sure, people park here all the time for no reason.
Now, that might not seem THAT unusual to many of you, but Ford Tempos haven't been around for a LONG while, so when I thought the car had passed, I went to the front door and what do I see?
The Tempo is parked in front of our place, with a light-skinned black woman sitting in the front passenger seat. When the car first passed, I noticed it had THREE people in it, so where were the OTHER two?
I didn't have that long to wait.
WHERE are the police?
Two black males came from the next block up back to the car, and instead of getting in and driving away suspiciously (as too many do around this area), one of the f$cking morons decides that this is the PERFECT time to relieve himself...in PLAIN VIEW of anyone coming by, especially CHILDREN, because this was long after school let out.
And this buck had a LOT to piss out...musta been that 40 OZ he probably finished while driving.
Left one helluva puddle in the street.
Send THESE mooks back to Africa or Detroit!
After tucking his "moronhood" back into his undershorts, clearly visible above the sagging pants, he got in the car and everyone left, but not before I got pictures and the tag number of the vehicle.
More questions than answers.
By now, you're wondering WHY I didn't call the po-po, as this IS a punishable crime in Indiana (and Ft. Wayne, believe it or not), but the way the FWPD call center works (now), I would still be on the phone LONG after the perps drive off, so "where's the proof".
And the last thing I want to hear from anyone wearing a shield is "We really can't do anything."
To ME, that is just NOT acceptable.
I am still left with a conundrum, though...
WHO to send these pictures to where it will get the most exposure to the greatest number of people?
(considering this f$cktard was "exposed" as well)
This is the kind of thing that goes supposedly "unnoticed", and is never reported on the news, when it SHOULD be shown that MANY (government-sponsored and low-information) people down here are nothing more than f$cking PIGS, and need to be called out on it.
For all I know, this dipshit could ALSO be a gang member, picking up or dealing some drugs at a house nearby (which might be one of several I've reported with no success to date).
He could also be the shooter from Reed St. Who can say?
But this reprehensible behavior speaks volumes as to the "entitlement" society we seem to have all around us, doesn't it?
Whatever house he just left didn't have a working TOILET?
(that would be a housing code violation)
Or maybe he could have held it (not by the size at that damn puddle)
Wonder if the city has THIS signage available?
There is simply NO excuse for this, and yet, we have it occur down here with regularity... just got lucky enough to get it recorded (for a change).
If THIS is what is meant when we speak to "diversity" or "tolerance"...then you can put those where the sun NEVER shines, folks!
And who teaches these people that pissing in public is OKAY and to be "expected", anyway?
I can easily answer the question: "Why do they do it?"
Who is around that will call them out?
Do you seriously think he would "tuck and run", if I went outside and told him to put it away, and get the f$ck out of here?
(probably pull a gun on ME...like I'm in the wrong...and white.)
Maybe, if I went outside, and just put a round or two in his groin, as a "lesson to learn"?
(that would only get ME arrested, when HE was breaking the law)
There is no EASY solution to such problems and such people, but there ARE solutions, nonetheless.
The most simple one is MORE ACTIVE PATROLS on the SE side...been saying THAT for YEARS!
But for some reason, we're not seeing it, and if we are, it's NOT happening where it needs to be.
Don't think MENARDS sells THESE signs...yet.
THAT is why we have shootouts along Reed, Lillie and Winter Sts around NOON...and dumbasses pissing along residential streets where kids can see them.
People say we get a bad rap when it comes to our reputation...I say look at THESE idiots, and tell me we don't DESERVE it. We (and some others) just refuse to be any part of it.
Cripes, I've never pissed anywhere on OUR property other than the toilets, (actual and makeshift), let alone anyone else's property. Normal people just don't DO that.
Does this simple act of NOT publicly urinating on MY part make me a better person?
And they haven't FOUND anything, either.
Hell yes, it does, and to say otherwise would be a lie.
I don't even litter along our street, and there's a simple REASON for that:
I WAS BROUGHT UP BETTER,  and to respect others.
Maybe if that was done in more ETHNIC households today, it might catch on once again...
*** The FWFD chief is stepping down...wonder why?
Here's the story link:
Amy Biggs, Fort Wayne's first female (and lesbian) fire chief is stepping back to a Captain position.
Don't take my word for the lesbian thing...read this instead:
Seems there was a bit of "tension" over her and City Controller Pat Roller (who is married to the former FWFD chief, Pete Kelly)
Naturally, the PSD (Rusty York) has his finger in this pie (probably wants to put someone he can "work with easier"...like putting Hamilton in charge at the FWPD).
The good old boy network strikes again...and again...and again.
If it's an issue of incompetence...so be it.
Get someone in charge that can DO the job...and while you're at it downtown, get Garry Hamilton out as well.
Hell, just clean house at City Hall...that'd be a damn GOOD start.
*** Last back to the barn today...again we see the result of problems with our CULTURE, more specifically, all those sub-cultures that threaten the decency and normalcy of American life.
For "change sake"? Never!
This is not a gay-bashing issue, either.
But you don't place a person of that sexual preference into a high-visibility position JUST because she's gay...or black, or Hindu, or whatever.
That's asking for controversy, and whoever you are who appointed that person better we willing and able to handle it.
Same goes for the FWPD...don't stick an "empty suit or uniform" into the chief's position JUST because he's BLACK (and has been carried on everyone else's shoulders for years) because even if he's a nice guy, he can't effectively function in such a role AS police chief.
You LEARN by EXPERIENCE, and you TEACH by EXAMPLE. If any part of that equation is lacking, the person is probably NOT the best candidate for the position.
Doing otherwise can compromise entire departments is ways the populace will never know about, but the "rank and file" will come to know all too well.
A culture of permissiveness, laced with a false sense of tolerance (as long as you believe what others want you to) and this whole "we" know what's best for you better than you, is only meant to dissuade debate, stifle warranted criticism, and subjugate opinion by others who THINK they know more or everything (unlike those of us blessed enough that actually DO...LOL).
These things are the building blocks to totalitarianism, and if we're not careful, that entire camel will wind up sneaking into our tent before we know it, and by then, it becomes a monumental task to extricate that animal.
Just something to think about, hmm?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Dude, send it to Frost Illustrated, the NAACP, and Glynn Hines, with, "Another fine example of African American citizenship" attached.

Or you could track down his ID, hack his computer (assuming literate) and send it to any employer he sends an app to (assuming looking).

Bob G. said...

Now that's not a bad idea...and here I was tossed between Kevin Leininger (News Sentinel) Adam Widener (WANE) and Frank Gray (Journal-Gazette)
I mean the three you mentioned would send SOEM kind of message...how much more can they despise this "white guy", hmm?

Food for thought, considering I have no quadrant captain at the FWPD I can contact any longer.

Thanks for dropping by today to comment.
Stay safe up there.
(and beware yellow puddles...lol)

Slamdunk said...

Well I hope the rain at least washes the street off--yellow trails and all.

I bet his mom and dad are proud of him. Whoops, better yet grandmother who gave up on him 10 years ago.

Bob G. said...

You've got a good take on WHO these "people" really are.

Goes to show that although they DEMAND respect from everyone else, they have absolutely NO respect for THEMSELVES...and it certainly SHOWS.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe.