16 June 2014

Monday Musings...
Well, the flags have been taken down, all the dads have gotten cards and/or gifts and it's time to get back 'to the grind".
It's another Monday, folks, and weather-wise, we're off to a summer-like start.
Today's forecast is for those three "nasty" words...HAZY - HOT - HUMID...with temps rising into the mid-80s, and a chance of a shower or two, which is sure NOT to diminish the level of that humidity.
A good day to hang out near he A/C unit and breathe in that cool, dry air.
Let' s take things a bit easier today, save our energies, and pour a cup of our favorite morning beverage as we see what's been going on.
*** First out of the mini-sauna today...yes friends, ANOTHER shooting on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link:
This happened Saturday night around 2230 hrs near the area of Euclid and Oxford Sts.
A blue Chrysler was witnessed leaving the scene where a man was found by police, suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach.
He was taken to hospital in critical condition, but later upgraded to serious.
No motive and no suspects (as usual).
This is believed to have been a drive-by shooting.
More PATROLS might have prevented this.
(so...people can't even be outside after dark? WTG, Chief Hamilton!)
Now, perhaps there was a mistake in this shooting...
I mean there is ALWAYS a crapload of CONFUSION down here on or around FATHER'S DAY.
Puts a whole new take on the phrase "HOOSIER DADDY" by making it an interrogative...LOL.
Moving on...
*** Talk about your "career" criminals in Fort Wayne...check out THESE idiots:
-- The FIRST two were caught in the midst of a burglary (in progress) in the 400 block of Congress Ave (not far from our "Fortress"), and when one of the perps tried to run away, he instead ran into the corner of the house (thanks to some wet grass).
A handgun was found near the elbow of this moron (who was pinned down by officers...after they stopped laughing), one Shamar Shelton. His cohort, named Brandon Kyles was found hiding in the garage, along with stolen items which had been piled up in there.
Along with burglary, theft and resisting charges, Shelton will ALSO get a possession of a handgun by a serious violent felon charge (suh-weet).
Mr "garage hider" only gets burglary and theft charges (one lucky sum-bitch).
-- This third asshole, Francisco J. Martinez, of the 400 block of Colerick St. was spotted by a resident in their driveway (no location given) and when approached by the resident who asked what Martinez wa doing there,  old Francisco told him he was doing a "masonry survey". The resident said he never asked for any, and Martinez then left in his Chevy Avalanche, and it was then the resident noticed his house had been broken into.
Martinez was pulled over by police a short time later and the officers found an XBOX, lawn mower, hedge clippers and drill.
Francisco was charged with residential burglary and admitted to the deed, as well as stealing some jewelry in a court affidavit.
(How about getting a REAL job, you beaner?)
*** In our utility bills, the city of Fort Wayne loves to put in PSA "adverts", and sometimes, they can be a wonderful source of amusement.
The water bill, for example, had a little snippet regarding out bathroom friend, the water-closet..
It proclaims "YOUR TOILET...is NOT a trash can".
Well, that's gonna confuse the crap (no pun intended) out of a lot of "locals' Around HERE...LOL
Most of them use it FOR that...like when the po-po comes calling, and all those drugs HAVE to go someplace.
Or when the Bebe's kids get bored and attempt to flush articles of clothing to see "IF" they will disappear.
The list on the insert has these items (my comments in brackets):
-- Baby wipes, disposable diapers
-- Rags, towels or cleaning sponges
-- Cotton swabs
-- Syringes 
-- Food wrappers 
(that's what our LAWN is for)
-- Waste oil and grease
-- Plastic items of any kind
-- Aquarium gravel
(LOL...like these mooks would ever have an aquarium, or spell it)
-- Unwanted medications
(including street pharmaceuticals)
-- Rubber items such as latex gloves
-- Cigarette butts
(including "roaches")
It's SAD when you have to TELL people about this stuff, when common sense would have told you this a LONG time ago.
We're gonna need a LARGER corner.
But moreover, these people don't even READ this stuff, and aren't even the homeowner, so why should "they" even bother with this?
You can try and get these people educated (post schooling), but that crap doesn't stick with them at all, no matter how MUCH crap you toss at them.
To them, education becomes a "white" thing, and they can't be bothered with that...better to spend time pissing off what whites are still left in the neighborhoods..
Chase them out so you can have your ghetto all to yourselves.....
(and bitch about MO free stuff from the gub'ment).
And that is why you have the problems you DO down here...plain and simple.
*** As you probably know, a legend in the music industry has passed away...Casey Kasem.
And, if you were like me growing up, you almost religiously came to look forward to his music "countdown" program on the radio.
Here's an article in today's paper that sums things up very well:
Goes to show that you can be from the Middle East, not a jihadist, and make your mark in America with the mere sound of your VOICE.
And with the silencing of that calming voice, passes an era in our culture that will never be regained.
*** Last back to the barn today...seems like I'm always railing against today's world, and I think I have more than a few reasons to do so.
We have allowed technologies to outpace our human nature, and because of that, our culture no longer dictates the trends or aspects that define our culture...it's the other way around...whatever trends or fads come down the pike determine HOW our culture "evolves", and that ain't good, kids.
We have gone from a culture where you REPAIRED things and held ONTO things that lasted to a culture of DISPOSABILITY and INSTANTANEOUS anything...used to be that only COFFEE was "instant"...I miss THOSE days.
And when you lose the capacity for longevity, you look for the next fad as your "fix"...the next great item to make your life "better", when it fact, it isn't doing that at all.
There is a difference between better, easier, and time-consuming nonsense.
Things that make life EASIER are there to allow us more time to do OTHER things, thereby allowing more to GET DONE...a purposing if you will.
Things that make life BETTER are there to permit us to get stuff done more efficiently, and with less problems.
Too much crap - not enough substance.
But the things that are there just to provide a "wow" factor are no more than shiny keys dangled in front of an infant, and we are fast becoming that infant.
Such things are there to divert our attention from all those things that need to get done, and we're not bothering with efficiency or ease of doing it.
We're not bothering with it at all, and that promotes a slothful attitude...we're busy going "wow", right?
The American spirit is not made up of such tripe, nor should it be.
Our challenge is to hold fast to the values that make us who we WERE, in order to become who we SHOULD be.
Choosing the opposite road on thus journey certainly will not take any of us forward.
And our future depends on moving forward.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"It's SAD when you have to TELL people about this stuff, when common sense would have told you this a LONG time ago."

That's because common sense is not that common anymore. And it's not like a lot of folks these days have some "book smarts" to offset the "sidewalk stupid" that's become so ubiquitous.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That's a damn good way of putting it...It's now become UNCOMMON sense.
And I also guess that's why these people remain in POVERTY...they spend other people's money because THEY have "no sense"(cents)...lol.

STREET STUPID...LMAO...I love that one.
"book" (smart) 'em, Dan-o!

Thanks for roiling up today top comment.
Stay safe (and keep cool) out there.

CWMartin said...

"I mean there is ALWAYS a crapload of CONFUSION down here on or around FATHER'S DAY.
Puts a whole new take on the phrase "HOOSIER DADDY" by making it an interrogative...LOL."

LOL indeed!

Next, the burglars. I can remember my nephew tripping on a curb and flying forehead-first into a building corner. I hope this guy hit THAT hard. And "masonry survey"... points for originality!

Aquarium gravel- seriously? They change it?

And I hope to do something in Casey's honor on Time Machine this week. Just don't know what...

Bob G. said...

I figured you'd get a kick outta the "bungling burglars"...kudos to the FWPD for winding up on scene AS IT WAS TAKING PLACE.
(sometimes, they get lucky)

And I begged off any lengthy tribute to Casey, as I knew you would do something much better.
(how about a top 40 for his first and last shows?)

I'd like to see you ably pull that one off.

Just a thought.
Nice pictures of your trip at your blog, too.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Stay safe (and llama-loved) up there.