24 June 2014

Tuesday Tidbits...
If you were fine with yesterday's weather, then you will feel quite at home today, because we've more of the same.
(uh, oh...hope were not in a weather-rut)
The only difference is that it won't be AS hot, with highs only getting up to 80...but the damn humidity will not let you feel any cooler.
Muggy is a good descriptor for the day.
And yes, we will have some more rain, slated to even be HEAVY at times by late afternoon...or maybe tonight...no one's that sure yet.
(perfect for ducks.)
So, lets get that morning cup of your favorite beverage poured as we see what the hell has been going on since last we met...
Be warned, you could come away a bit more enlightened...lol.
*** First off the mortician's slab is HOMICIDE NUMBER SEVEN for the year, and it could only happen in ONE part of the city...(you guessed it, gang...)...the SOUTHEAST SIDE.
I mean where the hell else could it occur?
Here's the story link from the J-G:
Here we go...AGAIN.
Now, you'll have to forgive the reporter, as the title is a bit VAGUE...a "possible" slaying?
Sure didn't "seem" like a suicide...or an accident...has to be a homicide, right?
Anyway, this happened last evening around 1900 hrs in the 2500 block of Weisser Park Avenue (well within the 3-mile radius (that I use on SPOT-CRIME) of our "Fortress". 
Sarge, we're out here every damn day, we NEED a donut shop
Several neighbors had called 911 to report shots fired (signal 113).
When police rolled up, they found a man suffering gunshot wounds in a vacant lot between two houses (read HUD-sponsored rental cribs).
He was pronounced dead shortly after paramedics arrived on scene.
The victim has been ID'ed as 18-year old Sean Walker (of Ft. Wayne).
Here's an update from WPTA:
The area was cordoned off with yellow police tape and the onlookers arrived (as they always do).
You keep cussin', girl...that'll get sh*t done.
This story mentions several women (themselves no doubt government-sponsored) becoming loud in their "displeasure" over this latest shooting.
They also tossed around lots of expletives (ghetto vocab of choice)
This particular area has seen THREE shooting events over the past week, with the last one being a drive-by, and involving three teens.
Those shootings happened on Bowser, Oxford, and Anthony Wayne Drive (the last one being slightly SW of downtown).
Curiously enough, this latest homicide is about a spit and a slide away from the Renaissance Pointe area...where Mr. Barnett (see my archive post and link to the Kevin Leininger article from 19 June) has just moved AWAY from.
Smart man - "Getting the hell outta Dodge"...
So, I guess that Barnett's (well-assessed) "perception" of the crimes that took place near his former house were (and are) all too REAL, and not just something he "sees" as being an issue.
The women back on Weisser Park were talking about sending the thugs with guns overseas to fight a war...got news for them, damn near the ENTIRE SE side IS a stinking "war-zone" these days...and I will confess that's it's somewhat BY DESIGN.
(but that's another post for another day)
Even FWPD "capo" Garry Hamilton was there on a nearby porch...for a change.
I was wondering when he was going to leave that spot next to Rusty York's desk downtown...lol.
What did I say would happen when the weather broke, hmm?
Crime WOULD go...UP. And it HAS.
Now, THIS method would work
Homicides are rising, and the number of burglaries, robberies, assaults and shootings are climbing as well...look at the damn police blotter or SPOT-CRIME to see it.
And seeing IS believing, folks.
You just have to wonder WHAT will be done to halt this crime and these thugs, but it's been growing for DECADES unchecked and unabated, even after cries from the citizenry, stories on the news and in the papers, and yes, even blog posts too numerous to mention.
So, what makes me think anything will change with the yahoos we have running this city?
Well, there IS something called FAITH, and that begets COURAGE.
And, let''s have a side of HOPE tossed in for good measure.
Many are already PO'ed at the state of affairs down here, and all it will take is a few willing to do what the police cannot.
It won't be pretty, as it takes bitter to drive bitter...but it will work to send the type of message these mooks NEED to hear.
The type of message that has yet to be forthcoming from downtown.
Moving on...
*** And while we're at it...how about a nice healthy (for the city) SEWER RATE HIKE?
Here's this story link:
Something really SMELLS about this...
Yep, this is that OTHER "big-dig" I was mentioning a while back...a FIVE mile tunnel from Foster Park to the water treatment plant to handle the sewage and prevent backups,
Hey, we got OUR sewer work done.
(I'd wager not on the SE side...where I've had MY fill of that stuff for a long time).
Citizens will "enjoy" a 49% hike for this 18 year, $240 million dollar plan.
I can hear the moving vans already...LOL.
But this rate increase won't happen :"all at once"...rather it will be incremental over FIVE YEARS...coming to about $3 extra bucks per month.
Bet those who are government-sponsored (most of whom live on the SE side) won't have to front ONE single dime, either.
Now, who EXACTLY can we thank for all of this?
Well, don't look downtown for the culprits...look to the FEDS and their MANDATES.
King Henry is under a "consent decree" by the Feds, and is sorta off the hook on this one...he just implements their plan at OUR cost.
(nice, huh?)
Right now, the AVERAGE household pays about $35 (and change) for sewer services (excluding backups into your basement...lol)
At least this SHOULD flush better, right?
By 2019, that rate will increase to about $52 (and more change), but that's OK, because those in political office NOW will be LONG GONE.
(isn't that how it always works?)
Wonder WHAT Fort Wayne will annex NEXT to help pay for this clusterf$ck?
Maybe New Haven?
*** And now, for something completely different...
Bobby G. (nicely and partly concealed within the tall grasses on the patio) feeds his squirrel buddy "Wrinkles", who has all his fur back, so I can't really see his wrinkled skin...maybe he needs a new nickname.
Looks like "Wrinkles" found one, huge NUT.
And yes, the birds were also very active yesterday, emptying the feeder a couple times, which proved great for those not wishing to fly UP to the feeder, but preferred to stay on the ground as the food "came to them" from sloppy feathered brethren.
They are funny to watch.
"Clover" poses for the paparazzi
Let's not forget the bunnies who also come to feed on BIRD SEED...even when I place KALE out there for them, they go for the seeds and cracked corn.
Then, they kick back and rest a spell...
Not exactly the BUNNY centerfold I was thinking of...
Go figure...
Hey, 'ya know...MAY-BE if more people took to the type of things Wifey and I enjoy...they might not be so bored that they have to shoot up the whole damn SE side of town...now there's a novel proposal.
Imagine the progress that could be made of all the idiots started acting more human and less like savages and started to do something called WORK, even if it was just around where they live...that could change the face of this part of town back INTO what it USED to be...before the savages took the hell over.
Decent working folks didn't build THIS...
Nah, they're too damn lazy to bother with such things....and that's why the animals and birds around our place receive more respect from ME, than many of the bi-pedal flotsam we have infesting the area.
*** Lastly today....I've spoken here too many times about CHOICES...and PRIORITIES, and hopefully, many of you have taken what I've said to heart and nodded in agreement.
I've also said that life is TOO short to encumber oneself with unnecessary and useless "baggage".
Yet, whenever I see most any other person down HERE...it's like looking into an abyss.
Hell, people with a "thousand yard stare" have more personality and motivation.
Those around here are so into the "immediate" in life...they live from hour to hour, day to day, and while taking EACH day AS IT COMES is fine for those who can appreciate life, it doesn't bode well for those with no real "life" to speak of.
Those who view the universe not in the infinite, but as a 4-block radius from a house they got from the taxpayers are not looking to the future, unless you refer to later today.
There is no real long-term plan for any of them.
And that's not just sad...that's pathetic.
Their "plan", if they have any, depends on everyone ELSE, as opposed to those of us WITH some sort of ACTUAL plan that involves years to work upon and eventually achieve on our own or with one another in a stable relationship.
You see the evidence of their plan...bodies in the street, or lives behind bars...never going anywhere with anyone for any length if time.
That is not living life...it's barely existing, and yet, this is...BY (their) CHOICE.
They simply lack any sort of ETHICAL behavior.
Perhaps it's time to make people aware of the opportunities that abound if only they see they have loads MORE choices than the ones they settle for.
Again, we will have to backup a few decades to a time when more people were like that.
But sometimes, you have to backup in order to get a better start to extricate oneself from whatever "ditch:" you find yourself.
Always works with vehicles, and the lesson is similar when referring to WE, the PEOPLE.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Only seven homicides? The year's half over. Sounds like the gangstas in FW are running behind. They short-staffed or something? :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
The thugs are short on a LOT of things...
Intelligence, civility, target-practice, morality, patience...you name it.
But I would entertain the notion of "staffing" issues...LOL.
And while offing one another would be a good thing for the city (kinda like URBAN RENEWAL), you KNOW it's a matter of time before more innocent people (such as that sleeping toddler) become collateral damage.
It's a growing mess the city can't seem to find the handle on...but we DO have a great DOWNTOWN area.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
You roll safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I'd comment on the "nut" thing, but after my "hamburger" shot, I'd better be good...

Bob G. said...

Hey...nuts...hamburgers...nothing like a well-balanced diet, hmm?

There are other parts of today's post to comment on, and I do that just...for...you, brother.
Thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
You stay safe & dry up there.

CWMartin said...

Thing is, Robert, I admire you. You come at all the crap in your neighborhood with that ray of hope that you really have to squint to see. And you make it big enough that the hopeless can see, too, had they a desire to. I'd have chewed my leg off by now. And I guess sometimes my comments are on the light side because you can only give out so many blue ribbons for courage and hope. Here's to you!

Bob G. said...

Flattery WILL get you everywhere with me...LOL.

Seriously though, I suppose I have to invoke a fairly recent movie for it's portrayal of somewhat similar circumstances when it comes to our "living arrangements" and why this is OUR house.

(( It's the scene from Captain America The First Avenger when he and Agent Carter are in the car going to the NY SSR HQ:
Carter: "Did you have something against running away?"
Rogers: "You start running away, they'll never let you stop. You stand up, push back. Can't say no forever, right?"))
It was this and a few other points made in this movie that REALLY hit "home", as it were.
Even had one person (few years back) call me a patriot for why I'm still here.
Guess it's an EAST coast thing.
It becomes more than pride...more than fear even.
It becomes a study and belief in PRINCIPLES.
I am far from perfect (God knows that), but I (also) hate bullies...don't care where they come from.

Thank you for being a person of integrity and truth.
I appreciate that more than you know.
Then again, if you were any less, you wouldn't be one of daily regulars here...lol.

You stay safe up there, brother.

gadfly said...

So increased sewer charges is not the same thing as increased taxes?? A rose by any other name and yet the continually increasing sewer bills (which doesn't include water charges) started higher and will finish higher because the King said we will use City Utilities generated "legacy" funds to pay for downtown improvements rather than known sewer infrastructure needs and the citizenry was not permitted to vote on the issue.

It isn't bad enough that we have corruption everywhere in the Federal government. But Fort Wayne corruption and local ruling class control becomes more evident every day.

Bob G. said...

You knocked that one outta the park, my friend...

A tax is a tax is a tax...just change the nomenclature and no one's the wiser, hmm?
Not under OUR roof, King Henry.
Yet, the FEDS are really to blame here...with all the EA mandates...

JUST like the mileage BS for cars (forcing car makers to lighten the vehicles, making them more unsafe in crashes...so they can meet the "standards".
Corruption isn't always a OVERT as we'd like, but thankfully, folks like US notice such "transparency...we can SEE RIGHT THROUGH THEM ALL...lol.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.