31 July 2014

Bye-Bye To July...
And believe it or else, it's been close to the COOLEST July we've seen here in the Heartland
(blame it on global warming, no doubt)
Today will mimic the past few days...partly to mostly cloudy, some sun, temps up around the upper 70s (it is getting a bit warmer), and the possibility of a shower later in the day...maybe, perhaps...sorta-kinda.
So, while we're pondering that, let's get that morning cup of "fortification" poured (or topped off) as we set about and see what today brings us.
*** First out of the compost heap is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense."
This was spoken by one Robert Green Ingersoll (August 11, 1833 - July 21, 1899)...almost made it to the next century.
And here is his WIKI:
He was a lawyer, a civil war vet, political leader, and an orator of the United States during the "Golden Age of Freethought".
And, if you're wondering WTH THAT is all about here.s the WIKI on it:
In a nutshell, let's just say it was an era where secular humanism and agnosticism had a "head-on" with traditional beliefs and religious teachings.
And, believe it or else, THIS was a popular thing in the latter part of the 19th century.
Kinda like the I-TUNES of it's day.
Other notables beside "Bobby" were Charles Knowlton (born into a PURITAN household), and D.M Bennett.
Now, "Bobby G." (the OTHER one, NOT to be confused with the contemporary curmudgeon writing these words...lol) was the founder of the American Secular Union, the successor organization to the National Liberal League.
Bobby grew up in Dresden, NY, the son of am abolitionist-leaning congregational preacher, so there was this devout Christian household.
But, Bobby became a bit of a "pot-stirrer", due in part to his father's orthodoxy, and liberal views as a preacher, which often rubbed the congregation the wreong way, and that meant his own views began to change when he saw his father facing bigotry and unjust treatment by several churches.
And yet, even though Robert became a secularist, he never wavered in his belief in FAMILY and the importance in family life.
He raised the 11th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment during the Civil War (he had moved a few times since his boyhood), and this regiment fought in the battle of Shiloh. Robert was captured but paroled by the south, promising to not return to the conflict (and men honored that agreement in those days).
After the war, Ingersoll became active in politics, but knew he would never achieve any worthwhile office, due to his views on religion, slavery, woman's suffrage, and other issues of the day. Still, that didn't stop him from SPEAKING bout them, which he did with much success.
Actually, this was an age where ORATORY was public entertainment...(like a ZZ Top concert with words?), and people would shell out a whole DOLLAR (when it was worth a lot more than it is today) to hear hiim speak.
I will leave you to read up on him for yourselves, but I will add that although he was considered "The Great Agnostic", he DID have some really good quotes.
And much of what he spoke about made sense, if you keep religion out of the mix (which he did).
Other than that, he's someone we should read up on, because we might come to understand the liberal mindset a bit better along the way.
Moving on...
*** Back to the mundane with a high-speed chase on the city's SOUTH side that leaves the perp DOA.
Here's the story link:
So...cream-filled or powdered jelly?
I will give the FWPD credit for setting this arrest up, even if it didn't end well for someone with several outstanding warrants. (but it does save a ton of court and jail costs).
This started at SOUTHGATE PLAZA (wow, so close to our "Fortress"), when police attempted to arrest the yet-to-he-named individual.
He drove way towards the airport, and when stop sticks were deployed, he wrecked, killing himself in the process...(not the BEST getaway, was it?).
This took place yesterday evening around 1845 hrs.
And, it managed to tie up the Airport Expressway for several hours.
*** Next, we have a story that explains why I don't see many FWPD officers where I live...
Here's the story link:
Don't hear ANY gunshots there, do they?
Okay, so we have these BIKE PATROLS, and THEY are near the (where the hell else?) DOWNTOWN AREA.
Well, I'll bet that makes neighborhoods surrounding THAT part of town a LOT safer...haven;t heard any reports of GUNSHOTS THERE, have we?
And wow, one officer stated that this allows more of a CONNECTION to the patrol area and it residents...now who the hell woulda thunk THAT?
Yeah, we need a REAL donut shop here.
The story has some good pictures of the officers, too.
(be nice to see them down HERE...where we NEED them)
And the video is a decent watch...nice to see what we COULD have down here, but DON'T.
*** Next, is one of "those" stories that always cracks me the hell up, and you'll find out why.
Here's the link:
Naturally, this is about the DOWNTOWN area...isn't it always?
Don't you have ENOUGH of this already?
What I find so amusing is that when asked what people WANT to see downtown, they say more RESTAURANTS, more RETAIL, and more ENTERTAINMENT...
((...rolls eyes...))
Isn't that what you people USED to have downtown, before you closed it down and retreated to the "burbs"?
And now, since those burbs are so damn OVER-developed out the a$$, you want all the stuff you once had in the downtown area BACK again...sound about right so far?
Downtown retail hey-day in Ft. Wayne
Well, let's bring back Wolf and Desauer's while we're at it, hmm? Maybe those ELECTRIC trackless trolleys, too.
"A vibrant downtown is vital for a city", says one Jake Pickett (tell that to DETROIT and their newly acquired "ghost town" downtown).
You once HAD a very vibrant downtown, and pissed it all way for strip malls, housing developments and assorted amenities AWAY from the downtown area. It really takes the cake to hear this after reading about the history of our downtown and how to fell by the wayside.
Sorry, but a nice big, shiny JEWEL in a crown that has seen better days and has it;'s share of tarnish won;t make up for the lack of vision over the last few decades.
*** Last back to the barn today...we see evidence of a society that is being led around by it's nose...all that's missing is a RING through it (and in some cases with young people, they already have THAT, too...lol).
Everyone wants the "next thing", whatever it is, because someone said they SHOULD want it.
Whatever happened to standing on something called TRADITION?
If people had done that, the downtown area of this city would have never "gone away", only to be REINVENTED (or worse, re-branded).
In the meantime, parts of this city continue their slide further into Dante's 7th layer of hell, with no apparent cessation to that slide.
We used to hear about "Midwest charm", but these days, you have to really drive some distance to FIND any, as the smaller towns around the area STILL pursue such noble intentions and do it well enough.
Midwest "charm" is a LOT more than this.
People have got to refrain from wanting what someone else thinks they should have, and rather think about what is right for themselves, exclusive of outside "intervention". Those who are constantly seeking "change for change sake" have their OWN agenda, and it usually entails lining their OWN pockets...NOT yours. That's a rocky road to travel for the average person, because they wind up with no say in the matter.
What needs to be done is to bring UP the worst areas of a city to at least the level of everyone else...and THEN you can set about looking for "room for improvement", which, when it comes to THIS city, has a lot farther to go than many realize.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Great post, Bob! Love the donut shop jokes. It has been cool. I enjoy working outside in this weather. I would not complain if the nights were a little warmer, however. I kind of worry about my garden crops. Have a great day!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
**Oh, those were supposed to be donut shop JOKES???

**I LOVE this kinda Summer...and I'm one of those from the EAST COAST...drive to the seashore?
Nah, grown past that gig.
Gimme comfy over sweltering ANY day.

**WHAT garden crops???
Mine consist of THREE cayenne peppers and FOUR tomatoes...not bad for TWELVE PLANTS...LOL.
(least we have a LOT of oregano and sage - and you're welcome to some anytime).

Thanks for rolling up today to comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (especially on a ladder) down there.

John DuMond said...

Nice quote by Mr. Ingersoll. I think our current political situation is proof he was right. :)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, he;'s one of those people that although you might not agree with many (or most) of his personal beliefs, he DOES manage to nail ot with other things in life.
(not bad for a liberal secularist, hmm?)

Thanks for dropping on by today to comment.
Stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I'd go with W&D's back... always liked the Hutner's Paris jingles, too.

gadfly said...

Those YLNI kids are dangerous to have around. When the big push was going on for the new ballpark downtown and the surrounding condos (don't say "what condos?") these idiots paraded into the neighborhood meetings and took over the podium - one after another. Didn't you know that without downtown condos and hangouts for the upwardly mobile young people, Fort Wayne would wither and die? As a result, there was such a rush to own the condos that they literally disappeared!

BTW, if you check their website, they hold meetings and get-togethers in all sorts of places, but few are located downtown.

Bob G. said...

There 'ya go...another person who would rather see things back AS...THEY...WERE...

The city had a PRIME chance to KEEP all the downtown amenities they're currently trying to recoup...and they pissed that one away.
SO now, they play "catch-up" and reinvent the stinking wheel.
Ridiculous, that's all it is.

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, isn't that ODD they never seem to hold EVERY meeting or gathering in the ONE place they actively "promote"?

More there than meets the eye (or checkbook), that's for sure.

The way the YLNI is portrayed, the FIRST thing that came to my mind was the Hitler Youth Movement...lol.
(seriously...I dunno why...or maybe I do)

Funny, even WHEN the D/T area lost all they used to have...it didn't really "wither"...it just moved to the BURBS..like the people who preceded it.
Now, they want it back..again.
"Me thinks they doth protest too much"
(Thank Shakespeare for that one.)

And thank you for taking time to stop by and comment.

Stay safe out there.

Slamdunk said...

I had to laugh at you comparing traditional oratory to a ZZ Top concert. Now that is great.

Yes, from the sound of your day to day nuisances there, I wish they would send some of the bike patrol your way. In my agency, they moved them around--obviously they will always been put in downtown areas. I think I would have made a good cycle rider--getting paid to exercise is a good deal to me.

And your criticism of downtowns is spot on--they all had it, but decided to let it get away. Now, the non-big city downtowns that I see work because a college or university is within walking distance and the students and workers keep all the restaurants and little shops afloat.

Enjoying the 70 degree days here.

Bob G. said...

Well, I have to say I did learn most of what I know about rock & roll from ZZ TOP...easy transition for me...lol.

The FWPD has had bike patrols for years...and since they NO LONGER have a MOTORCYCLE PATROL, if they REALLY wanted to "connect" with the communities down here, THAT would be a damn good start.

Any city that has had a vibrant downtown and let it get away for suburban strip malls and cookie-cutter living knows they reap the whirlwind.
The cost to get all or even some of that BACK is always going to be MUCH higher.

Glad you enjoyed the post.
Thanks for coming by to comment.

Stay safe out there.