26 June 2014

Thoughts on Thorsday...
Yes, we are approaching another weekend, and for some, I'm sure it can't come soon enough.
How did that song go again?
"...Ev'rybody's workin' for the weekend"...yeah, that's it. That's the one.
Our Hoosierland weather will be mostly more of the same as the past few days...some morning fog, giving way later on to partly to mostly cloudy skies, perhaps some rain, some humidity, and temps reaching back into the lower 80s.
Nothing sounds quite the same as repetition, does it?
Okay, I've got my morning beverage...you get yours, and we'll take this trip into what's been going on together then. Fair enough?
*** First off of the kitchen table is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Without ethics, man has no future. This is to say, mankind without them cannot be itself. Ethics determine choices and actions and suggest difficult priorities."
This was spoken by one John Peter Berger (born 5 November1926), who is an English art critic, novelist, painter and poet.
And yes, he has a WIKI:
After attending a private school in Oxford, he served in the British army from 1944-1946, and almost immediately after his service was over, enrolled in the Chelsea School of Art and the Central school of Art in London.
His works went on exhibit soon afterward in the late 1940s.
It wasn't long after this that he began his career as an art critic, and his strongly-stated opinions made him a controversial figure.
His initial "Marxist humanism" changed when, after the soviets achieved nuclear parity with the USA, he became more critical of the USSR.
His first novel "A Painter of Our Time" was published in 1958, and perhaps his most notable work is a collaboration called "Ways of Seeing" (1972).
I suppose one might look as his writings as somewhat "quirky" in nature, but he has made an impression in the world of art and perhaps even in contemporary literature.
Moving on...
*** Another "update" about the rolling rock-tossers. It seems that it wasn't ONLY cars that were targeted.
Here's the link to the crime brief:
This took place the SAME night as the vehicular vandalism and the injuries to the one passenger.
NOT just a "theory" anymore, is it?
But this did happen early Tuesday morning around 0400 hrs, and not Monday night.
The location was given as the 1900 block of Oxford St.
A piece of a cinder block came through a picture window in the living room of the house, making people think it was a gunshot.
Can't imagine that the resident were IN the living room at the time...still AWAKE at 4AM???
(typical ghetto schedule...probably getting ready to GO to sleep)
THIS is what came through OUR window in 2006.
I can attest to that...when we had a BIG chunk of block tossed through OUR family room window years ago (14 November) it sounded like a damn shotgun going off.
And the perp got away on BICYCLE...tracks were in the grass...
I showed the officers who came on scene, as THEY didn't see them.
(chalk another one up for me)
Still have that block too...as a reminder to remain vigilant (and perhaps some day RETURN it IN LIKE MANNER this "souvenir" to the person who tossed it...lol)
*** Next up, Wifey and I had a pretty good time up at Red Lobster yesterday.
The "Lobster Lady" cometh...
We arrived there after 11AM, so the place was open, and we got good seating (the place was empty...lol)
Now, before we set out, I baked Wifey's cake ahead of time, so it would cool while we were uptown.
There's the "victim"
At Red Lobster,Wifey ordered up her Maine lobster platter, while I decided to do something completely different...
I ordered clam chowder, and the Seaside Sampler, which in and of itself (I found out) is pretty filling on it's own.
It consists of 4 large chilled shrimp cocktail, 4 fried coconut butterfly shrimp, and several lobster and seafood stuffed mushrooms.
There WAS the "victim"
Wifey also got her mozzarella sticks, while I ordered a side of fries. Coke for Wifey and Dr. Pepper for me rounded out the fare.
And our waitress was a very charming black girl named Deana...the kind of decent person I WISH we had living across the street from us.
Suffice it to say, she got a nice 20% tip from me.
The lunch was really good, and the Lovely Mrs. Bobby G. even got dessert (chocolate wave) which she shared with me (I got the ice cream part).
sinfully delicious
After paying the tab, with both of us nicely sated for the afternoon, we headed back south towards home.
Now, I will say that driving anywhere from just south of downtown north isn't anything close to the LACK of traffic we "enjoy" down here...but you have to remember...I'm from PHILLY, and traffic THERE was always am R.P.I.A., especially during RUSH hour (when you everything BUT rush...lol)
You folks here have got it a LOT better, and some people here need to realize how good you DO have it.
LANES for turns - whatta novel idea.
The main issue here is all he SLOW people that get in the PASSING LANE (the left one)...that pisses me off to NO end, and then you have to constantly watch WHICH lane you're in, because sometimes, the LEFT lane is a TURN ONLY lane, and other times, it's the RIGHT lane that's a TURN ONLY...make your frigging minds the hell UP, will you?
I get dizzy WEAVING all over trying to find the CORRECT lane to be in when I want to go bloody STRAIGHT!
Other than that it wasn't bad...until we hit a "construction area", complete with orange barrel mania.
It just HAD to then when I heard a SIREN behind us, and I craned my neck from mirror to mirror to see WHAT was coming...
Didn't have to wait long.
It was an AMBULANCE, running "Hollywood" (lights and sirens), and I had NOWHERE to go (traffic was down to ONE lane).
Now, the guy in front of us didn't move AT ALL...he FROZE, while I pulled as far to the right near the curb as was possible, and that allowed enough room to get by. But we weren't done yet...
They ARE bigger "up close"...and LOUDER.
A FIRE ENGINE was following the ambulance, and THAT was much WIDER, but still, we were not in jeopardy of blocking the FWFD truck.
The guy in FRONT of us was...and still he did not move, even after the fire truck AND me blew out horns at him.
I damn near was close to getting out of OUR car and moving the damn barrels...as there as no holes in the ground or other encumbrances in the left lane. But somehow, the fire engine weasels through, after the SUV in front if us slightly pulled over.
...On a mission from God.
Then, I pulled a PHILLY move - as soon as the fire truck passed, I signaled a left turn, and proceeded to follow the fire truck (because we had plenty of room...and a person in the SUV in front of us got out for some odd reason, so I knew they weren't going to pull out and cut us off.
(pretty slick move, Bob)
It worked (as it usually does) and we were clear of the clusterf$ck straight away.
The ambulance and fire engine turned off a few blocks south, so we passed them and had a clan run back to the "Fortress".
Again, we had an example of someone NOT paying the hell attention (the SUV driver) and it cost the ambulance a good MINUTE...and that translates to life...or death. Hopefully it was not the latter result.
*** Last back to the garage...this whole thing about GAY MARRIAGE and the on-again/off-again BAN is getting real boring and tedious.
And here's why (imho)...
MARRIAGE should be subscribed and attributed SOLELY to the union between a MAN...and a WOMAN...period.
Been that way since Biblical times...been established in numerous state constitutions, and pretty much been the "law of the land:" since the country became AMERICA.
And we also have this "separation" of CHURCH and STATE, which all but keeps the FEDS the hell OUT of RELIGIOUS affairs...or at least it SHOULD.
Now, we have a lower level FEDERAL judge overturning state laws...who the f$ck does he think he is, anyway?
He has NO right to infringe in ANY aspect of religion, especially when it comes to what constitutes a MARRIAGE in the eyes of any church.
The CATHOLIC BISHOPS refuse to knuckle under and I applaud them for that.
All other denominations should do likewise.
You want to be gay and get hitched..FINE...got NO problem with that, AS LONG AS you DO NOT call it a MARRIAGE.
Call it a CIVIL UNION, complete with all the same binding laws and benefits that a MARRIAGE comprises.
Just don't CO-OPT the WORD "MARRIAGE"....
Start you OWN church with whatever denomination will permit it, just leave MARRIAGE out of it.
That makes things a LOT easier to deal with...just like ATHEISTS...get YOUR OWN church and your OWN followers, but leave those who BELIEVE IN GOD the hell ALONE, kapeesh?
I don't shove Christianity down YOUR throat, so don't shove being GAY or ATHEISM down MINE...got it?
We CAN all get along together, as long as THEY stop telling us what WE can or cannot believe in or tolerate.
We know right from wrong, and what some in both the gay and atheist community fail to understand is that they don't represent ALL gays and atheists...just as SOME in Christianity (who appear extremist in nature) do NOT represent ALL followers of Christ.
Doesn't get any easier to figure out, but in today;s world, there are those who will over-complicate the simple, and over-think the reasonable...all in the name of THEIR agenda.
That's why we have the problems we do, and the animosity from generation to generation.
When you start removing the laws, what is left is lawlessness, and we've too much of that already.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there,America.


ms nk rey said...

Looks like the Birthday lunch was a great success. Maybe next time you will bring me a piece of that to die for chocolate cake?

Bob G. said...

Are you referring to THEIR cake...or MINE?
I forgot to mention that for "dinner" (we were very full from lunch) we had the chocolate cake I had made...very moist & tasty.

And, I can always add vanilla ice cream and Hershey's syrup...JUST like they did at Red Lobster.
(I still pay attention to details)

You're welcome to stop by and get a slice...as long as it lasts, dear.

Thanks for commenting today.
You stay safe & keep cool down there.

CWMartin said...

I've just gotten to the point where I have to accept- it's a pagan world, and a secular government to rule over both pagans and Christians. I don't accept and stay out of it because it's right- but because it is their business. They will probably end up in hell no matter what you name it, God will only recognize ACTUAL marriage anyway, and their perversion does not affect my salvation. I realize we are to be salt and light, but I also never heard Jesus tell Josephus Blowcephus the pagan that he MUST do thus and so whether he wants to be saved or not. The commands of Jesus in this time period are the gentle call of the Spirit to those who would believe. Like you said, if they keep it out of my face and don't use the schools to brainwash my kids over it, They can march off to city hall, march over a cliff, march straight to hell, all the same to me. It is sad, though, that we have to watch this world's debaucheries. But you know what? I go out to the woods, look into the quiet skies of nature, and know that God is still in charge, and a greater reality is there if I just pay attention.

Bob G. said...

I agree that we are SORELY missing men (or women) "of faith" in most EVERY level of government these days.

And to have THEM say what WE should or should NOT do bothers me greatly as well.
To seek solace and listen to what GOD has to say to each of us is something all these heathens miss out on.
Paying attention is something I strive to be very keen on...whether it's in the secular arena or in God's realm.
And YES..it's works to no small end.

Thanks much for stopping on by today and speaking your mind.
(nothing wrong with that one bit).

You stay safe up there, brother.

Slamdunk said...

I was not familiar with Berger--interesting. I respect people who have the courage to reevaluate their opinions when reality strikes. Not sure I see that too often with modern day folks.

Glad you all had a feast at Red Lobster. The wife's family had lots of crab legs and lobster meals while we were on vacation at the beach--I have never been a big seafood guys so I was odd man out.

With the marriage thing, I take a Libertarian perspective. Government should not be in the marriage business. If churches want to define who gets married in their churches, I say they should be allowed to do so. Then parishioners can pick what congregation they want to belong to. The recent expanded definition of marriage has one group licking their chops--the guys that want to get hitched to 5 women (or five guys I guess for that matter) should now be permitted to as the traditional definition of marriage has now been flushed.

Enjoy your beverages and your weekend Bob.