19 June 2014

Now, THAT was some rain...
Yes friends, here in the Heartland, we had some REAL rain yesterday and overnight.
Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to wash all the scum off the streets, but it will make the garden grow, right?
The rain IS making our "dirt-pile" in the yard smaller, as it settles back into the hole dug a couple weeks back.
We might even get to re-seed the lawn by fall at this rate.
We also had one of those "power-farts" from AEP last night...we lost power JUST long enough to make us reset the digital clocks (didn't have to do that with the old ANALOG ones if you lost power for a couple seconds). At least the computers were off at the time.
The Hooseirland weather today will kinda-sorta be like yesterday...a continuance of the rain off and on, with cooler temps reaching into the mid 80s (that's cooler?)
And, naturally, there WILL be lots of humidity along for the ride.
In the meantime, let's kick back, get that refreshing morning cup of our favorite beverage poured and set about seeing what else is going on.
*** First out of the catch-barrel today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me what I ought to do."
This was spoken by someone you might not have heard of...one EDMUND BURKE (12 January 1729 - 9 July 1797), and here is his WIKI:
Now, like many of his time, he was a statesman (Irish), and orator, author, political theorist, and philosopher, and served for many years in the British House of Commons for the Whig Party.
And, he is mainly remembered for his support of the cause of the American Revolution (probably cheesed off a lot of people in the UK by doing THAT).
Burke was praised by BOTH conservatives and liberals (no easy feat, even back then), and since the 20th century, he has been generally viewed as the philosophical founder of modern CONSERVATISM.
Those in politics today might learn something from THIS man...especially the Republicans.
His statue in D.C.
In 1756, his first work was published, entitled "A vindication of Natural Society: A view of the Miseries and Evils Arising to Mankind" which argued against atheistic rationalism, demonstrating their absurdity.
(I like this fellow already)
In 1758, he began publishing The Annual Register, in which various authors evaluated the international political events of the previous year.
(we have a form of this NOW...it's called FOX NEWS...lol)
Suffice it to say that his career in parliament is a bit lengthy to get into here, but you can (and should) read about it for yourselves.
His speech of 1774 about a repeal to the TEA DUTY is marvelous.
In March of 1775, he delivered another speech to the House of Commons calling for a reconciliation with America, and warning that America would not back down in the face of force (and we surely did not).
His life story is one that should be taught in our history classes for his views and writings are much of the reason we had our revolution.
It's nice to know we had allies in the British Empire who believed in this nation as much as we did.
Moving on...
*** There is this huge flap waging over the trademark name of the Washington REDSKINS...
This is total BULLSH*T...and a waste of time, money and whatever else that is being wasted.
Here is one of (too) many stories on this:
Have you ever heard of such crap in all your life?
Gimme a f$cking break here.
The team name was decided over EIGHTY YEARS AGO...to HONOR the first coach OF the damn team...who WAS a...(...wait for it...)...NATIVE AMERICAN!!! 
And in all the time since, nobody seemed bugged by the name of the team IN THE LEAST.
But here comes some liberals (and a handful of nay-sayers) looking to RUIN something for EVERYONE ELSE.
Not to mention that over 90% of Native Americans polled have NO problem with the team name.
Fortunately, the Redskins WILL appeal this, and I hope to Christ it gets overturned, because this asinine lunacy in our government is becoming too intolerable for normal folk.
I guess the Kansas City CHIEFS get a pass?
What about the Cleveland INDIANS?
Or the Chicago BLACKHAWKS?
How about Indian Motorcycles?
Or Land O' Lakes butter?
Where do you start...or rather, where do you STOP?
Cripes, what about the state of OKLAHOMA...That's an INDIAN NAME, right?
Now, if memory serves, I think this nation has a SH*TLOAD more IMPORTANT things to concern itself  with, not the least of which is an overbearing and over-reaching government that seems totally inept, incompetent, AND out-of-control.
Let's take care of things that REALLY matter in this country...
*** And, if you want a nice healthy dose of "Bobby G. told you so...again", then you might want to take a look at THIS column written Tuesday by Kevin Leininger at the News-Sentinel:
This is a fantastic read about something that never gets said...and rarely published.
Now here we have an "urban pioneer" ( Mr Jeff Barnett), as Kevin put it...a family man who buys into the RENAISSANCE POINTE new housing development...to the tune of $155K (yes, he works for Sweetwater Sound, so he HAS a real job).
And he moved into this new house a mere FIVE years ago...the city even proudly held him up as a "poster boy" for this new development, located in a problem area in the city...an area that was supposed to net BIG results when it would change from a crime-filled area to one of civility once again.
That did (and has) not happened.
Jeff Barnett is MOVING OUT...and with GOOD reason.
"The big reason is the safety of our (five) kids", he states.
There are other reasons as well...like THESE:
Their (new) house has been VANDALIZED, the family cars have been broken into FOUR times, his daughter was struck by a hit-and-run driver who drove up onto the SIDEWALK,  they hear GUNSHOTS on a regular basis, they've had a homicide less than ONE block away, and they've seen people walking down the street holding handguns.
Well, that certainly sounds like a PROBLEM area to me, instead of a revitalized and "gentrified" part of the city that has received tens of MILLIONS of bucks FOR that revitalization, doesn't it?
Let's "meet the neighbors"...(no thank you)!
But, it doesn't end there...the city promised to add "hundreds" of OWNER-OCCUPIED houses like his.
They have not.
Barnett feels the city has dropped the ball and doesn't seem interested in the project any longer (typical liberal stance...start something, then walk the hell away from it). The only OTHER new construction in the area has been 66 RENTAL houses, half the size of Barnett's.
(well, we know where that's going, don't we?)
Here's the website for the propaganda:
The "new" ghetto
There are income "restrictions" for those properties, and nothing close to economic "peers" such as Barnett.
Heather Presley-Cowan, (city-queen of the ghettohood) states that Renaissance Pointe has a 10-year build out, and she blames the collapse of the housing market for all the rentals instead of owned properties (so why do we still have a housing SHORTAGE, toots?)
And she also chides Barnett for not FULLY understanding the RISKS involved with a long-term commitment.
Yeah, I'd say Mr. Barnett is AT RISK by living there...so where is the city and why aren't they doing anything to stop the CRIME?
If you recall, I stated a LONG time ago when this development was first proposed that it's predestined to FAIL, because the ROOT cause of the problem THERE, and in other areas of the SE (and now SW) has not been properly addressed, and that all comes down to the CRIME.
If you don't chase the crime OUT, nothing will change, and that's the God's honest truth.
The city just add more windows...
Why city leaders can't (or won't) see this is beyond comprehension.
So, Mr Barnett has moved his family to a SUBURB of the SW part of Fort Wayne...far from the madding crowd, as it were, and he has the Renaissance Pointe house up for sale but that will be a long process and he will, in all likelihood swallow a loss on it (as he still pays on it until it's sale)
And they haven't found a damn thing YET!
Nice going, Fort Wayne...way to screw up the American Dream by your inaction and apathy.
Any chance on some sort of APOLOGY to Jeff Barnett...and his FAMILY?
(I didn't think so...typical)
*** Last back to the barn today,  I'm getting very tired with government (at any level) creating programs that don't work.
I get bothered by the continual waste of good tax money to serve those not willing to work, and claim poverty.
I get bored with all the giveaways on the taxpayers' dime, and the ability of the so-called "poor" in this country to live as good as those that bust their ass at whatever job they can still find.
I am sick of all the "help" that costs a bundle and does little to help anyone.
I am frustrated with the lies, cheating and scandals perpetrated against the American people.
And I am damn sick and tired of government attempting to divert my attention and insult my intelligence by whatever crap they can think up to do so.
I am better than that...
WE (Americans) are better than that, and should demand answers and explanations from those in office as to why they feel the need to run our lives for us.
This nation was founded on MUCH better values and principles than what we have passing for same today.
And, it's high time we reclaimed them, because we're not heading for a good future as it is.
I believe we can turn this country back around and get her on track to a better future for us and those to follow.
We just have to want to do so...and trust that we can do it.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"...typical liberal stance...start something, then walk the hell away from it..."

Yeah. Isn't it funny how we always hear about the wonderful programs they've started (with our money, of course), but there's never any objective study of the impact of said programs? I guess all we're supposed to know is that they cared and they did "something" to solve the problem.

Bob G. said...

John D.
Indeed...this is a chronic problem these days with those in government.

It's all about the IMMEDIATE...the INSTANT...the "now".
Not one damn bit of thought is done as to LONG-TERM results or effects.
(they'll be out of office by them)

I equate what they DO to like amputating a LEG in order to cure a kidney infection...
Doesn't quite pass the muster there.

Hey, thanks much for taking time to drop on by today and comment.
Stay safe and keep cool out there.

CWMartin said...

First, the storm- blew over the globe on our back porch light. Just got done sweeping it up.
Second- Read the article yesterday (hey, finally saw something before seeing it here!). Fine example of how all government promises are just lip service.
Third, the Redskins- as I just posted on another blog:" I changed their name years ago to the Washington Foreskins. Don't know what all the fuss is about."

Bob G. said...

--Sorry to hear about your globe, but if you lived down HERE, some mook would have tried dribbling it down the street...same result, hmm?
--I was hoping someone you out there read the article.
Hope I'm not "rubbing off" on any of you - the world (and this city) is DEFINITELY NOT READY for TWO of "us"...lol.
I thought REDINKS, but I got an extra "S" left over..anyone see Superman around lately?

Thanks for swinging on over to comment today.
Stay safe up there.