20 June 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the WEEKEND...at long last.
Since Wifey and I got back from the weekly grocery-trek, this is going to be short...and hopefully sweet (but not saccharin-laced...lol).
And, it's another one of those "off-again, on-again" rain shower days...damn weather doesn't know WHAT it wants to do.
But that's fine...it's out there, and we're in here...no worries.
The Hooiserland weather (such as it is) will be close to yesterday with temps tickling the mid 80s and lots of humidity.
(oh, and whatever rain comes along...don't forget that)
So, let's enjoy that morning beverage and take a gander at what's going on elsewhere...
*** First off the downspout today, if you want to spread the ghetto around (so it doesn't all seem to be in ONE part of the city)...what better way to do it than toss a RENTAL development up on the NW side of town, because you just KNOW that the FWHA is going all Pavlovian and drooling over this one to make up for the uber-flawed Renaissance Pointe mess.
Here's the story link:
Yep, up by Illinois Rd...near all that shopping (something the SE side lacks to no small degree).
There is already some gov't-sponsored housing near Illinois (along Lois Lane and not related to Superman OR Clark Kent) and that's a problem area as it is.
But the city needs more, apparently...good luck to the good people that move into this new development with the thought of a peaceful setting...won't be that way for long.
Moving on...
*** And, in a related story, MORE housing on the NW side - this time done by Habitat for Humanity.
Here's the story link:
We've had a couple of those houses built in our area over the years...and the people who moved into them are gone...THEY moved away, and now it's another RENTAL, with the stereotypical ghetto-fleas you'd expect to see now infesting the place.
But, I'm "sure" this won't happen up on the NW side of town...right?
(about a snowball's chance in hell of that not NOT happening)
*** Next up, the Allen County Council  voted DOWN the request for more correction facility officers in Fort Wayne's jail.
Stop by...and meet MY "neighbors"...LOL.
Here's the story link:
Darren Vogt, county council Prez stated that there were fewer inmates (and I'd wager fewer STILL, once the courts again start re-REdefining certain crimes, and reclassify them.
Sure, turn the crims back on the streets...let them mix in with all the illegals we have already, who's the wiser?
(raises hand..."me")
A large turnover of correction officers seems plausible enough, as some of them use this as a stepping stone to a law-enforcement position in a larger department.
Now, granted the number of inmates is not AS high as expected, but we're closing in on SUMMER, and crime always seems to go UP then, right?
Add to this the level of VIOLENCE inmates display these days, as opposed to decades past.
I'd say keep the eligible candidate list nearby...you just MIGHT need them sooner than you think.
*** Next, I just wanted to turn things around, lighten it up a bit and just post some pictures of what's going on within our "Fortress" ramparts.
The tickweed finally is blooming.
White min-roses gone WILD!
Finally, some Asian lilies.
L'il bunny newbie.
Taking the "highway" overpass.
"Wrinkles" eating on the fence.
Wifey named this bunny "Clover".
And this little one is way too cute.
*** Last back to the restroom today...I know I will definitely NEVER live long enough to figure out human nature.
Whether that's a good OR bad thing will also go unanswered.
When I see people who are supposed to be social peers with less sense than a bump on a damn log, that's troublesome.
And when I hear people who, by all intents and purposes speak incorrectly while in a position of note in the public arena, it makes me wonder what happened to our colleges, because they must have a degree to get that position.
When what we once called common sense becomes the deviation from what is normal rather than what USED to be normal, I'm confused.
And when people permit themselves to stop talking face-to-face in lieu of technology, or no longer know HOW to write a simple LETTER (in cursive, no less) to another person, but can text them every 3 minutes, that's just not right.
When people THINK they're free by giving up their liberties for security, they fool themselves, for as Ben Franklin noted, they will have NEITHER liberty OR security...that frustrates me to no end.
And when people believe lies, because they are easier to take than the TRUTH, that should bother ALL of us that still give a damn.
Call me old-fashioned...call me a curmudgeon, or even a fogey...that's just how I feel and what I see.
But, in all of this (and more), there is ONE saving grace.
None of that makes me LESS of an American, thank God.
I think there is something in that for everyone...many have just forgotten it.
Time to recall what is right...and just...and proper, isn't it?
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"I know I will definitely NEVER live long enough to figure out human nature."

That makes two of us. I used to think that when all else fails, you could just count on people to do what's in their best interest. But even that simplistic theory doesn't hold. It seems there's just no rhyme or reason to many of the things people do.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I will consider myself in VERY good company then.

Too many people just want to hit the SNOOZE button or tap the "cruise-control", and that only works when you DON'T have to punch the clock or are driving down a long stretch of highway.

Life tends to be a tad more "interesting" that that, and all but constantly DEMANDS our attention, lest we be caught unawares.
Couldn't agree with you more, my friend.

DO have yourself a great weekend and always roll safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

You'd think with all of the homes that organizations like Habitat have built over the years that they would have an army of folks who have been provided housing ready to pitch in and spread the happiness to others. That doesn't happen much does it?

Your roses and tickweed are looking good Bob.