27 June 2014

Friday Follies...
It's the WEEKEND...what in God's name took SO long?
Just back from the grocery, here to walk you all softly into this weekend.
(mind the water dish for the birds) 
Our Hoosierland weather today will be hazy in the morning, hot by the afternoon and humid throughout the entire day.
(and gonna be even warmer this weekend).
Temps will top out in the mid-to-upper 80s and there is always a chance of rain later tonight...but don't hold your breath on that, we've plenty of time left in the next several days to get rain.
(and we will, trust me)
So, go and fill up your morning beverage of choice (mine today is hazelnut iced coffee - lots of sugar) and let's get this show on the road.
*** First out of the starting gate is what appears to be (finally) something to make those of us on the SOUTH side of Fort Wayne jump for joy.
(not so fast, people).
Here is the story link:
The city will get a GRANT (here we go again with another band-aid on a compound fractured leg) for $4.7 MILLION BUCKS to raze dilapidated properties and "redevelop" the areas that need it (which areas will be determined later on, I'm sure).
I guess no one is using the acronym HUD any longer, because all that's mentioned in the story is something called the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, not to be confused with the Fort Wayne Housing Authority, or the.Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services, or even the Indiana Hardest Hit Fund Program.
Man, talk about those Department of REDUNDANCY departments...GEEZUS!
Isn't this a bit too much of... BUREAUCRACY OVERKILL?
All these agencies that STILL haven't REALLY resolved housing PROBLEMS in our city (let alone other cities across the state or nation) are gonna try something else.
Some NEED to be razed, but not all.
This LATEST soon-to-be fiasco (I'm predicting it will do little, if anything to improve the area, as usual) is called the HARDEST HIT FUND BLIGHT ELIMINATION PROGRAM, and is supposed to clean up (what else?) blighted areas...our area could well be called that, but I said as much YEARS ago, and former Mayor Richard ALSO called the area blighted. Well, at least we had CONSENSUS (then).
Okay, so you RAZE properties that cannot be saved..sounds good so far.
But, what about borderline properties...ones that COULD be renovated?
Nothing said about all THOSE.
Yet, there IS talk about (more) NEW housing...and more "green spaces".
Listen to the FLUSH.
I got a damn green space across the street from our "Fortress", and it's overgrown enough to hide some DEAD BODIES within...and I have reported this to NCE...to little avail.
The property owner now mows AROUND the foliage and never trims any of it...same for other houses in the area.
Hell, some properties have several DEAD TREES on them, but the city can't touch them (or won't), leaving it again on the property owners to take care of...which they have not done to date.
THIS is the kind of crap that goes on year after year down here...we dance around the issues, slap some paint on a house, knock one down and call it "done"...that's NOT how to do things properly.
For example,why not (as I've said before) just spend the money to RENOVATE houses that CAN be saved, and then take these homeless and disabled VETS and place THEM into the properties...it's a stinking WIN-WIN for EVERYONE...seriously.
Definitely...a MUCH better use of the funds.
Crime gets chased away, properties are better kept, tax revenues come in for first time (vet) homeowners and their families, and a sense of community will come back the area, along with the BUSINESSES we've lost over the last two decades.
And, we get some much BETTER neighbors out of the deal...
What I propose is called PROGRESS...real and true, and helps those that REALLY need it.
Moving on...
*** This kitten story has me VERY angry, and you probably know why.
Here's the story link:
"Mercy" - shown to her.
I thank GOD for people like Orlo Shifley, because HE is an individual that was placed at the right place at (almost) the right time.
A clear plastic bag with three kittens inside was found by Orlo, and although two had already died, ONE has survived.
And she is now named "MERCY"...because THAT was what she received when Orlo found her and her deceased siblings in that bag.
Orlo did report this to te New Haven police and it just so happens that his wife is a volunteer at the SPCA, too...talk about Divine Intervention.
The anger I have toward the person that placed the kittens in that bag is SO great, and I do hope that bastard not only gets caught, but suffers something similar for what he (or she) did. This is so damn reprehensible, when it would have been SO easy to crate them in a box with holes and drop them off at an animal shelter..but NO, that would make f$cking sense, wouldn't it?
And, as we all know too well, too many people LACK such simplistic aspects of HUMAN behavior these days.
I would love to adopt her, but I know the line to do so is already longer than our driveway.
I just know she will get a LOVING home and live a long and happy life.
*** Next up,  if you think the FWIA is a bit on the BORING side, check this out:
WANE had a lousy picture.
Seems we have a "smuggler" in our midst..well, she was busted for trying to get over a 100 lbs of "MJ" across our border from Mexico.
Toandra De La Tiorre, 21 is the person already out on bond from THAT arrest in Arizona.
She was caught with a fake ID when trying to board a plane HERE.
She didn't make that flight to Chicago, thanks to some good eyes by the local DHS officers.
Too bad, toots.
She has been charged with SYNTHETIC IDENTITY DECEPTION (WTF???) and is being held in lieu of $30K bail.
*** Meanwhile, another Hispanic fires a rifle through an apartment wall after an argument.
Here's THIS story:
Again, we have a MISLEADING header for the article...this is not an "ALLEGED" anything...it's a damn f$cking REALITY...the rifle was FIRED, the bullet DID tear through the damn WALL, and the shooter DID get CAUGHT for being reckless AND stupid...get it right.
This asshole is named Rudy A. Palomo-Paez, 35, of the 200 block of Northeast Drive, and he's been charged with one felony count of criminal recklessness.
I'll say one thing, these beaners can sure ARGUE...look at the mooks I found on our lawn long after midnight some time back.
This guy had been arguing with his girlfriend for HOURS...(and no neighbors called prior to this?)
Apartment walls, floors and ceilings are NOT the most sound-deadening devices known to man, so I'd be hard-pressed to learn that NO ONE heard this raucous behavior.
Bet someone DID hear the gunshot...even if it was just a .22 caliber rifle.
He is being held in lieu of (only) $10K bail.
*** Next...a sorta-kinda PSA about FIREWORKS...the type WE have been having to listen to DAILY down HERE since 20 June...when the first ones were set off by the local a$$wipes (and with no police responding to any of it).
Here's the "4-1-1":

'Nuff said, hmm?
A word to the WISE, right?
And to the dumbasses...WISE UP.
*** Last back to the garage today, one thing this world is not lacking these days is STUPID...got way too much of that going around at almost pandemic levels.
It's like someone threw a switch, and a lot of people decided that their brain wasn't a NECESSITY for life.
We see it when driving, at stores, at any event indoor or outdoor), movie theaters...you name it.
Ever recall your parents telling you to "...Hey, don't do anything stupid"?
And most times, we didn't.
Once in a while, we DID, and we quickly found out WHY our parents warned us this way.
As a result, we LEARNED to not do such things AGAIN...right?
Ain't THAT the truth these days!
Not these days...people no longer perceive STUPID (in any way, shape or form) as anything that would carry a stigma along for the ride...
They view it as some "badge of honor"...how misplaced that is (and pretty damn STUPID,...lol)
People need to just back the hell up a few steps and look at what they do, and consider the reasoning behind whatever actions they're contemplating.
This is, of course predicated upon these people having the ABILITY TO REASON in the first place...lol.
As with ANY societal problem, tossing (more) money at it won't solve it...the change for this starts where this all begins...with THE PEOPLE.
Just ONE good choice can negate a whole lot of crap that could wind up coming one's way in life.
It's not hard, but people have to WANT to do it, and that can take some prodding...or something bad to happen.
Let's hope it never has to come to that...for anyone, no matter how much they deserve it
(except for the person who bagged the cats...that I can't forgive).
In the meantime, DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

That story about the kittens took my BP up a few points. People that abuse animals and children hold a special place in my hate zone.

Bob G. said...

Jphm D.:
Yeah, I hear 'ya...
I've carried a stray dog struck by vehicle to the curb and had him die in my arms, AND grew up with dogs, cats, ducks, chicks and turtles (thankfully not all at teh SAME time...lol), so I have this affinity to ANY animal (St. Francis complex, I guess), especially the domesticated ones.

I like that - "hate zone"...gotta remember that one.

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
(hope yer BP goes down)

Have a great weekend & stay safe out there,

CWMartin said...

"As you do to the least of Mine, you do unto me."

Can't wait to see what putting kittens in a plastic bag adds up to in "hell currency".

Bob G. said...

You and me BOTH, brother...that is ALSO a TWO-WAY street, isn't it?

"hell currency"...heh.

Paybacks are ALWAYS a bitch, especially when the "bill" comes due at the Pearly Gates.
(and they don't take credit or checks)

Thanks so much for stopping by today to comment.

Have a good weekend and stay safe up there, my friend.

Slamdunk said...

Wow, 4.6 million dollars for redevelopment? I am sure the return on investment will be enjoyed by all! Or, the better ROI is illustrated by you well with the money being poured into the toilet.

Read the story on Mercy the kitten. Wow, so glad the good samaritan came along to make me somewhat forget about the evil act itself.

I hope your weekend was peaceful, Bob.

Bob G. said...

That makes TWO of us.

Stay safe.