23 June 2014

Monday Musings...
Here we are again, folks...another week staring us in the face in the Heartland.
And as far as weather goes, we're into this "cycle" of sorts...warm, humid and a chance of showers at some point during the day.
Today's high will again reach into the upper 80s, and it will feel more like a tropical environment than the Midwest corn belt.
We can expect more rain (like the mini-inundation we got over the weekend) later into tonight, or so they say.
In any event, let's get that morning cup of coffee (or whatever your preference happens to be) and let's get busy with what's been going on.
*** First out of the bedlam today was a story over the weekend about FIVE juveniles, ONE Mercedes, and a stubborn utility pole that would NOT move out of the way.
Here's the story link:
Cops and teachers can't afford cars like these
Yep, seems we had 5 teens who attempted to get away from police after they were seen speeding. It was then that the teens were seen tossing "small packets" out of the window of the car along Reed St., and it didn't end well for some of the punks OR the Mercedes.
After a brief pursuit on the city's (where else?) SE side, a utility pole jumped out and bit the car...that's what we used to say - they struck the pole, which will have to be replaced. The Mercedes got the worst of it...damn shame, that WAS a nice car.
All five bailed from the car but three teens got the "cuff and stuff" while two evaded capture, even after a K-9 unit was brought on scene.
The pursuit began around 1200 hrs Friday at Grier and S. Anthony Blvd and ended on McKee St. near John St.
Police were not forthcoming as to whether the car had been stolen.
Yep...DEFINITELY left a mark!
What I find funny is that the man interviewed in the video talks about "I thought they were gonna to hit the old school"...meaning HIS car, which looks to be a late 60s-era Olds 98 aka a real LEAD SLED, (omplete with fancy rims...like a low-rider), seen in the background.
He added with a chuckle "Kids will be kids"...
Kids...as criminals? Perhaps even car thieves?
Maybe HIS kids...not those from normal functional families, and NOT a laughing matter, right?
Moving on...
***Wow, another shooting...this time it's just south of downtown on Saturday , and it caught my eye.
Here's the story link:
This took place around 1645 hrs in the 4500 block of SW Anthony Wayne Drive, which does not look the type of neighborhood where shootings would USUALLY occur.
Details are few, thanks to the FWPD (who are probably being told to put gag orders on every incident that makes the news...WTG, Garry and Rusty).
Hey, it's ALWAYS good to keep the people in the dark and feed them bullshit...makes for a good crop of MUSHROOMS!
The NEW FWPD spokesperson?
Crime IS spreading...no doubt about it, but this city won't admit to it until they're in over their heads and can't get a handle on it. Even then, they'll never assess blame where it belongs.
Hell, in my personal opinion, they've ALREADY been unable to get a handle on the crime they have had in the SE quadrant. Just look at the stats across the board.
(said THAT for years, too)
*** Next up, more from our backyard "big-dig"...
The "original" mound
Thanks to the rain we got over the weekend, that DIRT pile has become a clay-mud pile...which SANK more than a few inches due to compacting, so I had to go out yesterday morning and do some more back-filling to level it out.
Hopefully, things will settle enough to get this to a point were we can RESEED the damn thing with grass seed before summer's out.
I will say one thing...that damn clay-soil sticks like CEMENT to anything it comes in contact with...like shoes, shovels, rakes, and hands.
Believe me, it IS a lot LOWER
Tell ya, if I had a bloody KILN (and pottery wheel), I could open up a damn POTTERY LINE...the clay is that dense (more than most of the locals, even...someone get me Demi Moore and cue up "Unchained Melody"...).
Be a far cry from those "ashtrays" we made in grade school for our parents...LOL.
Schools would NEVER allow that today...heaven forbid. ASHTRAYS???
(mine was in the shape on a leaf and painted green of course...tobacco...leaf...you get the connection)
*** Speaking of things to do this past weekend, Wifey and I celebrated our 17th year of marriage bliss by going out to AZAR'S "Big Boy" in Waynedale to hit the old breakfast buffet (note - coffee and tea DO cost extra...no "bottomless cup" inclusive thing going on...damn shame).
We keep getting asked "Is that your SON?"
Wifey facebooked some pics, so I will do likewise...because I can, so there.
Wasn't bad at all, and not once did we hear anyone being an asshole, OR loud music coming from outside...must be the PEOPLE.
(civilized ones DO make all the difference)
Alex Azar - founder
The music INSIDE was that from the 1980s, and talk about memories...it was like a LIVE version of one of Chris Martin's TIME MACHINE posts.
(good tune selection, whoever does the piped-in music for Azars)
The place has been open since 1954.
The food wasn't bad either...nice thick cut bacon (had two heaping helpings of that, but I still didn't hear my arteries hardening...lol), sausage patties (with sausage gravy of course), nice fluffy scrambled eggs (2 servings) and some french toast (thick slices there, also) rounded out my repast.
I wouldn't say they lost money with me eating, but they didn't make that much either..trust me.
And when I'm paying, I like to get my money's worth...which I felt I did.
I left the waitress a "fiver" as a tip (aside from the OTHER TIP of "not moving to the SE side"...lol), which was more than the prescribed amount (Having worked in restaurants a VERY long time ago, I have come to always do that with good service). "whiteheads" or hall we say those more mature and wiser than those younger than them...people who I consider peers and contemporaries...the Richards Restaurant crowd, and I have NO problem with that at all.
And she mirrored the majority of the customers - mainly
I much prefer mature clientele to younger crowds...the oldsters are MUCH better behaved and self-disciplined.
I was raised to always respect those older than me, but even since those older than me NOW are a lot fewer in number, I never outgrew that aspect of ,my youth...and that must mean I'm part of that "crowd" now...fine by me. Just let ME see the same respect offered to me that I offered without exception when I was at the age these kids are now...that's not asking much from any of them.
If they can't perform that simple thing, then I've no time for any of them...period.
*** This week has Wifey's birthday happening as well, and, as is standard fare for quite some time, we will venture northward (where ALL the city's shopping, eating, and other amenities can be found) to the Red Lobster for a nice lunch.
It'll be interesting to see how the menu has changed.
And the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. will be "adorned" in her usual garb...a "lobster-themed" ensemble, complete with handbag and earrings.
Yes, in 15 years hence, she will be on the news as "The Lobster Lady" from the south side...ROFL.
*** Watched a good show last night on TNT...it's called THE LAST SHIP, and I have to say that while the premise of a global epidemic that kills off 80% of humanity has a "soft spot" in MY heart, this particular "take" on it caught my intellectual attention.
It was a really good show, and it's supposed to be a ten-part series, so there is an "end" to it, but it was intriguing to say the least.
Take a USN frigate, all but strand them at sea with the possible cure for the epidemic...and people will beat a path to your door...I mean hatchway.
The show is based on the novel by William Brinkley, and stars Eric Dane as Commander Tom Chandler, captain of the frigate USS Nathan James.
Adam Baldwin (Firefly) is his XO, Mike Slattery, and Rhona Mitra co stars as Dr. Rachel Scott (the person who could have the cure within her grasp).
Here's the TNT channel site for the Michael Bay produced series:
They say you can watch the show there, but it will be rerun on TNT later this week.
One of the (much) better post-apocalyptic shows to come along in some time.
*** Last back to the helo hangar today...knowledge has always been power.
Those with knowledge can light the way for those that have little or none.
But, like most anything in life, it comes with a price.
Seeking and acquiring knowledge makes you more "in touch" with what goes on, be it in the family, at work, or in life iin general.
You KNOW things that others do not, an how best to put that knowledge to work?
Do you keep it all to yourself, or do you "spread the wealth" as it were?
There is this level of responsibility that comes with knowledge, as with any "power" we attain.
And to do less than that costs more than the price of that knowledge.
Yet, there are those for whom knowledge is burdensome...they can't be bothered, and yet are afforded the same freedoms, liberties and rights as those more knowledgeable than themselves.
That can be as dangerous as misusing the knowledge we come to learn.
It's another two-edged sword, and we all have to be careful as to how we pick it up, because we can be cut too easily when we become careless.
Yes, this is a JIMI HENDRIX quote.
Those without knowledge (and the wisdom to properly apply it) run similar risks as those who use knowledge for personal gains or to harm others.
One could probably say there is no finer balancing act that the proper use of what knowledge we come by in our lives.
And that's the truth, plain and simple.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I smell some lawsuits coming from those five unfortunate urchins. They should sue the po-po for chasing them, the utility company for putting that pole there, and lastly, Daimler AG for manufacturing an obviously defective car. If it's stolen, I suppose they could also sue the rightful owner. Justice will be done. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Your cynicism is giving mine a real run for it's money...LOL.
You just cannot be as old as ME...not yet, anyway.
But I agree with you on every point.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and putting a smile on my face.
You always make me feel there's hope for humanity, my friend.

Stay safe out there.

gadfly said...

So, Bob G, you missed the Saturday article by Kevin Leininger about the probable reason behind Fire Chief Amy Bigg's "resignation." It seems that she ordered a new million dollar fire truck without a second bid from Pierce Manufacturing. Besides everything else that could go wrong, The fire truck company's sales rep was none other than our own Battalion Chief Keith Oberlin.

Oberlin moonlights for a brokerage that works for Pierce and he was told way back in 2004 not to sell to Fort Wayne's Fire Dept. But the J-G caught him selling $51K worth of equipment to the city in 2008.

So the the story ends unsatisfactorily as Bigg's resigns but Oberlin keeps on truckin'.

Bob G. said...

Au Contraire...that was one of the articles I mentioned to Wifey on Saturday, and she was like "...really?".

I told her that CONFLICTS OF INTEREST seem to be one of this city's "hallmarks" of distinction.
And the fact that "bidding" consisted of ONLY ONE "vendor" nailed that coffin shut!
I've been to bids for services and equipment before (in Philly)
Oberlin should be investigated as well.
For that matter...what about Cpt. Marty Bender?
He is the one who oversees purchases for the FWPD and yet HE sits on city council who oversees purchases for the city.
And the FWPD is part OF the city, right?
Another "conflict"?
(my take is yes, but I'm just guessing.)

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Good choice of topics.
You stay safe (and well-informed) out there.

CWMartin said...

I saw the pics on FB. Commented, "One hamburger underneath the other one, lol."

Bob G. said...

Normally,I'd have a snappy comeback about being tender and well-priced, but at MY age now...tougher than shoe leather, brother!
That's me...LOL.

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe & stay cool up there.