13 June 2014

Friday Follies...
Sorry for the delay today, and NO, I wasn't shot nor have I shot anyone (yet...bwahahahah).
And I didn't walk under any ladders of have a black cat cross my path.
Wifey and I are on the "summer" schedule for grocery shopping, which means FRIDAY instead of Saturdays for a spell.
So, we'll be addressing a post that hopefully be worth your wait today in just a minute.
The Hoosierland weather today is FAIR...as in no rain (got a few drops earlier), and increasing breezes with temps topping out in the low to mid-70s.
Not bad for (cue doom music...)...FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH...(dun, dun, duuunnnnn).
So, without any further ado, let's get busy with all the rest of the unlucky stuff out there, shall we?
(and grab that cup of coffee...you might need it)
*** First off the turnip truck today...an update to the latest HOMICIDE (#6 if you're keeping track in your deadpool).
And here's the story link:
(nice mug shot, BTW...as usual)
The victim has been ID'ed as Nicholas X. Palacio, 29, of 4219 Chippendale Court (the scene of the shooting death).
And, as can be expected, he's no stranger to the (other) COURT system (the one that's downtown).
He's got a prior for possession and was sentenced to 8 years in jail for which he only served less than 4.
His last run-in was for 2 counts resisting law-enforcement back in Feb. 2013, for which he was sentenced to 1 year in jail.
(and obviously back out again...only to get offed by someone he must have pissed off enough to shoot him)
He also has had a TON of vehicular citations like a  suspended license (don't ANY of them EVER get one? - the BMV is always packed with people like him), DUI, speeding, violation of noise ordinance (well, spank me rosy...a NOISE citation), an even had a learner's permit violation.
But, he was a "quiet" person.
((...ROFLMAO...)) Yeah, right...sure, whatever.

He DID have a lot of VEHICLE TRAFFIC to the house...some cars would enter the garage, the door would close and then after a few minutes later, the door would open, and the cars would leave...
Sounds JUST like some houses in MY part of the ghettohood...that the FWPD has yet to close for (probably) similar situations.
This "victim" was most likely dealing out of the garage, to divert suspicion.
Hell, better to get a cheap crib AWAY from YOUR house and deal out of THERE...that's what REAL drug dealers prefer to do.
And they also have "stash houses" where the drugs are kept to be delivered to the "buy house"...
But, it's not like I know anything about this stuff from working for the Treasury Dept...nah, nothing to see here, folks.
Moving on...
*** Today is Friday the 13th, and for all of you who are superstitious, never fear.
Fate will negate any "luck" or unluckiness soon enough...that's the way life works.
Every day can be a Friday the 13th, if you want it to be.
The deal here is to NOT allow it, no matter what.
YOU have the power to affect change...more than you know.
*** Next up, TOMORROW is FLAG DAY (14 June), so get Old Glory out early and fly it proudly.
Here's the WIKI for the lowdown:
Contained there, you will find all the history behind the day, and you'll learn about a lot of people you NEVER even heard about before.
It really is a damn good read.
--And if that isn't enough...tomorrow is ALSO the birthday for the United States Army...been going strong since 1775.
(blow out THOSE candles - I DARE 'ya)
And here is THIS WIKI:
You will also find every birthday for all the branches OF the Army...and that's more than a few.
Another good read to pass the time away, and as always, you WILL learn something.
(hey, it's what I do...and for free...lol)
*** Next, this Sunday is FATHER'S DAY, and here is THAT WIKI:
Now, this was always a nice day in OUR household as I was growing up.
And that's a far cry from all the damn CONFUSION you find in most ANY inner city "neighborhood" (read ghetto), and certainly in OUR part of Fort Wayne...lol
Fathers and fatherhood has been taking it on the chin of late, and every time I see someone on TV portraying a DAD, and he's as clueless about everything as the day is long, that bugs the hell outta me. They seem to all be rubes.
Dads were never really like that. They busted their asses for the family, putting a roof over the head, providing food for the table, and money to pay bills, have clothing, and sundry other things we usually take for granted.
They also went to war to PROTECT those things I just mentioned and to fight for liberty and freedom for ALL people.
Yes, women have done well in their OWN right,and I don't ever mean to diminish their extraordinary contributions to this country and their own families, but what I see today is a product of our cultural divide...a disconnect with traditional family values.
Fathers are just not becoming as responsible as in generations past. They seem to have no place as they used to, and that's bothersome.
My father would have none of what goes on today, that's for sure, and yet, he was never the dictator and never believed that a woman's place was ONLY in the home. He let mom work when she felt she had to when we needed the money, and was glad to have her as his wife AND "helpmate" (as the Bible mentions).
Dad was never that proud that he fell over that pride...he knew that a family was work, but the reawrds for such diligence was worth the cost.
And perhaps, today's fathers need to remember that...and practice that.
*** Last back to the photo album today...what IS a father?
Well, to me, he was someone that punished for bad behavior and rewarded for good behavior,. He was a fair man whose word was his bond.
He shot from the hip and spoke plainly and always truthfully.
He was someone to go slotcar-racing with, someone to go to the airport and waste an afternoon watching planes come and go, someone who didn't get white-knuckled while teaching me to drive, and someone to go target shooting with.
He read me to sleep when I was a child, and always checked under the bed for "monsters".
He was cool, and he was hokey.
He was hip, and he was square.
He was thoughtful and never lacked for a smile at some of the bad times that would befall us.
He could tell a joke, shoot darts, and enjoyed a weekend off, as we took drives to nowhere.
He was someone who took me for my first LEGAL drink at his favorite bar (where I worked on the wait staff). He was a good drinking buddy.
And he is someone I miss every single day, for I know that I will have another man in my life such as he.
I think there's a message in there for all of us...to some degree, hmm?
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"... and every time I see someone on TV portraying a DAD, and he's as clueless about everything as the day is long..."

You've noticed that too? And here I thought it was just me. The dumb dad, the wise mom, and the wisecracking kids that seem to populate so many TV shows these days are the reason I don't watch sitcoms anymore (except for TBBT).

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yep...it's been a "trend" on TV for well over a decade (perhaps more).
Cliff Huxtable being one of very few exceptions, and that show is over now.
No REAL role models.
Life imitating art imitating life.

I guess the halcyon days of CHARLES INGALLS are over?

Hate to see that happen, as the amount of untapped POTENTIAL by modern-day fathers has yet to be realized.
All THEY have to do is step up and ante in.

I only watch ONE sitcom - The Big Bang Theory.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Have a good weekend & roll safe out there, "Daddy-O"
(and ask for CAKE - Dads love cake)

CWMartin said...

First, it's funny that John brought that up because father Knows Best has an episode that points that very thing out perfectly- right down to watching the end of a TV show that's a parody of their own.

Second- Your father sounds like a good man. For all the warts, I think my Dad was, too.

Third, this was a day that you didn't need a calendar to tell you it was Friday the 13th- it was OBVIOUS. Do you know how long it's been since the first thing I did upon getting home was drink a beer?

Bob G. said...

That FKB ep was a prologues to what we seem to see on EVERY sitcom these days...and too many movies.

Yep, Dad was one in a million...went too soon (imho), and I wouldn't want any other.

Today was THAT obvious huh?
(well, now you know my secret identity...CAPTAIN OBVIOUS...not to be confused with the "poser" on those commercials, either)
I am the the original...accept no substitutes...LOL.

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today to comment.
Have a great weekend and stay safe up there, "Pop".