19 May 2014

Monday Musings...
Welcome to the week preceding the Memorial Day weekend, and to all those Canucks out there (who apparently read this blog but never comment...that's BOTH of you...LOL), a Happy Victoria Day!
We've got some fun stuff to chat about this fine morning, and the skies outside lend themselves to such spirited conversations and observations.
Our Hoosierland weather will be FAIR (what? no rain? Nah, that's later tomorrow) today with highs in the 70 degree range...looks like Spring might be finally here for the long haul.
That should give things time to dry the hell out.
Yes indeed...sunshine, nice temps...what more can one ask for?
(how about some boom cars to louse up all the serenity?)
Yeah, we're going to suffer THAT as well, but let's cross that bridge when we GET to it, hmm?
In the meantime, go fill that cup up with your morning beverage of choice and we take a little stroll around and see what's been going on.
*** First out of the basement today, I'm happy to report that we are STILL dry (for the time being) as we await the arrival of the utilities guy from the city and then the Roto-Rooter people to come tear up the lawn, so they can install a sewer access after they water jet that root-ball in OUR line into oblivion (and into the CITY sewer system). I can hardly wait.
We did stop by Broadview Nursery this Saturday after grocery, and got (even) MORE plants to well...plant.
We are adding another Bee Balm and got ourselves another Butterfly Bush to replace the one this past winter killed off by the heavy snow that  snapped a main stem/branch/trunk in two (ouch).
And that meant cutting the old, dead crap off, and then...tearing up the OLD roots (oh, joy).
Wifey should have taken some pictures of me yanking that bugger out BY HAND...but alas, she didn't.
She asked if that was helping my anger-management regarding the "neighbors"..getting out all the frustration...
Have to say, parts of that root were thicker than my damn WRIST, but I got them out, and we're ready to install the "rookie" (bush) in it's place.
Dem's some BIG-ass roots!
Be nice if it matures fast enough to bring butterflies to the yard...gonna miss NOT having those swallowtails and monarchs around if it doesn't this year.
At least Wrinkles the Squirrel still finds time to drop by and see how things are going (and nab some peanuts).
His fur looks to be growing back, but that tail is looking kinda scraggly now. He does love to scratch a lot...maybe I should rename his yet AGAIN and call him "Itchy"?
This little guy's name seems to change more often than Indiana weather...LOL.
*** And speaking of basements, sewers, and other assorted plumbing things, I noticed a wet spot on the floor yesterday not far from the drain (that loves to back up)...
So as I bend over to get a closer look, a drop of water hits me in the head...
I look up and this one piece of pipe has a droplet dangling from it.
I take a bucket and place it under the pipe and I feel it...yep, it's WET andthe least time I checked,  INDOOR pipes should ONLY be wet on the INSIDE, that is, if my plumbing knowledge serves me correctly.
Now, it ONLY drips when you use the bathroom SINK or BATHTUB...it's a connected drain line from them to the main stack.
I gotcha, sucker...!
Thing is, it's connected to a a FOUR-WAY fitting, and it looks to be a copper piece connected to cast...seriously, I have NO frigging clues WHO installed all these pipes and why they chose to use SEVERAL types of pipe (PVC, copper, cast iron)...looks to be a real "butch-job" as we called it back when.
If it were up to me, I'd rip it ALL out and put ONE type of pipe with better drainage and fewer twists and turns all over the place.
Just south of dead-center...THAT is the culprit.
I'll have to call Korte (who can do THIS all) shortly, and see when we can get scheduled for the fix.
Say one thing...it's getting pretty busy around here of late, but that's OK...those coming by are INTELLIGENT and I can hold a conversation with any of them...a far cry from most all the "locals"...yep, always looking for the "silver lining",right?
((EDITOR'S UPDATE -1040 HRS - Korte just left and we got us some NEW PIPES!
Now dem's some GOOD pipes!
Cost a shade over $220, but the job was only $175 - the rest was trip charge and service call. 
Not too bad. John (the tech) did another great job. No more dripping...yay!))
Now, if we can catch our breath around here for a spell...
*** Next up, another "Stevie Wonder could have seen this one coming" moment...
Did you know that today's job applicants have a feeling of "entitlement"?
Well, here's a story from the business section of today's J-G that says just that...and a LOT more:
I know we've spoke at length about this over the years this blog's been around, and I also know many of YOU out there feel the same way I do when it comes to those young people looking for work, and then sabotaging themselves in the process.
I've spoken to the fact that (as my late Father used to say) "when you dress like a slob, that's how people will see you", and that is SO true when going to an interview, even if it's at a job agency and NOT the company you wish to be employed at.
That is mentioned in this story, as well as the other fact that people entering the workforce don't want to "start at the bottom"
(CWM spoke to this in his blog late last week that the SWISS were going to vote to RAISE the minimum wage there to $25 an hour (!!!)...and how it was SOUNDLY defeated...good for them, because MAJORITY RULES).
Gotta love that.
Young folks today see those that are millionaires by age 40 and think THEY can follow suit...yeah, right.
It takes more than a casual attitude, sloppy appearance and a nonchalant mindset to accomplish such things...and it's HARDER to do than in generations past...there is nothing "easy" about any of this...
Looking for work IS work...plain and simple...been there, done that, and the harder you apply yourself to THAT task, the better your chances of getting something you can pay the bills with...and hell, might even enjoy.
But, it's up to YOU, the one seeking employment.
No one comes along, taps you on the shoulder, and hires your butt, starting you off in a middle management position "just because"...it's YOUR diligence and persistence that pays off (usually every Friday when that check is handed to you).
To think THESE young people will be running things in a decade or so...cripes, we could be SO screwed...!
*** Last back to the hangar today, again, that nasty human nature rears it ugly head.
And, as expected, we can blame our "culture" for much of it, or to put it more properly, the SUB-cultures that make up our culture have done so.
What passes for our culture TODAY is not what we grew up in...it's the product of decades of permissiveness, stroking self-esteems when backsides should have been spanked, and a secular-humanistic approach to ourselves and our children, when we SHOULD have been embracing good, solid, values and principles, rooted deeper in morality, rather than the lack of it.
What we've allowed to be created can be changed, but again, truth be told, it will take WORK, and not just by the older generations, but by younger people who are brought up not with a sense of entitlement, but a sense of EMPOWERMENT.
Creating more self-reliance and self-sufficiency will drive out the whole victicratic mentality, now permeating too many in this nation, and fostered by an over-reaching government.
When people learn to do FOR themselves and not TO themselves, and find out what it means to appreciate what they WORK for, then we're on the right track to greatness for this country.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there,America.


Momma Fargo said...

Love gardening! I am sure your yard is the jewel of the neighborhood. And yes, dem are some big ass roots. Finding a job at age 46 and white and a woman who used to be a cop? Next to impossible. No one wants to hire old people. I did not feel the entitlement issue, however, I notice a lot of youngsters that go out there and do. Many apply for jobs I post and I won't hire those titled brats. I have some outstanding employees. I think I know how to read them. Maybe I should go into consulting. LOL. It could be like being a buyer for a company. I could be the person they bring in to hire the best person for the job. I wish. Wouldn't that be a great job!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sweetie, you AIN'T OLD...got it?

Yeah, we have this HUGE conundrum in the job-market these days...the oldsters aren't BEING hired, and the young'uns want to start nearer the TOP of the food-chain...
Add THAT to ALL those NOT working AT ALL (and are government-sponsored due to laziness and not any sort of disability) and that is a recipe for economic disaster!

We need people like yourself with a good "eye" for those who don't MIND working, want to work,and are willing to make the best of less-than-best situations...
THAT is the way people SUCCEED...you work to be BETTER, if not at ONE job, then another.
And you appreciate the chance TO work...so you can get what you want or pay the bills,. or whatever else trips your trigger, hmm?

I've love to work H/R...was told I choose good people (and have in the past).
You get a feel for folks, but you already know that, right?

Hey, thanks for taking time to roll up today and coop for a spell (and comment, too...lol)

Stay safe down there, Kiddo!
(BTW, invite for up here is ALWAYS open for 'ya - and FREE coffee)

CWMartin said...

Funny how I was saying, "I just made a similar point" as you pimped me out! Between the two of us, the world's problems could be solved- except for your pipes, and your yard, and your wife's car, and your roof, and...

Bob G. said...

You are SO right...the WORLD'S problems...certainly not ours here at "The Fortress"...LOL.

Hell, solving the crises of the world is child's play to US, right?
(but never stop watching the pipes...ROFL!)

Just wait until I get that grant for the WETLANDS refuge...then we're set.

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there.
(and I know you're going to have a great walkabout w/ Scrappy)

Slamdunk said...

You may have to have a weekly column now that you are off to a good start. Maybe call it: "Bob on Plumbing" or "Bob Does Landscape Miracles."

I read your linked article on the young people looking for jobs with the sense of entitlement. There certainly are differences in the current generation in that some fell that work is beneath them--that they should be hired immediately as a top level employee. There is little understanding that you have to learn the job before you can be effective at managing it.

I heard that complaint a bunch when I used to talk to employers regularly as a consultant. The other biggest complaint was that many of the entry level workers were unreliable because they would fail a piss test. No reason for a company investing in bringing in a new someone that is baggage.

Unfortunately, I don't see any worker issues getting better. Oh well.

Bob G. said...

I might see if PBS wants to ass my "segments" onto their THIS OLD HOUSE hour...LOL.
(this old ghetto-fortress, perhaps?)
Yes, I cannot see how young people would act that way when it comes to being hired.
Every job I had...start at the BOTTOM...WORK your way up...PROVE yourself good enough to DESERVE a raise.
That used to be plenty to move through the ranks.
Add to that showing up prepped and on time, dressed appropriately for the venue, never be afraid to learn OR to ask questions, and then push YOURSELF hard enough to make your employer want to keep you around.
That worked well enough.
Today, I don;t know what rattles around in those young heads.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
Excellent points made.

Stay safe out there.