17 June 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
It will DEFINITELY feel like an August day here in the Hoosierland...
(gonna need an ocean beach to complete this picture)
I think it will be the warmest (and most uncomfortable) day of the whole damn week.
With nice and mostly sunny skies, the temps will be reaching into the LOW NINETIES, with a whole LOT of humidity in tow.
(bet that snow this past winter isn't looking AS bad now, is it?)
It's already muggy out there, but where WE live in Fort Wayne, it's ALWAYS "muggy", as the police reports will show with all the assaults on the SE side.
So, you might want to consider an ICED morning beverage, rather than the standard fare.
Now, let;'s get busy seeing what is going on elsewhere...
*** Wifey and I made a trip to Menards yesterday for some stuff, and among them was a can of interior water-proofing-sealing latex paint.
We only got a quart, because I didn't need that much to coat a small part of the basement wall, and because it cost over $8 JUST for a quart.
Anyway, it was an uneventful trip out and back...UNTIL we got home.
Wifey carried the paint inside, and while I was out in the garage getting the rest of the stuff, she was calling for me to help.
(with what I wondered?)
When I got inside, the cane was on the carpeted family room floor, with half of the contents spilled.
Glad it wasn't a GALLON can.
I'm real careful when carrying things, especially as I'm getting older and a tad less adept...I hate cleaning up spills (that can be avoided).
Well, THIS one was going to be a DOOZEY!
I did fly into a rage, scolding Mrs. Bobby G. for being careless, and I would consider my actions that of a "poophead", not unlike a certain CALF in one of Chris's pictures on his recent blog post.
Wifey left in her car, leaving me to figure out HOW to clean up white paint from a green carpet
Not the first to think of this...
I diluted the hell out of the spill with warm water, trying to sponge that up, and considering it was one of those "dries in one hour" paints, I had to work FAST.
Then I got a brilliant idea - use the carpet shampoo machine to SUCK the water up.
Well, that went better, but we'll probably have some residual stain left.
(time for new carpeting)
I swear, we don't take well to anything LIQUID in this house...be it paint, or water (from leaky rooftops or basement floods).
Things are pretty much back to normal...or as normal as can be under the circumstances, and Wifey came back with another can of paint to replace the one spilled.
And the wall got coated yesterday afternoon with two coats, so things ended on a good note.
*** In our adventures, we did get some plants for the garden, and I had this idea come to me when we were looking for a pot to plant this one petunia.
That turned out real nice.
We had this old basket in the garage, so, I stuck a larger pot into it, put the petunia in THAT pot, and then back-filled with soil.
Then I filled the open areas in the basket with mulch and PRESTO - instant garden accessory.
We also got a celosia intenz which we lucked into at the store...we wanted a 12 pack of annuals for out front.
Celosia Intenz
Instead, we're using seeds and crossed fingers...LOL.
And, we had to get gas...copped a "bargain", too...was ONLY $3.85 per gallon (down from $3.88 the day before).
Three freaking cents...which, with these high prices makes NO sense to me.
Moving on...
*** There are some updates to shooting stories from the (where else?) SE side of the city, and here's the "4-1-1"
-- This first story is about another plea deal from the court house...for Trameil Jackson (not one of the Jackson Five, BTW).
Here's the link to this fiasco of justice:
Yep, no attempted murder charge for this M.O.B. member.
Good thing his brother is in jail for shooting up that ambulance.
Hey, maybe they can hang together while incarcerated...nice to see families REUNITED.
(I feel a Peaches and Herb song coming on...lol)
-- The next story is about the recent shooting in the SE, and how they could have a common "thread" about them.
Here's this story link:
How about that? The FWPD is being "kept busy" with these shootings.
And, the robbers wee looking for guns at this latest shooting in the 2900 block of Fruehauf Drive.
This happened Friday night around 2330 hrs.
Two robbers made off with a shotgun, although officers also noted that in the house were several marijuana pipes and more handguns throughout out the house, as well as long guns. Police also found over 100 KNIVES there, and more pot items upstairs, so we can conclude that there was some sort of drug "stuff" going on there.
The Euclid St. shooting from Saturday night (2030 hrs) is also mentioned , and it was a burgundy Dodge Intrepid that left the scene. THIS house was only one away from the one struck by errant rounds, wounding a seven-year old girl as she slept.
This shooting was believed to have been a gunfight in both directions across the street.
Didn't know this was the f$cking "old wild west" once again...did you?
*** Frank Gray has a very interesting, yet troubling article in today's paper.
What he writes about, is the city's inability to provide pavements for as area that was annexed...back in 1953...!!!
Here's the link:
Wifey and I are in Waynedale about once a week (grocery shopping), and I attest to the LACK of sidewalks, especially along the busier streets over there.
Thing is, the city, as part OF the annexation over SIXTY YEARS AGO, was contingent upon them putting IN sidewalks...so the people living there got BS'ed...like others have since then.
Hey, it's still the SOUTH side (SW), so what's the big deal?
Since 1953 (at least)...and STILL going strong!
We are putting in more (low-income) HOUSING there.
(that's nice...spread the ghetto OUT, so maybe folks won't notice it as much)
Sorry, this looks like a "white paint on a green rug" deal to me...not going to go away without a lot of work, right?
But, our current mayor promised that Waynedale would get TRAILS...all well and good, but they NEED sidewalks, unless you prefer to see babies in strollers being pushed along Lower Huntingdon Rd, or grocery shoppers pulling their 2-wheeled carts behind them hoping they don;t get tagged by a careless driver who won't yield to them a portion of the street.
Frank Gray asks a very important question at the end - What is cheaper...the price of sidewalks, or the cost of the life of the occasional pedestrian?
Nice area - not many sidewalks.
Maybe our mayor might want to mull THAT one over and do what's right for everyone in that part of the city...if they can see past their bill-folds and personal agendas, that is.
*** Last back to the corral today...Wifey and I have a house filled with "old" technology...basically tech that WORKS...for how LONG it will continue in that manner is anyone's guess.
The fridge clunks when it shuts off, and we are looking at a replacement (Sears has a nice 18.2 Cu. Ft.Kenmore with a decent service plan at a very good price), our stove could use replacing, as I think the damn thing's older than ME...lol.
Both TVs are of the CRT persuasion, and with the prices coming down on flat-screens, that might be doable, as long as we don;t have to buy a crapload of "accessories" to make the damn thing work. I want the old "plug and play" thing...you buy it, take it home, plug it on and it works...period.
I was looking at a new Mr Coffee machine (ours is circa 1976, and STILL works perfectly), but they want $40 for a new one...and that's one of those fancy-ass electronic programmable machines...ditto for TOASTERS...you cannot get a FOUR slice one for under $40.
But they do have slots large enough for BAGELS...helluva trade-off, hmm?
I'm a simple person (some say too damn simple, too damn often...lol), and I like things the same way...SIMPLE.
Don't over-think something for the sake of "high-tech".
I don't need to pre-program my coffee maker BEFORE I hit the sack...I'm fully capable of getting up and doing it the "old-fashioned" way...manually.
This is all becoming more complex with every day...something "new" is always coming along.
And our lives still are not a damn sight better...just costlier.
Life has plenty of "complex:" as it is...why make more?
We expecting "company"?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Your flower basket is lovely. And very clever.
I am a tech junkie. Love the latest and greatest. Just wish I could afford it.

Bob G. said...

Thanks on that basket idea...reminds me of some girl who left it in the garden...you never know WHAT you can do...until you TRY.
That's for sure (and for cheap...lol)

As for the tech...I gave up trying to keep up with all (read most) of it.
Maybe THAT'S why I want things to last a bit longer.
It's easier on our "Hip-National-Bank"...!

Remember, we never fix things anymore...we DISPOSE of them and "upgrade".
(tell that one to the grandparents...if they were still around..they'd have a fit!)

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.
You take it easy, stay safe and cool down there.

CWMartin said...

At least you are a similar poophead to me (at times)... might I suggest a little chap stick for that lips-to-butt puckering that must needs occur next?

Momma Fargo said...

Aw poo on the paint spill. Rats. I love your flower choices. Very good, sir! Keep up the good fight, Bob!

Bob G. said...

I dunno, I sure FEEL like I had my head "crapped on"...lol.

And for my "makeup" assignment...looks like an AZAR's breakfast buffet (real soon) on MY dime...!
(been using Burt's Bees balm by the "faceload")

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
Stay safe & stay cool up there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Think I'd rather have POO on the carpet.

Hey, there's an idea...since paint is worse than most anything to clean up, whenever I spill something, instead of yelling "OH, SH*T"...I'll yell "OH, PAINT!!"

Thank WIFEY for the flower choices...I just bury the buggers (and come up with creative ideas for planting).

Thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe, keep cool, and don't spill any paint down there, dear.

John DuMond said...

"This is all becoming more complex with every day...something 'new' is always coming along."

Yep, and people willing to go into hock to get the shiny new thing, even if the old thing they have still works. People have become like Pavlov's dogs responding to the dinner bell.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Thankfully, I only drool whenever someone sticks a cheese-steak under my snout...LOL.
(or a REALLY good pizza)
One of the best (or worst) examples of things being changed that didn't NEED to be was this whole "digital" broadcast gig with television.
We USED to have FREE airwaves that we could get signals from with an antenna.
Not any longer...the "gub'ment" thought digital was better than ANALOG...never had any picture dropouts or pixelation with the OLD way of watching TV...right?
Now, they got 'ya by the "short-hairs".

Hey, thanks for stopping on by to comment today.
You stay safe & keep cool out there.