10 July 2014

Rolling To The Weekend...
After last night's wonderful sleeping weather, it's no surprise we'll be seeing a nice day following in stride, right?
We're in for more "nice" today with a sunny outlook with mild breezes and temps rising to around 80 degrees.
The Hoosierland humidity will be low as well, so that means no oppressiveness when trying to breathe, work or just enjoy the "outside" today.
So, without any further ado, let's get with the program, pour ourselves a nice big cup of our favorite morning "brew", and take this show on the road...
*** First out of the coffee grinder today is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of trick and duplicity, than straightforward and simple integrity in another."
This is attributed to one Charles Calen Colton (1780 - 1832) who was an English cleric,writer, and collector, most known for his eccentricities.
And here is his WIKI (brief as it is):
They don't have much on this man, aside from a few facts (didn't even have his EXACT birth and death dates). such as being adulated at Eton, and graduating with a B.A. in 1801 and an M.A. in 1804.
He left church service after being appointed to the vicarage of Kew and Petersham (1812) because of his erratic performance in 1828.
He also left England the same year.
Some believe he fled to avoid creditors, who had identified his a a wine-merchant.
He came to America and traveled for two years.
He later settled in Paris, investing in an art gallery (he had amassed a large collection of valuable paintings).
He also frequented the local gaming salons of the "Palais Royal", where he was so successful that within a year had made the equivalent of 25,000 English pounds.
But as is the way with most gamblers, he kept it up and lost his French fortune.
When he died, he was receiving funds from his immediate family.
Chuck seems to "get it".
An illness required surgery, but he dreaded the operation, and eventually killed himself, rather than undergo the procedure.
His literary works included collections of epigrammatic aphorisms and short essays on CONDUCT.
And although they are all but forgotten TODAY, they were very popular in his day.
His primary work is entitled "Lacon, or Many Things In Few Words Addressed to those Who Think" (1821).
He did a followup in 1822 (Lacon, Volume II)
Bartlett's Quotations is the primary 20th century source for his aphorisms.
And, if you EVER heard (or use) the following phrase: "Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery"...chalk it up to Charles Caleb Colton.
Moving on...
*** Can it BE?
Do we have ANOTHER homicide on our hands in Fort Wayne?
(and naturally, it's on the SE side)
Yeah, I'm gonna call this one NUMBER NINE.
Here's the story link:
This time, at the McCormick Place Apartments, in a black BMW, the owner found a dead man. When police arrived, they cordoned off the surrounding area as onlookers tried to see what was going on.
This took place yesterday around 1830 hrs in the 2200 block of Edsall Ave (near Schiele).
The age of the vic was not established, nor was the length of time he was in the vehicle. Coulda been kinda "ripe".
(a crime scene tech was spotted wearing a breathing mask as he approached the car)
A security employee had said the man had been shot, but police are playing this close to the vest and not saying so, one way or the other.
It's initially being called a SUSPICIOUS death, rather than a homicide at this point.
(be surprised it if was anything OTHER than that, though)
One resident thought she heard a single "bang" back on Tuesday night, but chalked it up to ongoing fireworks in the area (which should have been investigated, as it was PAST the time to legally set them off).
Another resident heard nothing (probably desensitized to all the gunplay/fireworks)
As usual...NO suspects, NO motive, NO hits, runs or errors...end of that inning.
*** But, we're not quite done YET, boys and grls...
Seems we had ANOTHER shooting on the...(all together, gang)...SOUTHEAST SIDE.
Here's the story link (so far) with video:
Yep..again on LILLIE ST., this time in the 4000 block (near Baxter).
The shooting happened around 0230 hrs this morning.
When police arrived, they found one man who had been shot outside his house (**note to self - don't sit outside after midnight), and had managed to make it back inside. Medics took him to hospital in serious condition, but downgraded him to critical.
Could be NUMBER TEN in the making, if he doesn't pull through.
Again...NO suspects, NO motive, and pretty much "second verse...same as the first" (with apologies to Herman's Hermits).
Police ARE looking for a light-colored SUV as a possible suspect vehicle (seen leaving the area)
And the beat goes on...
*** To toss a little "icing" on OUR ghettohood "cake", there's THIS story (w/video):
This took place at a house locate at 522 E. Maple Grove Ave (a spit and a slide from our "Fortress") shortly after midnight.
Four males (wearing hoodies and most assuredly BLACK) came into the house, pointed a gun at a woman there and demanded to know where her son was at.
The son was not at home, so the men wanted to see his bedroom and then told the woman they were looking for his gun.
The room was turned over by these thugs, but it appeared as if nothing had been taken (sorry, no gun).
After police arrived with a K-9 unit, the dog did manage to get a track about a block south of the house, heading toward Pettit Ave....then the track went cold, and police believe they men might have gotten into a car and left the area.
We pass this house all the time...
And (you guessed it)...NO suspect description was available.
I got an idea, Chief Garry...get some F$CKING PATROLS down here, especially after the sun goes the hell down and these bastard-ass thugs comes out "to play"...hmm???
Maybe you should ALSO pull over this metallic brown Impala with big rims that was orbiting our area last evening...with two other cars (following close by) in his "entourage"???
*** Next up, Wifey and I got those plants we purchased earlier this week in the ground our front...and they don't look too bad at all. Adds some nice "balance" to the front of the old 'Fortress".
Now, if we could only get some new STEPS to make the package complete...
And that old dirt pile left over from our "big dig" is but a memory now...it's leveled out well enough to start the reseeding process, and that means some topsoil (which we have) and various bags of grass seed (three total), so that SHOULD do the trick,,,let's hope, anyway.
Nice ambiance - I give it FOUR stars.
Naturally, the "critters" all stop over to see what "those wacky humans that feed us" are on about daily.
Nice to sit outside and have a bunny hop over to get his goodies, or to hear the birds chirping.
BEST time o day around this part of the ghettohood...between 0600 hrs to 1000 hrs...without a doubt...!
No mooks awake yet, no gunshots, no loud-ass boomcars or "neighbors" mouthing off, and not even a barking dog.
Hey, 'ya gotta snag your reverie where and (especially) WHEN you can down here.
*** Last back to the patio today...you see (or hear) stories about how young people are having to be "taught"such things like COMPASSION...or ETHICS.
You should never stop learning and honing these.
And we find many young people LACKING in such basic skills as FINANCIAL LITERACY...or even literacy in general.
How many people come out of high school and have NO idea as to HOW to balance a check book?
Life will quiz you DAILY on such things.
How about being able to open a bank account?
What about knowing how to write in CURSIVE (becoming a lost art), or being able to write a THANK YOU letter?
What about even SAYING such (seemingly) anachronistic terms as "Please" and "Thank You"?
Some parents still hold fast to those things, which are becoming increasingly minimalistic in today's society.
Maybe that's why we're seeing more violent behavior...no one KNOWS how to be CIVIL.
Well, when you have to have programs OUTSIDE the home that teaches young people such things, there is certainly something ill at-ease INSIDE the home, right? Perhaps it's because we have at least one entire generation brought up without such values, and since they (the parent or parents) can't pass what they never learned (themselves) on to their children, that makes TWO gens without such basic human skill-sets.
Not a good thing, unless you PREFER a society full of low-information minions pliable enough to be led about by their damn noses.
I choose NOT to subscribe to such nonsense.
As I'm sure you do as well.
We don't want to travel THERE...do we?
Schools and churches can only do so much in this regard...they have a rough road to hoe trying to UNDO all the crap these kids face when NOT in school or church, if they even show up to those places.
Most ALL of society's problems have a basis in what is encountered AT HOME...and anyone that believes otherwise is a fool, plain and simple.
So THERE is where the most attention needs to be placed.
It should not boil down to  the acquisition of material gain...but it should always become a quest to acquire that which can be UTILIZED by every person, and that encompasses those PRINCIPLES and VALUES that move us UP the evolutionary ladder...not down a few rungs, hmm?
THAT is how we advance...and that is how we succeed in life.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

"I got an idea, Chief Garry...get some F$CKING PATROLS down here..."

Aw, come on, Bob. That sounds kinda dangerous, doesn't it? ;)

As to financial literacy, it isn't just kids. As near as I can tell, much of the Congress is in need of education in that subject too.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Only dangerous if you're TOO SCARED to do it...
The FWPD would be well-advised to begin some TWO-OFFICER cruiser details.
(but what do I know - they only WORK well).

Regarding the financial literacy...well, you have to understand that those POLITICOS were ONCE...(dare I say it?)...CHILDREN themselves...LOL.

I rest my case.

Hey, thanks much for rolling up today to comment.

Stay safe out there.

ms nk rey said...

OMGosh that is very close to you. Pretty scary. Stay Safe.

Bob G. said...

Oh, yeah...that's closer than even I prefer to have these mooks.

BUT, there is a GOOD side to this:
I ALWAYS have MORE than just FOUR bullets available at any time in ANY weapon...(heh).
(and will freely distribute them when circumstances allow)
What's needed is a concerned effort by the FWPD to remove the vermin.

Thanks for the concern and for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay strong & stay safe down there.

CWMartin said...

That metallic brown Impala, I understand, is a spy from the NAALCP trying to figure out who the hell that honkey in the middle of the ghetto is and what he's really up to. They suspect you are either a white supremisist safehouse or an extraterrestrial who doesn't get earth culture yet. If you sit outside after midnight with your Governor Moonbeam T-shirt on with rainbow shorts, they'll nod and leave you alone.

Bob G. said...

I said to Wifey that I SHOULD sit outside after midnight and every car (not a police cruiser) that so much as SLOWS down in front of the house...shik-shik-BOOM!.

"This is my BOOMSTICK..."
(from Army of Darkness)

Bet THAT makes the bad guys go away...heh.

I'm surprised our place hasn't become a "cooping" grounds for the police...guess they don;t come down here that much unless they REALLY have to.
That's what you get for being the best "eyes and ears" they could have in the area.
AH, well..
Rainbow shorts? Not on a dare!

Thanks for swinging by today to comment.
You stay safe up there.

Slamdunk said...

Pleasant thought that "integrity" is still as sharp a blade for combat as it was back in Colton's day. He seems to have led sort of an unfulfilled life.

Why is it that every time I read one of your local shooting/stabbing stories all of the potential witnesses sound like Sergeant Schultz: "I see nothing! I hear nothing! know nothing!"

Financial literacy? Now that is a missing element for lots of the population and certainly government as well.

You may get a polar vortex in your future or so says the news.

Enjoy your weekend Bob.

Bob G. said...

I liken Colton's life to that of Van Gogh to some degree...only in the literary sense.
They both had ways of seeing life, made important observations and met tragic ends.

As to the shootings?
It's a curious combination of APATHY, DENIAL, and LAZINESS.
(Hedonism is a good comparison)

Yep, FINANCIAL LITERACY is well into it's SECOND generation by now...that needs to change.
Polar Vortex?
That should make MY summer more comfortable...lol.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.
Always good to hear your thoughts.

Stay safe out there.