30 July 2014

Humpday Happenings...
It's the middle of this last week of July, and we're waking up to very comfortable temps and some cloud covering.
I thought we were supposed to have sun...oh, wait, that's :LATER (got it).
The rest of the Hoosierland weather will see us with a slight warm-up into the mid-70s today (kinda like yesterday(), and an isolated shower perhaps sometime late this afternoon (kinda like yesterday), and a partly-cloudy rest of the day (kinda like yesterday).
Hmm...detecting a "pattern" here, albeit a pleasant one.
In any event, let's go grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever else you find comforting as we set about seeing what's been going on.
*** First out of the kitchen today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense."
Now THERE is something Washington D.C. could use...in ABUNDANCE these days, hmm?
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the oratory hall...
*** Okay, so what do you think would be the outcome of a motorcyclist excessively speeding along State Blvd and popping a wheelie would be?
That's NOT a grease fire at KFC...
If you said DEATH (by stupidity)...you are correct, and here's the story to prove it:
Amazing how the LACK of something like...I dunno...COMMON SENSE can lead to tragedy, isn't it?
Still, shouldn't be THAT much of a surprise, given the nature of mankind these days.
Can't be a dumbass any longer, right?
You want to be a dumbass and pull stunts like that...find a DESERTED ROAD to do it on, and NOT a busy city street around midday.
Moving on (and not doing wheelies)...
*** Next up, what happens at a manufacturing plant when you run out of parts to assemble?
Well, you CANCEL the shifts involved for one thing, JUST like they did at the Fort Wayne GM truck plant.
Here's the story link
Yep, so far FOUR shifts have been cancelled due to "lack of parts".
As if GM doesn't have ENOUGH problems, hmm?
Whatever happened to making SURE you have a surplus of items to keep workers WORKING, anyway?
Someone at that plant doesn't deserve their "managership", especially in the INVENTORY department.
But the good news, is that the workers WILL have to "make up" the lost productivity, thank the unions.
How much you want to bet that the parts suppliers are FOREIGN???
(hope they're not ignition switches...lol)
Another lapse of common sense here?
*** Next,  we can't end this post without SOME crime going on, as evidenced in THIS story:
Now, if the crime of shooting bar patrons isn't enough, how about the CRIME of (yet) another PLEA DEAL to get the charges diminished substantially enough  to halve whatever sentence this perp might have faced? Sounds like the injustice system at work,
Christopher Javon Sewell, 26, of the 5100 block of Lillie St (not too far from the "Fortress") is the perp-in-question, who OBVIOUSLY lacked any common sense by not only becoming a gang member of a local cadre (PAC), but also getting involved with some serious crap, along with two OTHER losers (Adonis Robinson, 24, and Demanuel Tompkins, 27), who will, in all likelihood get their charges "amended" thanks to plea deals.
If I didn't know better, I'd suspect the Allen County prosecutor's office was short a few fries in THEIR common-sense "Happy Meal".
(maybe I DO know better...heh)
*** Last back to the fire-pit today...looks like COMMON SENSE is becoming a lost art, much like cursive writing, or many other aspects of American society, and why IS that?
THAT is the God's honest TRUTH, too.
What has led many people to believe that any substitute for common sense works, when WE know it to be just plain nonsensical?
I've known people with engineering degrees that had trouble putting in a new light switch, and why was that?
They lacked common sense.
I will say that when everything else fails, a little common sense can (and will) get you through a multitude of problems. But there is always the "easy" way out, too...
Never settle for THIS...
Sadly, it's not something that can be structurally "taught" in a classroom...at least I've never seen evidence of that.
Maybe it SHOULD become a part of the educational system...some sort of "formal" learning experience regarding common sense.
But wait, doesn't LIFE experiences teach you about  that?
Well, if you're paying attention AS you go through life it does, unless you've hit the "cruise-control" button and are meandering from year to year.
Well, there's some common sense.
And although we might not be able to properly TEACH common sense, the building blocks TO that goal are all around us.
All we have to do is look, right?
And the way we're brought up will provide us with what we need to PERMIT common sense a part of our makeup.It's really not that :"painful".
Those that don't have that provided for them...well, they're the ones in court, in jail or already dead (through stupidity), if not up to their eyes in problems they can't seem to find a solution for, aren't they?
But, common sense already told YOU that much, didn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


ms nk rey said...

Wonder if his last words were "Hey ya'll watch this!" I have a son and a grandson that ride and this always makes my heart hurt for the family.

Bob G. said...

It might have been...
I was thinking it could have sounded something like:
"OH, @$(%*^@@#!!!"

I've rode cycles in another life (one time from Philly ALL the way up to NYC...and back), and I can tell you...you just DO NOT act the fool, not while "sharing the road".
That's ASKING to be a stain on the highway.
Sadly, the family has to suffer because of a BAD choice by their son.
Life 101. No avoiding it.

Hey, thanks much for taking the time to stop by and comment.

You stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

And yet they tell CAR drivers to WATCH OUT for motorcycles. I'll bet 80% of the collisions this year have featured biker as idiot- either that or God's been telling more people to let go of the wheel than we know.

Please rewind all previous comments about the Blonde Phantom in the Prosecutor's office and replay. Btw, did you steal that meme about mediocrity from her office?

Bob G. said...

Hell, in OUR neighborhood, I just watch out for BULLETS...lol.

Then there are also the PEOPLE walking IN the street, rather than ON the sidewalks (that's where the kids ride all their bicycles).
Gotta bass-ackward way of living with these mooks down here.

Everything else is fair game (except my bunny and squirrel friends).

Steal the MEME?
Hell, I stole the whole bloody PLAQUE off the office wall...LMAO!
(she'd never miss it, or notice it)
You expected less from me?

Hey, thanks for swinging on by today to comment.
Stay safe up there.