11 July 2014

Friday Follies...
And here we finally are...at the end of the week, AND the beginning of Fort Wayne's famous Three Rivers Festival.
That starts today and goes for the next 10 days (thereabouts).
We'll be getting into THAT and some other stuff in just a bit.
The Hoosierland weather today will be a close carbon copy of yesterday, the only exception being warmer temps, reaching INTO the low 80s.
An increasing chance of rain is coming as well, so the humidity will start to tick up a bit.
All in all, a great day to be somewhere...and ALIVE, right?
So, get that morning cup of whatever filled or REfilled and let's see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the litter pan today is an update to the dead man found in another person's car in that apartment parking lot.
Here's the story link:
Now, the coroner has yet to rule on the CAUSE of death, but it's "believed:" that it was NOT "foul play".So, we might NOT be at 9 homicides...yet (perhaps this weekend?)
Now, forgive me for being curious over this, but isn't it a tad gauche` to die in OTHER PEOPLES VEHICLES?
That alone sends up a red flag...unless (if) someone left it unlocked, the guy had a heart attack or worse, and found it SO convenient to plop down on the seat and croak the hell out.
Just doesn't make sense, unless someone placed him there?
This town is so FULL of secrets...make no mistake.
Moving on...
*** Nailed two meth labs in the city (NOT on the SE side...that's where we have ALL the OTHER CRIMES).
Here's this story link:
These two arrests took place on St. Mary's Avenue.
The first was located at 1036 1/2 St. Mary's and Mason Arnold, age 60 was busted.
The second took place at a known meth house located at 830 St, Mary's Ave, where FWPD arrested Amanda Lee, 26.
In both cases, active "one-pots" were found along with other related paraphernalia.
Two more houses off the "market''.
Crime comes to the near NW side...who could have known?
*** Next up, absolutely NO followup on the home invasion by FOUR (obviously black) males a block away from our "Fortress",
(told you those in City Hall don't give a damn)
I would have THOUGHT there would be something...like they got ONE of the perps (at least).
It's like I've said all the time - WAY too easy to "disappear" down here, with all the board-ups, overgrown foliage and those willing to take in the crims and hide them for a spell.
Don't tell me these people don't "look out" for one another...in the wrong way.
*** Next, we have some early-morning juveniles who love to break into SCHOOLS.
Here's this story link:
It was the Harrison Hill Elementary School that got hit by these juvey-thugs.
This took place around 0300 hrs this morning.
When police arrived after the alarm company had notified an employee.
Motion sensors detected at least ONE person inside the building.
A swarm of officers canvassed the area and took two into custody. A third juvey remains at large.
Naturally, that's about ALL the information that's come along...no details on vandalism or items taken from the school building (which was undergoing renovation).
Sure makes you wonder about the PARENTS of these teens who allow them to roam about LONG after midnight.
(welcome to ghetto-life 101)
*** And, speaking of GHETTOS...we have our own counterpart to the TRF...called the THREE GHETTO FESTIVAL.
Always too loud .
Naturally, it's "government-sponsored", AS are all the participants festival-goers!
Here are some pictures to show you what ALL you're missing down here.
((For PAST year events, see archive posts 16 July 2012 / 2013 and 10 July 2011))
Plenty to drink...
Plenty of "security...(Big Bubba)
Plenty of "food"...
Plenty of "souvenirs"...
Plenty of "parking"...
Games for people of ALL ages...
"Free" rides to our beautiful downtown...
And not to be left out...PLENTY of civic spirit!
Now doesn't all THAT look like so much damn FUN?
(c'mon...you know it does)
*** Last back to the riverbank today...life provides us with some marvelous opportunities, not the least of which is being able to be a "people-watcher", or, as I like to call it, "An observer of human nature".
And what better place to see such things than at some public venue, like the TRF?
When places have amenities like "beer tents", THAT is where to have the most fun watching the drunks being created by the cup.
Or, the junk food alley, replete with those who you can tell that their arteries are hardening...you can almost HEAR it happening.
And there are those who treat being in PUBLIC just like being behind their closed doors, and that tells you SO much about how their LIVES are, good OR bad.
Some live for this, because they have no shame.
Others go to events like this to HONESTLY have some fun.
I shy from events like this not due to not wanting to have fun, but rather not to have MY fun "spoiled" by some idiot's pretentious and obnoxious behavior.
I don't have to attend anything I have to DRIVE to see...because when I want to view some morons...I just look out any of our windows...got plenty outside.
But, I do miss those times when everyone DID have fun...no one was rowdy or acting like an asshole, and people of all ages truly enjoyed the time, wherever it took place.
Today's world offers so many new and enticing things, and yet takes away all the others that we used to have...they call that progress.
I call it...a SHAME.
DO have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"But, I do miss those times when everyone DID have fun..no one was rowdy or acting like an asshole, and people of all ages truly enjoyed the time, wherever it took place."

Those times appear to be gone. They vanished about the same time as that abject evil known as JUDGMENTALISM. Now that we can't judge people's actions, there's less motivation to do the right thing. Plus, there are all the safety nets to save them from paying the price for their stupidity. Not what I'd call a recipe for a functional society.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
That is a fantastic way of putting it...
Always knew those of you who stop by here (and comment) are some of THE most observant and intelligent on the damn planet!

Surely that's not the way a society (ANY society) can move FORWARD and actually EVOLVE.
I agree.
And we're "urged" to dare NOT speak up and call these mooks out...lest we're labelled as biased, racist, some-kinda-phobic, or something else the buttwipes dream up to call normal folks.
(I'm tired of that rhetoric)

Thanks so much for stopping on by today and commenting.
Well said.

Have a great weekend and do stay safe out there.

CWMartin said...

I do like the flea market- and the chalk drawing contests. The stuff the rowdies like? Not so much. And while it is a good place to observe one's fellow man, I'd rather do it from a bit more distance.

BTW, the four perps down the street are back on the mothership...

Bob G. said...

Yeah, there are always some nice events at every festival-fair-carnival...whatever.

Usually the ones the kids like
(then I'm considered a predator...heh)

If by "mothership", you're referring to those 4 "store owners"(selling spice) that live close by to you...I trust that means they are NO LONGER residents of the same complex, but rather were sent out of country (to their own of origin).

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.
Have a great weekend and do stay safe up there.

Slamdunk said...

I have always been old with festivals and big parties--never liked them and always hoped they were being held way far away from me.

I hope the home invasion goobers are caught soon. Sadly, it is likely a "cousin" that calls in on them to collect a few dollars in reward money.

Don't I wish that all crimes had the closure rate of school burglaries? Those guys are just real dumb.

Hang in there with the festival Bob, and I hope it is a quiet one for you.

Bob G. said...

I used to like the yearly events back in Philly, and I think those in Indiana have a good take on such festivals, fairs, and the like.
I wouldn't want to live CLOSE to them, but to travel a bit to go to one (like in Portland, IN) is kinda cool.

The home invaders story got buried...no follow up...and no traffic to the house that we could see, either.
There was a couple FWPD cruisers around this weekend, but nothing close to a "presence" that I would feel good about...damn shame, too.

We'll get by...we always seem to (by the grace of God, no doubt)

And, it's only quiet between 5-11AM around here...lol.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Stay safe out there.