12 June 2014

Creeping Toward The Weekend...
Welcome to another day's journey into some of what is passing for sanity in and around our part of the City of Fort Wayne.
Fortunately, there are those brief moments when sanity and reason win out, but the rest of the time, it's more like a controlled form of chaos.
But, at least the weather is wonderfully ambiguous today...
The Hoosierland is seeing low clouds this morning which are supposed to give way to sunny skies and warmer temps - into the 80s again -
The rest will be up to Mother Nature, along with the humidity.
So, let's get the cup of our favorite beverage topped off as we get busy with...the REST of the story.
*** First out of the penalty box is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"I have a very strict gun-control policy; if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."
This was spoken by none other than our favorite SFPD inspector as well as the "man with no name" -
...You gotta ask yourself a question...
CLINT EASTWOOD (born May 30, 1930).
And here is his WIKI:
I'll leave reading this to you as your "assignment", and all his films, awards and the like can also be found via links on the WIKI, so have some fun reading about one of modern-day America's icons...one with some STAYING power. Not bad for a former mayor of Carmel AND, a conservative.
The "Bobby G" method to secure curb appeal.
He's someone who still believes that "A man's got to know his limitations" (from Magnum Force).
Moving on...
*** Wifey gets to take the Wifeymobile to the service center today and get that window regulator fixed, and as will most likely be OUR luck, a week after the passenger side gets repaired, the DRIVER side will break..lol.
It could always be worse, though...right?
*** And speaking of our inglorious part of town, we have yet ANOTHER SHOOTING....and it's (naturally) on the ...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Now WHO could have figured that one out, hmm?
Here's the story link:
Finally, we have a HOMICIDE...and it's NUMBER SIX for the county.
You had to conclude that with ALL the shots being tossed about, sooner or later, ONE of those dumb bullets WOULD (accidentally) find it's mark.
This homicide occurred just after 2100 hrs at a house located at 4219 Chippendale Court on the city's lower SE side (south of Paulding Rd near Wayne Trace)
When police arrived, they found one man inside the house suffering multiple gunshot wounds.
The man died on scene.
(That's around the SAME time that OTHER shooting happened...curious, indeed)
Nearby residents said they saw a WHITE car leave the area shortly after they heard gunshots (at least it wasn't a red one...with ONE headlight...that still has not been found).
Hey, I heard distant gunshots last night around 2332 hrs (5 rounds) and 2350 hrs (6 rounds)....never saw a FWPD car in OUR area.
Guess being proactive by doing more PATROLS isn't on chief Hamilton's plate for THIS summer.
Another long,. cruel summer in Fort Wayne?
The FWPD spokesguy said it was too early to determine a MOTIVE (like these beasts really NEED one...gimme a break), or whether the shooting was connected to the OTHER TWO this week (three in three days - sounds plausible to me).
They probably ARE related...too many of these people seem to know EVERY other person and since no one seems to keep track of who's screwing who in the last several decades, they've got to be related in some fashion. That explains why SO many show up at houses near us all the damn time, too.
Be surprised if none of them are related...REAL surprised.
Whuchoo lookin' at, cracka?
The funny thing is that WANE TV lists this area as a "quiet neighborhood"...ROFLMAO!
There is not ONE single "neighborhood" that these people don't infest, that is EVER what a normal person would call quiet...
Believe me on this one.
And, if the blacks aren't the noisy ones, it's the drunk (or high) Hispanics who blast music and yell to each other to all hours.
What few whites are left here, don't usually bother anyone, unless they're in WITH these other cretins.
It's just the way things have become, and the police (and city) cannot, (or will not) do a damn thing to stop any of it.
There is no preventive measures - just REACTIVE ones.
Someday they'll figure out how right I have been all this time...just not today.
*** Next up, the city of Ft. Wayne has snagged a $33 MILLION deal.
And here's the story link:
Wow...the newspaper calls this a "dream boost".
Seems we're going to be in the business of SELLING TAX CREDITS (to investors) now...
If this sounds like a "WTF???" moment to YOU...I feel the same way.
This deal is meant to spur economic development, especially in LOW-INCOME areas (like the ghettohood), and I can tell you that will not work, and you also probably know WHY...
It's the CRIME, plain and simple.
Crime will keep ANY development or RE-development from that area, unless someone (with some balls) lights a fire under the city's ass to chase the crime the hell OUT of that area, right?
Who wants to put money into a crime-ridden area, where customers and employees might well be "at risk", hmm? That would be stupid as all hell.
Ain't gonna find $33 million bucks THERE, Bub.
And sticking some lipstick on the SE pig isn't gonna cut it, either.
The city spends more in FWPD resources down here than ANYWHERE else, and look where ALL the shootings still occur.
And that's aside from all the vandalism, the assaults, robberies, burglaries, car thefts and thefts FROM vehicles...and naturally, all the "domestics".
Got TOO many down here now, thanks to ignorance.
This $33 Mil "deal" smells like some sort of scheme to grab some FEDERAL money (which the taxpayers have fronted)..
And THAT smells like 3-day old fish.
*** Last back to the locker room, the law of averages is always in play in every one of our lives.
Think of it as the "odds" that gamblers weigh when they bet on something.
In casinos, the odds are ALWAYS in favor of "the house", so you walk in at a disadvantage (and your money goes bye-bye real easy).
Once in a while, you can BEAT the odds, but that's usually the exception (for the novices anyway).
Life is like that casino, but on a much larger scale, plus it's a lot more "personal".
We always hear about "playing the hand you're dealt", or "the odds were against him", or even "he bet his career on that decision", and the law of averages will sometimes play INTO the mix, allowing people to succeed when they would naturally fail, and that's a good thing, if you're that person.
There are those games (of chance) where you can actually bet AGAINST yourself...and STILL WIN.
(craps is a prime example)
Life doesn't usually give us such an option...we have to play with what we're given, and in some cases, that ain't all that much.
Life also happens to be one of those "games" that when you get even a little ahead, you simply can't just take your winnings and "leave the casino".
(that WOULD be nice)
You constantly have to keep playing to some degree...the important thing is to remember how BEST to place any and all wagers, so that you can increase your chance of breaking even, or losing less than you intended.
Like I say...keep that in mind, and things won't tend to feel as bad as you think...even if they feel less good than you intended.
Every day is a "new deal" and we've already paid the ante...the least we can do is play our hand as well as is possible, under the circumstances.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Nice quote from Clint. It pretty much sums up my feelings on gun control. That, and "Gun control means hitting your target." ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I agree with REAL gun-control...and not what the leftards are trying to get us to swallow.

I also like this saying:

"GUN-CONTROL means using BOTH hands."

'Nuff said there, hmm?

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

People like the shooters, the gang rapers in India and Egypt, the pedophiles everywhere, are the best evidence against evolution, The more man abandons God, the more he acts like an animal.

Bob G. said...

Blogger IS retarded, but no, it didn't "eat" you comment...it showed up as a duplicate, so no problem there.
Those 3rd worlders are the BEST example of a LACK of humanity.

All they really need to do is REGROW their damn primate tails and get back into the trees.
(the apes and monkeys might not take kindly to THAT, though)

I agree that the farther from GOD that man chooses to remove himself, the farther away from sanity, reason, and civility he winds up.
There's just no other way to explain it.

Thanks much for dropping by to comment.
Stay safe up there.