11 June 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of the week..at last.
And, it's a "softer" day that greet us here in the Midwest, as we finally got the rain they were promising.
Today will continue in like manner with off and on rain throughout the morning, turning to mostly cloudy later on.
Temps in the Hoosierland will wind up in the upper 70s with high humidity.
(well, there is rain out there).
So, there 'ya go then...take the umbrella...keeps you dry AND makes a good weapon should you be accosted.
In the meantime, pour yourself a cup of whatever you prefer and let's get this show on the road...
*** First out of the landfill today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"I have a very strict gun-control policy; if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."
I do like this quote a lot, for with any law-abiding citizen, this SHOULD become their mantra.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the USMC boot camp...
*** Oh, yes...we've had ANOTHER shooting - this time on the city's NEAR SOUTHEAST side...
(it just keeps on spreading, doesn't it?)
Here is the story link:
This happened last night around 2100 hrs when a house located at 1220 Francis St. was shot at several times resulting in one 18-year old being wounded in the back of his head as he sat in the kitchen of the house.
The victim was transported to hospital in serious condition.
A nearby resident noticed the back windows of the house shot out. An alley runs along the property on the north and west sides.
Another person on scene told police he saw a red car with a loud muffler and one headlight speed away from the scene.
Police questioned several bystanders and canvassed the backyard of the house.
And, as can be expected...NO motives, NO suspects, and NO other leads at this time.
One person mentioned that he has had enough of the violence in Fort Wayne (and I thought this was the nation's FIFTH MOST BORING CITY?).
"It's senseless", he stated.
Well, if you want this kind of crap to diminish, it might "take bitter to drive bitter", if you get my drift.
When you have THIS type of shooting occur, it places ANYONE in ANY house at risk...doesn't have to be a gang-related or drug-related aspect.
We have DAILY cases of shots being fired, mostly on the SE side of town, and nothing seems to be able to be done.
You can gripe until the cows come home and it never seems to stop...it just increases over time.
That, to me, signifies a city that is becoming woefully incapable of doing what needs to be done to stop this, and it sure won't be solved by taking guns out of the hands of LAWFUL people.
*** Next up, we have this National School Lunch Program that's been put into place by the Obamunists down in D.C., and as I said yesterday, this is just plain wrong.
We ALL know it's not REALLY "free".
According to this story from the N-S paper, it now includes BREAKFAST...and the program runs through summer, even though there is no "school" to speak of.
Here's the link:
I just have to wonder WHY the parent of parents of these kids CHOOSE to be so damn lazy that they cannot take a minute to figure out the whole breakfast thing...it's certainly NOT rocket science.
And it really does NOT cost all that much...I know.
Can't get ANY easier than that "equation", can you?
Or, how about THIS one:
Better yet...anyone ever hear or Carnation's INSTANT BREAKFAST???
This is such STUPID SH*T.
And when did lunch become such a back-breaking "chore" for parents?
...When we let the government take care of it.
When did PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY sandwiches become so overtaxing for people that they threw up their hands in frustration and booked a session with a psychiatrist?
Lazy...by choice..disgusting.
*** America is one of THE most prosperous nations on the damn planet, and, as a result, we have LOWERED poverty across the board, compared to damn near every other country, and yet, we are told we STILL have poverty..and that's it's remained "static" for years, never shrinking in size, despite ALL the BILLIONS of bucks being tossed into this societal problem.
Ron sure was on to something HERE.
People have all the amenities that working stiffs enjoy, and for pennies on the dollar, thanks to government "giveaways", and programs designed to :"level the playing field". That's not raising the poverty-stricken ABOVE their plight, it's lowering everyone ELSE to their level (on that playing field), by taking money out of everyone else's pocket to FUND these programs to elevate the "poor", regardless of their ability to even WANT to work to EARN something to pay for all this stuff.
That's not a better standard, but a double standard.
Everyone's being GIVEN fish and no one's being taught TO fish...there's the problem.
Welcome to the world of liberals.
Blame the culture "shift" in this country for all of this...and more.
We used to operate under the auspices of having our CULTURE define the issues in this nation, but no longer.
Now, it's the ISSUES that define our CULTURE.
That has got to one of the MOST slippery slopes we, as Americans can find ourselves treading upon.
Whoops...here we go again...
We have allowed an over-permissive tone to be set in our media, as if we have all become so cerebral, so intellectually snobbish to be able to handle such things with objectivity, when in fact, we have become victims to it.
That's what causes parents to stop parenting, and rather to become "friends" with their children.
It also opens the doors to such physical debauchery as to make the ancient Romans blush!
(and that wouldn't be that easy, folks).
Thankfully technology has made it's way into our lives...to "save" us.
We can now seek people to bully, sexual perversions, and other assorted things that can only bring DOWN or otherwise diminish our culture in THIS country, by a mere keystroke...now that's what I call REAL progress...
*** Last back to the dumpster today, what every happened to NOT wanting to "keep up with the Joneses"?
Or what about NOT wanting to have one's face plastered over the news media for child molestation?
What happened to our ability to practice what I used to remember as RESTRAINT?
When did we all decide that making BAD decisions was "cool", and to be looked upon as some perverse "rite-of-passage" in life?
Seems life was actually better when we had none of this crap.
When we were all a bit more "boring", we were better Americans, and as a result, were a better America.
When we didn't have someone or something running parts of our lives...we WERE better people, and a better nation.
It was the times when WE called our shots, made our choices, and lived with those decisions, good or bad.
We did well when we made good choices, and we learned from those bad choices.
We had consequences, we had responsibility AND accountability to OURSELVES, and then to others.
In many ways, we have lost a part of ourselves; what used to make us...US.
We really need to get in touch with our morality one again, because the lack of it is doing none of us any good.
And, if in doing so, we are looked upon as boring people...that's fine.
At least we can sleep at night, and maybe we might all come to once again appreciate littler things in life, instead of jumping from one fad to another in search of gratification and sense of self.
It would be a good place to start.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

I was looking thru facebook and saw a kitty I recognized (Penelope).. I asked her owner to be my friend .. please tell her who I am.

Bob G. said...

Already told Wifey...and she will be "friending" you back very soon.
I did have to tell her who you were...(lol).

Thanks for doing that...it means a lot to both of us (even though I don't do Facebook).

And thanks for stopping by today to comment.
You stay safe (and dry) down there.

CWMartin said...

The Mrs does FB? Have to let her know I (as Laurie, since I don't have a separate account) will track her down too.

So the cops couldn't find a car with one headlight and a loud muffler at night? Glad I didn't ask them to find the 3-legged dog named Lucky, huh?

BTW, hope you saw that your comments (yours and Holli's ) got posted. I must have had late notification- or you posted them after 9, when Deadliest catch came on.

Bob G. said...

Yep, Wifey does the FB gig...
And she got your "friending" thingy.
(expect to be friended back...You have been warned...LOL)

ROFL...yeah, they can't find a one-head-lit car...AT NIGHT...whatta clusterf$ck.
I think I DID post after 9PM...that would explain it. You can drop the 2nd comment then, 'K?

BTW, I blew the dust off of one of my (many) old YAHOO names (from years ago) and created a NEW DISQUS account...similar name - same "avatar/logo"...just so you know me when you "see" me on WANE...LOL.
We'll see if & when the blocking will commence.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe up there.