10 June 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
As is often typical of weather here un the Heartland, we're due for some rain today, but let's not allow that to dampen our spirit.
The forecast for the Hoosierland will be WET...followed by some more wet and later on, a little bit of wet, after the storm front moves on into the area.
Temps will rise into the mid-70s with plenty of cloud cover and a light breeze.
So, in today's post, you might find some food, some kids and some gun-play...yes friends, another day in Fort Wayne.
Now, go grab that cup of coffee, tea, or whatever tickles your fancy and let's get started...
*** First out of the melee today are some more shootings on the city's (where the hell else?)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the Journal-Gazette story link:
And, here is the News-Sentinel link:
Now, don't expect any real information to be coming from this story at this time, as police are basically (once again) in investigative mode.
These shootings happened yesterday around 1225 hrs. yesterday at a house located at 815 Colerick St (near John St.) when police were called about shootings in the area.
The newspaper story has better coverage than the TV stations (so far), and describes the reactions by people living near the scene, which left THREE teens wounded, a fourth at-large,and NO motives, NO suspects, and NO weapons to be found.
(Are you detecting a repetitive TREND with these stories as well?)
Coincidentally, the shooting happened RIGHT near the Weisser Park Elementary School, which had teachers on site for workshops (as I mentioned yesterday), and that facility went into lockdown for a brief time.
One of the shooting victims was found by police with a wound to "a lower extremity" (take your pick). Two more teens were found behind the youth center near there, also suffering wounds.
Alerted neighbors were the ones who called into dispatch with a 911 emergency after hearing several shots.
A K-9 unit was brought in to investigate, but apparently police are not saying anything further about that.
The neighbors there had called police before (no surprise there...that's what concerned people do...like ME).
What is interesting to note is that one of the boys was wearing a backpack and was seen handing it off to another...and the last day of school was FRIDAY, so you make the call there as to WHAT was in that backpack.
Uh, can I buy a clue?
A warrant was later served at a house on Drexel Ave, but police have (again) released no further information regarding a connection to the shootings.
What is even MORE interesting is that our new black police chief, Garry Hamilton has been M.I.A. over this...not one media source has seen to contact him, and ask HIS assessment of the situation.
If I were him, I'd take the initiative, and be calling a presser (with members of the Urban League and local NAACP, as well as church leaders in the black community) to tell the public to notify police about such similar behavior and tell his officers to stop ANY teens with backpacks in the area of the shootings, as well as surrounding areas.
That's what they should do since school is now out.
If the kids are CLEAN, they will be allowed to go on their way, with no problem at all.
If they're muling drugs or other contraband, well...then we DO have a problem and it WILL be addressed.
But you HAVE to get ahead of this issue...and stay ahead, unless you want more such events to transpire...which they most certainly will.
It's called being PROACTIVE, and guess what?
THAT tactic is still effective...AND color-blind.
Moving on...
*** Speaking of kids with too much time on their primate hands...we have this little story that will not make the papers.
There are these two Latino-white girls that live in the house with the Hispanic, tattooed Dad and white mom that are old enough now to "roam" beyond the confines of their own backyard...(never a good thing down here), and they have gotten together with another (black) girl in the area.
Now, while in times past, that might seem as innocent as a newborn babe, but such is rarely the case these days.

These three saw fit to meander around, and behind a vacant house right across the street from our "Fortress".
Excuse me...that's not YOUR house.
Now, forgive me for pointing this out, but isn't that called TRESPASSING?
One girl found an old paint can...
That's not all, they also managed to raise the garage door enough to allow access, which they chose not to do. But the garage door is still open, and that now becomes the first "broken window", if you will...just waiting for an arsonist or scrapper to take advantage of it.
Not a :"broken window" perhaps - just a broken garage door.
Yes, friends, this is how such things begin..seen it all too many times before and not always in THIS city.
If I happen to see anyone who is working on this house, I will tell them about what I saw.
But these girls were not finished...the black girl proceeded to snoop in mailboxes, and when she got to mine, I happened to be at the door and yelled out "Get your ass away from there...that's not YOUR mailbox".
She sheepishly and slowly walked away, glaring at me (as they often do), to which I then said "Don't you look at me that way...I WILL call the police. Better yet, let me take a picture of you to SHOW the police" (bringing my camera up).
I'm not AS "candid" as the late Allen Funt was.
She took off running to the house across the side street, and hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson.
Don't mess with people you don't know, don't touch things that don't belong to you, ,and NEVER screw with me...(you won't win).
We shall see how bad her short-term memory problem is (when she tries something else).
WTF is it with youth today that have NO respect for people, property or anything else?
If I told my parents that some old guy yelled at me, they'd ask me "What did YOU do to cause that?", and if I said "nothing", they'd answer with "Bullshit, no one yells at kids for no reason...what did YOU do?".
And SOME "conditions" you NEVER outgrow.
When I fessed up and old them I was on their property, I'd get a whack for trespassing where I didn't belong, AND another one for trying to LIE to my parents...and you know what?
You LEARN from such misadventures...really.
What is passing for parents today...not a peep from them (unless they can find a way to sue you).
That's just pathetic...and it also speaks VOLUMES as to why kids become the problems they are to the rest of us.
*** More about this FREE FOOD handout by FWCS...
Here's the story link:

I love the headline, because to me, it says a lot MORE:
: "FWCS' lower grades to receive free meals"
Why not try this instead:
"FWCS lowers STANDARDS to include the lazy"
They "say" they have the funds to pull this increased free food giveaway to students, but let's be REAL here...
The FWCS money comes from the FEDS...and the FEDS get THEIR money from the pockets of taxpaying working-class folk.
So, the TAXPAYERS are buying this white elephant...in some cases TWICE.

The Dept. of Agriculture is behind this Obamunist handout, but let's face facts...when you state you're GIVING stuff away, people WILL flock to it (demanding more over time), especially when you don't attach any "strings".
People who shouldn't even BE on such programs will sign up, but not now, they don't even have to do THAT.
Hell, if that's the case, just ship in some folding beds and give all the kids "3 hots and a cot"...just like in prison, which is probably where a lot of them will wind up. 
Maybe they can even get a government grant for some orange jumpsuits and flip flops?
*** And if OUR kids weren't causing enough problems, what about ALL the kids getting into our country ILLEGALLY.
Yes friends, the "surge" is on...they are coming here in droves, and neither the Border Patrol or border facilities can keep up with such an influx.
Here's the story link:
Yo quero "free stuff"?
Imagine that...ALL these kids here, taxing an already overburdened system...just what the socialists want, I'll wager.
The worst part is that many of these kids are being loaded onto buses and taken to Tucson or Phoenix and turned back ON the streets in those cities...
Of course, Obummer wants a "pass" for all of them...all 60K of them this year...and naturally, another 140K NEXT year ...predicted.
(just so they can be with "family"?)
Many are using the "drug cartel violence" as the meme, but those cartels didn't JUST suddenly appear in Central America...they've been around for 30+ years, so what's up with this NOW?
Well, America will let you in, not detain you long before putting you on some street to get welfare, free food (you listening, FWCS?) and housing...a perfect storm to secure a "democrat" voter base...all somewhat "pre-arrainged", it would seem.
We can't handle the illegals we have already, so what makes anyone think we can handle tens of thousands MORE?
(uh...not me?)
*** Last back to the carnage today...we have got to become watchers...observers not just of human nature, but of what goes on all around us.
There is this (hackneyed) saying that went "Take time to stop and smell the roses"...and some could say that's a diversionary tactic, designed to keep our EYES away from what takes place while we're at the rosebush.
But look deeper...it says to stop and SMELL the roses...not take root alongside and STARE at them.
I would take that to mean that roses smell a helluva lot better than most of the sewage that passes for everyday life and it's human flotsam, and that's not being cynical...it's being a realist.
We do have serious problems in this nation, and if we are not careful they will overwhelm us all.
Don't let it become an "oops" moment.
Take visual stock in all you survey...look around you every day, and not purely for a "situational awareness" aspect, but just to see how great this country REALLY is.
Don't shun the problems by looking PAST them, but rather stare them all right in the face (this is okay to do)...face them head on, and do what needs to be done, if it be by the pen, the keystroke, or spoken word.
For, if you do nothing, that is ALL you will wind up with in the end.
And we are ALL better than that, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

You really hit a nerve with me today with the free food. These ppl have child after child and pay NO medical bills, the gov supports them for 5 yrs on WIC. Then Free books, free meals at schools and now feed them during the summer???? This is wrong on so many levels. No child should be hungry but this removes the parents responsibility to do the most basic thing.. feed their child. Sorry I don't express my self very well, but this is really upsetting to me. And yes there is a back story to my feeling this way.

Bob G. said...

I"m sure we all have out own back-stories.
I grew up in rentals until I was a freshman in high school (when Dad could finally afford to BUY a row house), and when I was growing up, there were a few "lean" times...soup for dinner several days a week - meatloaf a LOT on Sundays, and so on...
But through ALL of that (and more) I NEVER went without food either at home OR school.
My Mom BROWN-BAGGED me more times than not, and you were glad to have that.
My folks would have NONE of this handout crap...and it wasn't because of PRIDE or any other nonsensical BS.
They KNEW what THEIR responsibility was AS parents.

And in my day, schools didn't GIVE away anything like food. You wanted what they had...you BOUGHT it, brought it from home, or did without.
And THAT system produced a lot MORE parents that gave a crap.
But that's just my life & times.

Thanks so much for stopping by today and speaking your mind.
Great comment.

Stay safe (and dry) down there.

CWMartin said...

Nk expressed herself perfectly.

And you should have seen the lower extremities part in WANE.com's website. WAIT! You can, because I screen shotted it on today's MWN!

And I really think that cctv camera is a good investment for you...

Bob G. said...

MsN knocked that bugger OUT of the damn park AND tore the cover off the ball with her comment!
(talk about a "NATURAL")

I will be sure to check out the MWN spot.
And who said that was a CCTV camera?
(That was totally ME, Buster...lol)

Checking the perimeters of our property periodically (like when you hear noises NOT coming from INSIDE your house) is one of those things you "never stop doung".

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Stay safe up there.